Chapter 56 – Misty Illusion Secret Realm

The environment of the back mountain is quiet and serene.

The scenery is picturesque, with lush trees and flowers scattered on the green grass. A waterfall cascades down from the mountaintop, forming a sparkling lake after years of erosion. Many spirit fish can be seen swimming in the clear lake water.

The crisp and pleasant chirping of birds echoes in the forest, and pure white spiritual mist floats around, carrying an indescribable fragrance.

At the lakeside, there is a simple stone table and stone stool. Yueyi Heavenly Lord and Mu Yinghua sit facing each other, playing chess. Qing Muling sits beside them, observing.

Luo Huan acts as a maid, busy serving tea and water, and bringing various spiritual melons and fruits for Qing Muling to taste.

“Junior Brother Qing, this is a specialty of the Ascending Cloud Peak, called ‘Empty Green Misty Rain’. How does it taste?”

Luo Huan holds a uniquely shaped purple jade wine pot and gently pours the wine into the cup, speaking softly to Qing Muling.

Qing Muling takes the cup and takes a sip, nodding in satisfaction. He has tasted quite a few spiritual wines and nectars so far, and the ones that left a deep impression on him are naturally good.

Several miles away, a huge green light curtain envelops the entire mountaintop. Outside, violent gusts of wind howl and rub against the light curtain, creating sparks, but they cannot shake it at all.

Seeing that Qing Muling is in a good mood, Luo Huan suggests taking him to visit the Ascending Cloud Peak. This is where she secretly cultivates. Although it cannot compare to Senior Sister’s place, it is not inferior by much.

Qing Muling ponders for a moment and agrees.

The two of them get up and walk towards the nearby lakeside.

“The Tribulation Crossing is scheduled for three days later,” Luo Huan whispers, “Whether it’s life or death, it all depends on this time. But with your help, Junior Brother Qing, there is nothing to worry about.”

Qing Muling looks at her and shakes his head slightly, “Senior Sister, your situation is much more serious than I had anticipated. I really don’t understand what kind of trouble you encountered to end up like this.”

Luo Huan’s physical condition is extremely poor. Although there is no apparent difference on the surface, she only has less than three months of lifespan left. If she takes the risk of crossing the Tribulation, the chances of success are extremely slim, and it would be a certain death.

Moreover, even Yueyi Heavenly Lord cannot solve this situation. Luo Huan’s family had already started preparing for her funeral. It was Qing Muling’s appearance that gave Yueyi Heavenly Lord hope.

Luo Huan smiles and purses her lips, “I was young and impulsive at that time. When I was traveling outside, I encountered several disciples from the Nine Spirit Proto Gate. I fought with them because I was dissatisfied with their words and actions. Although I killed two of them and injured the other two, I also suffered serious injuries. After returning to the sect, I closed myself off for many years and never fully recovered.”

“I see.” Qing Muling feels relieved. Among the female disciples of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, there are many beauties, including Luo Huan. Coupled with the decline of the sect’s influence, it is natural for such things to happen.

“Sect Master, you will face a lot of pressure in the future,” Yueyi Heavenly Lord sighs softly, her gaze sweeping over Qing Muling and Luo Huan who have already walked far away.

Mu Yinghua’s tone is indifferent, “When I took over this position, I knew that I would never have a peaceful life again. It is entirely possible for me to die without a trace. But I never hesitated. I have stumbled my way here, and I don’t regret it.”

Yueyi Heavenly Lord understands what Mu Yinghua means. As the Supreme of the declining Dao Lineage, it is indeed not easy to be the head of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace. Since defeating several strong competitors and taking over as Sect Master, Mu Yinghua has endured countless hardships and grievances, which is not something outsiders can understand.

“Your Master had high hopes for you even when he was alive. After all these years, your performance has never disappointed us. So even if some of your decisions seem unreasonable, we have no objections.”

“Qing Muling is your opportunity, as well as the opportunity for the entire Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace. However, great opportunities are always accompanied by great causes and effects, great right and wrong. In the future, the sect may soar to the sky and regain its former glory because of him, but it is also possible to collapse and perish completely! You must be prepared for this!”

Mu Yinghua smiles lightly and points to the chessboard with her tender and slender jade finger, “I understand these principles, and so do all of you. If you really don’t agree with my ideas, you could have stopped me earlier. But now, aren’t you all on my side?”

“Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace has been declining for a long time. If we don’t take drastic measures, if we don’t use thunderous methods, we will eventually be divided and devoured by the surrounding wolves and tigers. In that case, why not give it our all while we still have a chance?”Yueyi Heavenly Lord fell silent for a while, then smiled helplessly, “Indeed, things have already come to this point, why bother thinking too much? How about this, after Luo Huan successfully crosses the Tribulation, let her stay with Qing Muling. Having an extra master of the Feather Transformation Realm by his side will provide him with additional protection.”

Mu Yinghua’s expression slightly changed, “This was not part of the initial agreement.”

Yueyi Heavenly Lord spoke in a gentle yet firm tone, “You’ve arranged all four of your direct disciples for him, and I’m just arranging one. That’s not too much, is it?”

Mu Yinghua stood her ground, “If you arrange one, what about the others? Will they all want to follow suit and treat Qing Muling as what? This precedent must not be set!”

“Sect Master, your protective attitude makes it difficult for us!”

Yueyi Heavenly Lord sighed, “How about we hold a competition within the sect? Any disciple who ranks among the top will have the qualification to follow him. What do you think? This is the limit of our concession.”

Mu Yinghua furrowed her brows, weighing her options for a moment before slowly saying, “You have a point. However, the Misty Illusion Secret Realm will open in half a year, so why don’t we… put this matter aside for now?”

Yueyi Heavenly Lord’s eyes slightly narrowed, her tone becoming serious, “You want Qing Muling to give it a try?”

Mu Yinghua laughed, “Of course, he is a person of great destiny. His performance inside will surely not disappoint us. Regardless of how many opportunities he can seize, if he can teach those old fellows a lesson, it would be even better!”

Yueyi Heavenly Lord pondered for a moment, then reluctantly agreed, “Alright then, after Luo Huan crosses the Tribulation, she will move in with him. You must not let Qi Yalan bully her.”

Mu Yinghua huffed, which was taken as silent consent.

However, she was considering how to resolve this matter smoothly. When it came to choosing Qing Muling’s future Dao companion, no one else’s words would work. Those young girls didn’t know their limits and couldn’t be controlled. She would have to handle this matter personally.

Three days later.

Luo Huan’s Tribulation Crossing process went relatively smoothly. With Qing Muling’s protection, even though she was seriously injured and taking a risk, she managed to succeed without any danger. Her body was filled with immortal energy, and her body that had condensed the laws of the Immortal Dao quickly healed all hidden injuries and was no longer troubled by the exhaustion of her lifespan.

After that, Qing Muling returned to his previous lifestyle, practicing in the medicinal garden every day and resting in his master’s cave after finishing, allowing her to guide his cultivation. At this time, both Qi Yalan and Luo Huan were in seclusion, so no one came to disturb him.

As the half-year period approached, Mu Yinghua no longer kept it a secret and informed him of all the details about the Misty Illusion Secret Realm.

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