Chapter 57 – Enter the secret realm

Qingyang Peak is one of the treasure locations of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, and it is also the most important one.

In the secret pavilion, which is only a dozen zhang in size, there are several night pearls embedded in the dome, and the soft light illuminates the entire space. There are two rows of tables placed simply against the wall, on which some magical tools are casually displayed. Apart from that, there are no other decorations.

But even in such an inconspicuous place, even Qin Muling and Qi Yalan, holding the Sect Master’s token, had to undergo strict inspection before being allowed in.

“…Junior Brother, these are the magical tools that can be taken into the Misty Illusion Secret Realm. You can freely choose the ones that are suitable for you,” Qi Yalan explained with a smile. She wore a luxurious black dress, with her cloud-like hair tied up high, and her smooth and delicate skin was as tender as water, making her incredibly beautiful. Since the condensation of the immortal Dao laws within her body, her physique had become more perfect and flawless, nourished and soaked by immortal energy day and night.

In the past six months, Qi Yalan had been in seclusion, benefiting from the time acceleration formation array. Now, her physical body transformation was nearing completion, and she could begin the transformation and sublimation of her divine soul.

Qin Muling carefully examined each item and found that these magical tools were unremarkable in appearance and had no obvious fluctuations of spiritual power. At first glance, they seemed to be the lowest-grade goods that only newly recruited disciples would use, and even outer disciples wouldn’t bother to look at them.

Of course, the elders would not do anything meaningless. These items were stored so securely, indicating that they must have some extraordinary features.

After pondering for a while, Qin Muling asked, “Are the power laws in the Misty Illusion Secret Realm significantly different from the outside?”

Qi Yalan looked at him approvingly and said, “You understand. These magical tools can only exert their power in the secret realm and are useless outside.”

The materials that make up these magical tools, as well as the formation arrays and inscriptions on them, are only suitable for the secret realm.

Compared to the various treasures in the outside world, the cost of refining these magical tools is particularly exaggerated. Not only are the suitable materials rare and scarce, but the formation arrays and the power of the laws they carry are obtained from killing terrifying creatures in the secret realm. They are not readily available.

Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace has a profound Dao lineage. After so many thousands of years, only a few dozen magical tools have been preserved, indicating how rare they are.

Therefore, unless they are particularly valued elite figures, ordinary core disciples and even the elders do not have the qualifications to enter here. Those ordinary disciples and even the elders have to find their own weapons when they enter the secret realm, and their success or failure depends on their own destiny.

“Master has instructed that you can choose two items, Junior Brother,” Qi Yalan said with a hint of envy. “If you want, you can also take ownership of them, but it will deduct a corresponding amount of sect merits. What do you think?”

When Senior Sister Xuebing Xuan and she came in, they were only allowed to choose one item, and they only had the right to use it. The ownership still belonged to the sect. Qin Muling’s special treatment was indeed superior to even those core elders.

Qin Muling thought for a moment and said, “Let’s not rush to consider this for now. We should go to the secret realm and see first. Maybe I’ll be lucky and find something better inside.”

“Yes, that’s a good idea,” Qi Yalan nodded. Even though these special magical tools were rare, with Qin Muling’s extraordinary luck, it was not impossible to find something better.

Qin Muling looked at each item one by one, and after a short time, he picked up all the magical tools and finally chose a long sword and a half-body armor.

The material of the long sword seemed like wood and stone, and it was quite heavy. However, with Qin Muling’s current physique, it was not difficult for him to wield it.

The half-body armor looked even more crude, as if it was made of ordinary rattan. The craftsmanship was not bad, and there was a faint fluctuation of spiritual power that was imperceptible, making it inconspicuous outside.

“These two will do,” Qin Muling made up his mind. When he touched them just now, the image of the Blue Lotus in his sea of consciousness faintly lit up. The objects that could trigger its reaction must be somewhat extraordinary.

Qi Yalan took a look and didn’t find anything unusual, so she didn’t object.

No one could explain the origin of the Misty Illusion Secret Realm. Even the oldest immortals in the super Dao lineages and the Supreme Divine Dynasty couldn’t figure out its history. It seemed to have appeared during the peak period of the ancient immortal Dao civilization.

Some powerful beings speculated that the Misty Illusion Secret Realm should be a part of the legendary immortal realm or a fragment that fell from a larger world. Therefore, it had various magical and unimaginable features. The laws of the great Dao there had many similarities with the Great Void Starry Sky, but there were also subtle differences.

The Misty Illusion Secret Realm was a vast continent, and no one knew exactly how big it was. Some old-timers had secretly explored it more than once and brought back astonishing opportunities, but they also suffered losses. However, they still couldn’t figure out the boundaries of this mysterious world.

Therefore, the high-level figures of some super Dao lineages boldly asserted that the vastness of the Misty Illusion Secret Realm should not be inferior to the Great Void Starry Sky. Otherwise, why would no one have reached the edge of the secret realm after so many thousands of years?

