Chapter 54 – Heavenly tribulation

Peak of Wandering Dao.

This is the exclusive site for the Tribulation Crossing of the elder disciple of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace. This peak is over 90,000 miles high and is blood red all over. After being refined and blessed by the elders of previous generations, the mountain is covered with array formations and connected to the giant spiritual veins underground. Once fully activated, the power of the array can weaken the power of the heavenly tribulation by about 30-40%, significantly increasing the success rate of disciples crossing the tribulation.

This is the advantage of having a top sect as a backing. For those cultivators who are scattered or from small sects, they would never receive such treatment when crossing the tribulation. Most of them can only rely on their own cultivation to withstand it, and the chances of success are very low.

Above the unreachable sky, countless black clouds suddenly appeared, blocking the sunlight and starlight. The layers of clouds were so thick that one couldn’t see through them. The roaring wind and thunder accompanied the rapid drop in temperature in the void. Like ancient demon dragons, wild lightning snakes twisted and danced among the dark clouds.

At the edge of the Ascending to Immortality Platform on the mountaintop, Qing Muling looked up at the sky, silently sensing the terrifying thunder brewing in the heavy tribulation clouds. The oppressive aura of destruction gradually increased. Once it reached its peak, it would come crashing down.

In the central area of the Ascending to Immortality Platform, Qi Yalan, the third senior sister, sat silently in her black Daoist robe, waiting quietly for the most important moment in her cultivation journey.

In front of her were more than ten empty pill bottles. All the high-grade pills inside had been consumed, and the essence of the powerful medicinal effects continuously merged into her organs and meridians. The terrifying vitality and blood caused the temperature in the cave to rise significantly, as if it were as scorching as the walls of a pill furnace.

In order to obtain these pills, Qi Yalan had exhausted all her sect contributions and all her previous savings. After all, the consequence of failing the tribulation was death. Therefore, whether she had resources in the future was irrelevant.

However, if she successfully crossed the tribulation and became an immortal, she would have control over the immense power of heaven and earth. Obtaining resources would be as easy as turning one’s hand.

In addition, Qing Muling had also contributed a lot. The Daoist robe Qi Yalan was wearing had been worn by him before. It had completely absorbed his aura as the son of fortune. After being refined by their sect master Mu Yinghua using a secret method, it could effectively weaken the killing power of the heavenly tribulation.

“Don’t worry, Yalan,” Qing Muling withdrew his gaze and walked to her side. “The sect master has arranged everything properly. With me here, I can ensure that nothing will go wrong. You just need to focus on crossing the tribulation.”

Qi Yalan’s expression calmed down. “Hmm, of course, I believe in you, senior brother.”

After a while, a deafening thunderclap sounded in the sky. The rolling black clouds slowly pressed down, and the clouds were within reach of the peak of Wandering Dao. It seemed that even a whole piece of the void continent could be crushed by this tribulation cloud.

For cultivators at the peak of the Heaven’s Mandate realm who wanted to ascend to immortality and go further, they had to face this terrifying heavenly tribulation test. If they could withstand it, they would enjoy boundless freedom. If they couldn’t, they would die, and all their hard work would be in vain.

Without any warning, the cold tribulation wind quietly blew in from all directions. Countless elusive and mysterious shadows lurked around, like a group of bloodthirsty sharks. Once they had the opportunity, they would swarm in and devour the divine soul and blood essence of the cultivators crossing the tribulation.

These were the extraterritorial demons that made cultivators tremble. They were formless and unpredictable, coming and going without a trace. Once targeted by them, unless there were suitable treasures or methods to protect oneself, the cultivator’s divine soul would most likely be annihilated.

Qi Yalan pursed her lips and subconsciously touched a jade talisman hidden in her sleeve. Inside it were two drops of her and Qing Muling’s life essence. After being fused together and refined by their sect master Mu Yinghua, their life trajectories were temporarily linked. They could directly borrow Qing Muling’s terrifying fortune as a second layer of insurance.

