Chapter 29 – Coercion and enticement

Su Yurong’s persuasion ended in failure, as expected.

Even though she had a senior elder from the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace’s Heavenly Punishment Hall behind her, and even though she proposed what she believed to be sincere conditions, Qing Muling’s reaction remained indifferent.

The secret conversation lasted less than half a moment. When Su Yurong walked out of the courtyard with a gloomy expression, the surrounding spies, whether overt or covert, all breathed a sigh of relief.

Although everyone knew that as the Supreme Sect Master’s closed-door disciple, Qing Muling couldn’t be easily swayed, there was always a chance.

Soon, someone bravely attempted to persuade him. A beautifully mounted formal invitation was passed through several hands and finally placed in front of Qing Muling after being inspected by several elders.

“… Junior Brother, remember, you must not casually touch anything with an unknown origin to avoid being plotted against.”

In the study, Xuebing Xuan’s perfect jade hand gently unfolded in front of Qing Muling. As she silently circulated her profound technique, layers of smooth and thin spiritual barriers quietly formed, enveloping her hand before she picked up the invitation.

The vast and boundless Great Void was filled with various mysterious and magical techniques. Methods like using an object as a medium to secretly harm others were not uncommon. One careless move could result in being ensnared.

If the schemer’s methods were clever enough, as long as Qing Muling dared to directly touch the invitation, even if it was just a trace of his aura being captured, it could lead to the leakage of many of his secrets. In more severe cases, he could be subjected to malicious and bizarre witchcraft curses. It would be a miracle if he didn’t suffer any harm.

“You’re right, Senior Sister.”

Qing Muling watched as his senior sister demonstrated, and after trying a few times himself, he mastered this highly practical small spell.

Although it didn’t have any offensive power, it required extremely high control and manipulation of spiritual energy. Even with his qualifications as a core disciple, he had to put in a lot of effort to use it freely.

The owner of the invitation was core disciple Long Xin. Her request was the same as the inner sect elder Su Yurong’s, to have a private meeting with Qing Muling to discuss certain matters.

“Although it’s just a meeting and a few words, it seems like our Junior Brother is too cheap if he agrees so easily.”

Luo Wanqing said with a smile. At this moment, she was wearing a gorgeous fiery red palace dress, outlining her fiery and enchanting figure. Her delicate and flawless facial features emitted a hot and alluring aura. Her fair little hand intentionally or unintentionally rubbed against Qing Muling.

“What do you think would be appropriate then?”

Qi Yalan frowned and stared at her actions. In the past, this girl always wore armor and didn’t apply any makeup. Since Qing Muling arrived, she had changed her style and started dressing up carefully. It was clear that she was doing it on purpose.

Unfortunately, the third senior sister’s face was still a bit tender, so she couldn’t imitate her. She could only watch as Luo Wanqing shamelessly flirted with Junior Brother.

“If you want to meet Junior Brother, you have to show sincerity. The cost of each visit is five hundred high-grade spirit stones or equivalent resources of elixirs. Since they all have backgrounds and connections, they must not lack these benefits.” Luo Wanqing said seriously.

“Very well, I have no objections.” Xuebing Xuan immediately agreed.

“Then it’s settled.”

Qing Muling thought for a moment and felt that he had no reason to refuse. No one would complain about having more resources.

Five hundred high-grade spirit stones were not a small amount. If the forces coveting Qing Muling were numerous enough, it was hard to estimate how much benefit he could accumulate through this method.

Sure enough, after the news spread, the number of people wanting to meet Qing Muling did not decrease.

Early the next morning.

In the elegant and quiet study, Long Xin finally met Qing Muling as she had wished.

“As expected of the rising star in the sect, you truly have a handsome appearance that surpasses those self-proclaimed young talents…”

Long Xin looked at him with a complex expression, thinking about the instructions from the important person behind her, and couldn’t help but feel a headache.

Someone like Qing Muling, who had a deep background and great luck, was undoubtedly clear-minded and difficult to deceive. Even if he himself might make mistakes due to his youth and lack of experience, the women surrounding him would definitely compete to remind and protect him in order to win his favor.

Thinking of this, a strong sense of jealousy and unwillingness arose in Long Xin’s heart. Although she had no past grievances with Qing Muling and had never interacted with him before, this was human nature.

To hate others and not be hated. This was an evil thought that most people were unwilling to admit.

As long as the other party grew up, he would definitely become a remarkable figure of his time, and his companions or followers would undoubtedly be unimaginably outstanding. As for Long Xin herself, unless miracles happened, it was impossible for her to become such a man’s partner.

“Sister Long Xin, you don’t have much time, please get to the point!” Qing Muling said in a calm and fair manner. In the eyes of the men who were licking their boots, this girl was definitely a high-value goddess. They probably wouldn’t even have a chance to lick her.

But in front of these senior sisters, she was just trash. So Qing Muling remained unaffected, knowing that there were still many people waiting outside.Long Xin gritted her teeth, suppressing the various malicious thoughts in her heart, a gentle smile appearing on her beautiful face: “Junior Brother Qing, I come bearing Elder Le Yi’s goodwill. You must have heard of her reputation and seniority within the sect. Compared to the Supreme Sect Master, she is actually more suitable to be your teacher and guide, don’t you think?”

Qing Muling’s eyebrows slightly raised. This Elder Le Yi was indeed no ordinary person, belonging to the same era as the old ancestor Heng Yi, and was known for her powerful magical cultivation. Compared to the old ancestor Heng Yi, who was not good at fighting with others, her status within the sect was indeed a bit higher.

Of course, Elder Le Yi was not part of Sect Master Mu Yinghua’s faction. The two sides had always been in competition, constantly fighting openly and secretly. Therefore, after learning of Qing Muling’s existence, this big figure instructed her disciples and grandchildren to come and poach him, which was a natural course of action.

“Junior Brother, although the influence of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace is not as great as before, there are still many powerful factions within the sect, and they jointly support the sect’s sky.”

“Among them, Sect Master Mu Yinghua’s faction does not have a very obvious advantage. The reason she was able to obtain the position of Sect Master was partly due to luck, and partly due to the balance and compromise between various forces.”

“Junior Brother, since you are someone who has the opportunity to reach the peak and achieve the holy position, you naturally have to make the choice that is most in line with your own interests, don’t you think?”

With that, Long Xin took out a long-necked jade bottle and a purple jade long sword with a sheath full of treasure light, and placed them in front of Qing Muling.

“Three Xuanqing Creation True Spirit Pills, and an ancient Spirit Treasure, this sincerity should be enough, right? What do you think?”

Qing Muling: “……”

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