However, when all cultivators entered the Misty Illusion Secret Realm, they would appear in a relatively fixed area, which was relatively primitive and primary. Although the range was also large, it was not to the point of despair.

Therefore, the high-level figures of those major sects and forces usually organized elite forces to enter the secret realm in batches and quickly gather together. With the advantage of numbers, they would then explore the secret realm and search for opportunities, making many things relatively easier.

Due to the subtle differences in the laws of the great Dao, most of the magical tools, treasures, and inscription arrays in the Great Void Starry Sky could not be brought into the secret realm. Even cultivators could only enter with their divine souls, while their physical bodies would remain in place.

At this time, cultivators were usually at their most vulnerable. They had to have powerful experts with sufficient cultivation and trustworthiness to protect them, so as to prevent their physical bodies from being attacked and destroyed or being possessed by others.Moreover, the number of slots to enter the secret realm is fixed, and it’s difficult for independent cultivators to get a chance. The stronger the force, the more slots they can secure through various means. For instance, a super Dao Lineage can get no less than three thousand slots, with no upper limit.

Due to the decline in strength, the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace currently only has just over three hundred fixed slots. Most of them have already been arranged, and they have entered a few days in advance. The slot for Qing Muling was obtained by Mu Yinghua using her authority as the Sect Master.

Returning to the Imperial Dao Peak, he once again went to the cave dwelling to meet Sect Master Mu Yinghua.

“Junior Brother Qing, I’m ready.”

At the entrance of the cave dwelling, Luo Huan had been waiting for a long time. Seeing Qing Muling coming, she greeted him with a smile.

Qi Yalan gave her a cold glance. This foxy woman had obviously dressed up carefully. Her eyebrows were curved, her features were delicate and pure, her jade legs were long and straight, and the curves of her body under her deep green skirt were graceful and attractive. Her small waist swayed like a snake as she walked.

When Mu Yinghua agreed to Yueyi Heavenly Lord’s plea and let Qing Muling help Luo Huan with the Tribulation Crossing, Qi Yalan only found out after she left the retreat. What was even more annoying was that this foxy woman took advantage of Junior Brother once and it wasn’t enough, she just stuck to him and refused to leave!

Since the master had already agreed, Qi Yalan, despite her resentment, dared not say anything more. She could only curse this shameless foxy woman in her heart.

Qing Muling nodded and said gently, “Let’s go see the master together.”

Although it was Mu Yinghua’s idea to bring her here, from Qing Muling’s perspective, having a Feather Transformation Realm expert as a follower and helper was certainly not a bad thing, especially in the dangerous secret realm. Having her around would provide an extra layer of safety.

Luo Huan smiled softly and followed Qing Muling into the cave dwelling, ignoring Qi Yalan’s icy gaze.

In the depths of the cave dwelling, filled with spiritual fog and brilliant light, Mu Yinghua sat upright on a large cloud bed, her figure straight, her demeanor majestic, her facial features indistinct.

When will I be able to see the master’s true face?

Such a thought suddenly emerged in Qing Muling’s heart, but he didn’t dare to voice it. It was said that even his eldest sister, Xuebing Xuan, had never seen the master’s true face, let alone him. Perhaps only when his cultivation surpassed the master’s could he consider it.

Mu Yinghua saw the three of them come in and bow before the cloud bed. Her gaze lingered on Qing Muling for a moment before she spoke:

“Since everything is ready, let’s set off. This is Muling’s first time entering the secret realm. You two should try to meet up with him as soon as possible and ensure his safety.”

“We will follow the master’s/Sect Master’s orders.”

Qi Yalan and Luo Huan responded in unison.

Mu Yinghua nodded slightly and said to Qing Muling, “Your eldest sister and fourth sister are on their way back to the Main Altar of the sect. Once they enter, your safety will be even more guaranteed. Remember not to wander around after you enter, especially in the more dangerous areas. If you have any plans, it’s best to wait until your sisters find you before you act.”

Qing Muling nodded, “I understand.”

After giving a few more instructions, Mu Yinghua waved her jade hand, and the entire cave dwelling lit up instantly. Layers of formation patterns appeared on the ground and walls. As the majestic spiritual energy surged and rolled, the pressure in the space rose sharply.

Qi Yalan pulled Qing Muling to sit in the center of the Formation Array, then Luo Huan also came over and sat down, holding her breath and silently running her cultivation method.

After about ten breaths, a circular light gate three zhang high appeared in mid-air, and a vague and mysterious aura emanated from it.

Qing Muling’s physical body sat still, but his spirit was drawn into the depths of the light gate.

Inside the gate was a tunnel of hazy light and shadow. It felt as if a long time had passed, or perhaps just a moment, and Qing Muling found himself in a completely new world.

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