Chapter 53 – Fortune’s Crossing of Tribulations

Azure Fall Divine Sect, the capital of the Morling Immortal Dynasty.

In the gloomy and dark underground maze, the Supreme Elder Li Qingtian walked expressionlessly in front, with his hands behind his back, while the Sect Master Li Shixun followed cautiously, his expression slightly uneasy. The heavy footsteps echoed in the space.

After two consecutive failed secret operations against Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, not only did they lose a lot of resources, but the important target had also returned to the sect’s main altar for closed-door cultivation. It was estimated that they would not appear again for a long time, and there was no chance to continue their efforts.

Without obtaining suitable “materials,” their precious daughter would not be able to undergo a transformation and change her destiny. The marriage alliance with the Young Sect Master of Bright Moon Sword Sect would also become an empty promise, and the strategic alliance plan behind would be impossible to achieve.

Because of this, Li Qingtian’s mood had been very bad during this period of time. He had beaten several beloved concubines half to death due to trivial matters, and even Li Shixun trembled in fear every day when he came to pay his respects, fearing that he would become a punching bag.

However, the matter still had to be dealt with. It couldn’t just be left alone. Therefore, today, Elder Li brought his own disciples to this underground maze.

After walking for an unknown amount of time, two tightly closed heavy stone doors appeared at the end of the passage. They were covered with flowing spiritual runes, and a majestic spiritual pressure rushed towards them. Two rows of burly Dao soldiers stood motionless on both sides of the stone doors, holding long halberds, with only their eyes flickering with crimson light.

Li Qingtian took out a jade talisman and skillfully closed the formation, opening the door. As the stone doors slowly opened from the middle and retracted into the wall, the scene inside the door finally appeared before Li Shixun’s eyes.

“Elder Ancestor, what is this…”

After seeing the situation inside, Li Shixun’s expression was puzzled and fearful. This was his first time entering this place.

In the space of over a hundred zhang, there were dozens of prison cells. The walls and doors of the cells were made of solid spirit gold material, and countless intricate light runes could be seen on the surface. With Li Shixun’s eyesight, it was not difficult to see that they all had effects such as weakness, imprisonment, sleep, and suppression.

In each prison cell, there was a young cultivator, both male and female, both human and non-human, with a total of thirty-one.

Their common characteristic was that they were young and had excellent aptitude. Placed in those super sects, they were at least the level of elite core disciples. In fact, many of these beings were indeed from those super sects.

“These goods were ‘hunted’ by me when I was traveling through the Great Void Starry Sky.”

Li Qingtian’s eyes were cold, and his tone was indifferent as he explained, “Compared to those rare and exotic beasts, the value of these young talents is even more precious. Whether it’s extracting their souls to refine treasures or selling them to those demonic powerhouses with special needs, it can bring considerable benefits.”


Li Shixun didn’t know what to say. As an emperor, he had naturally seen a lot of bloody and dark things, but he didn’t expect his own Elder Ancestor to do such things, and it seemed so commonplace.

Looking at the attire of these captives, most of them came from orthodox sects, and a few of them had a good relationship with Azure Fall Divine Sect.

In the Great Void Starry Sky, Azure Fall Divine Sect was recognized as one of the nine major sects of the Dao Lineage, with a good reputation. They had always been enemies with those demonic powerhouses and non-human races, and conflicts would occasionally erupt.

However, now it seemed that Li Qingtian’s actions were no different from those demonic powerhouses. He secretly abducted outstanding talents from other forces for his own benefit. If this scene were exposed, his reputation as a giant of the Dao Lineage would be ruined.

Of course, with Li Qingtian’s character, he didn’t care about his reputation at all. The only trouble he might face was the blame and retaliation from the high-level members of those forces.

“Elder Ancestor, are you suggesting…”

Li Shixun stabilized his mind and asked cautiously. Among these elite geniuses, there were a few female disciples with good aptitude and potential. Could they be used as substitutes?

Li Qingtian sighed and said in a low voice, “That girl from Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace is worth more than all the goods here combined. If this matter succeeds, your daughter will not only be able to marry the Young Sect Master of Bright Moon Sword Sect, but also qualify to become the Sect Master’s wife of that Supreme Dao Lineage in the future. Unfortunately… it’s a pity…”

“Now time is pressing, we can only choose someone from here as a temporary solution. As for the rest of the goods, I will give them to the important figures of Calamity Fate Palace. With this generous gift, I can ask them to think of other ways and take care of them a little more.”

“Elder Ancestor is wise.”

Li Shixun said obediently. Another terrifying speculation in his heart was finally confirmed: it turned out that Calamity Fate Palace was not a group of good people either. They were best at peeping into the heavens and manipulating fate. It was needless to say what kind of miserable fate these goods, which were seen as generous gifts, would encounter once they entered their hands.


Li Qingtian’s tone changed, “Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace has ruined my grand plan. This matter cannot be left like this. In the next hundred years, I will never let go of any disciples or disciples of theirs! Humph! I want to see what those women can do to me.”

Li Shixun silently sighed. Even though Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace was not as good as before, there were still several powerful figures supporting the sect in their hidden realms. Even though Elder Ancestor’s cultivation had reached the peak of the Great Dao, could he withstand being surrounded and killed by them if they joined forces?

However, he was just a lowly person and didn’t dare to speak up. He could only hope that the future outcome would not be as bad as he had guessed.

Main Altar of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace.Inside the secluded cultivation cave of the Supreme Elder, Yueyi Heavenly Lord, a voluptuous young lady in a white dress with a veiled face respectfully bowed to the imposing figure on the high platform.

On the desk and floor beside her, there were piles of colorful boxes and cages, radiating with spiritual energy. They were all carefully selected gifts she brought to show her respect to the Heavenly Lord.

Even when asking for help from her own patron, she couldn’t come empty-handed. This was an established custom, especially since this matter was of great importance.

“Luo Huan, what are you trying to do?”

A moment later, a round and elegant voice came from above.

“I beg the Heavenly Lord to help me,”

The girl named Luo Huan spoke softly, “I have been stuck at the peak of the Destiny Realm for many years. I feel that my aptitude is limited and my luck is insufficient. I have always been afraid to try to trigger the Tribulation Crossing, so…”

“You want me to step in and protect you during your Tribulation Crossing?”

“Exactly, I beg the Heavenly Lord to pity the difficulty of my cultivation and help me. I would be forever grateful!”

To ascend to immortality, the heavenly tribulation that descends mysteriously is an insurmountable barrier. Countless talented cultivators have fallen at this crucial step, being struck to ashes by the terrifying tribulation.

Even if the cultivator undergoing the tribulation has powerful magical treasures and the protection of a powerful senior, it cannot guarantee success. However, at least there is some hope.

Yueyi Heavenly Lord was silent for a while, then said, “When I calculated your potential for cultivation years ago, I found that you have decent aptitude and are willing to work hard. However, your luck is shallow and insufficient. Without any special encounters, the Destiny Realm will be your limit! Even if I am willing to help, there is no guarantee of success.”

“To overcome this hurdle, you need his help. If you have his supreme luck to assist you, you will definitely be able to smoothly pass the tribulation and advance further.”

“Are you saying…”

Luo Huan asked uncertainly. The news about that Son of Luck was indeed a top secret within the sect. She only vaguely knew about his existence from the vague mention by Yueyi Heavenly Lord in the past.

“That’s right. If you become sworn siblings with him, or better yet, become Dao companions, you can borrow some of his luck and safely pass this tribulation!”

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