On the distant towering peaks, rays of different colors converged one after another, staying outside the coverage of the tribulation cloud. These were the elders and disciples who came to witness the event.

“…How is it? Does Yalan have any hope of success?”

“With her aptitude, she should have about 70-80% chance of success. If nothing unexpected happens, she should be able to make it.”

“Unexpected things are basically unavoidable, right? Many disciples who had a good chance of crossing the tribulation ended up falling at the last hurdle for various reasons. No one dares to say that they are absolutely certain of success!”

“Well, but she is the first direct disciple of the Supreme Sect Master to cross the tribulation. Mu Yinghua will definitely find a way for her. Otherwise, if she falls like this, it would be a disgrace to the sect.”

“I think this girl will succeed today. The Supreme Sect Master is probably already preparing a celebration feast!”

“Let’s hope so…”

This was the conversation among the high-level elders. They had all experienced this tribulation themselves, so they were relatively relaxed. Their mental endurance for the power of the heavenly tribulation was much stronger than that of the younger disciples.

As for the core disciples below the Heaven’s Mandate realm, they all had serious expressions. What Qi Yalan, the senior sister, was experiencing now, they would all have to face in the future. To seek survival in the face of death, courage alone was not enough.

On the Ascending to Immortality Platform.

In Qi Yalan’s spiritual sense, the fortune from her junior brother had completely enveloped her. Three layers of huge purple clouds hung above her head, emitting a brilliant light. Countless golden lights, fairy palaces, divine beasts, and heavenly maidens could be faintly seen within the colorful mist, resonating with the Dao Rhyme in the void.With the protection of the azure and purple auspicious clouds, those eerie and gloomy shadows constantly prowled around the Ascension Platform, not daring to approach. Above the sky, heavy black clouds rolled and surged, with incessant flashes of lightning and peals of thunder. The long-brewing Tribulation Lightning, however, had yet to fall, as if it was hesitating.

“The effect seems to be better than expected?”

Qing Muling muttered to himself. Since it was his first time, he was originally a bit nervous. Now, it seemed that there was nothing to worry about. With the cultivation of his third senior sister, surviving this tribulation was almost a certainty.

The elder disciples in the distance also noticed that something was wrong. Various exchanges of surprised and puzzled thoughts continued unabated. This situation was unheard of in the past millions of years. Perhaps they could only find the answer in the oldest scriptures and secret collections of the sect.

After a long stalemate, the first deep purple Tribulation Lightning finally fell amidst earth-shaking thunder, targeting Qi Yalan.

In an instant, golden light erupted, fireballs soared into the sky, and the violent shock wave caused all the array restrictions on the Ascension Platform to light up, layer by layer, dissipating the residual power of the heavenly tribulation.

When the aftermath dissipated, Qi Yalan was still sitting in place, looking slightly puzzled. The power of the Tribulation Lightning was much weaker than she had estimated, so much so that she had withstood it without using any magical treasures, relying solely on her physical body.

After another long wait, a full quarter of an hour later, when Qi Yalan’s aura had recovered to its peak state, the second Tribulation Lightning fell. Its power was greater, but still within her tolerance.

“…What’s going on? This heavenly tribulation… isn’t it a bit of a joke?”

A core elder in the distance couldn’t help but say. When she crossed the tribulation herself, the frequency of the Tribulation Lightning falling from the sky was like a continuous pile driver, the terrifying force combined with the speed almost suffocated her. She had to use all her strength and grit her teeth to get through it, and even now, thinking back, she still felt a lingering fear.

But the heavenly tribulation in front of them… if this could be called a heavenly tribulation, it was simply overturning the knowledge of countless cultivators in the past. It could be said that as long as one was not too dull and incapable, they could basically survive it.

However, no matter what the female cultivators who were watching thought, the Tribulation Lightning still fell down leisurely. Until thirty-six Tribulation Lightnings had passed, the tribulation clouds in the sky began to disperse and soon disappeared completely.

“Is that it?”

Qi Yalan, enveloped in auspicious light and filled with immortal aura, still found it hard to believe. Her heavenly tribulation had passed just like that.

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