Chapter 28 – Find a backer, hug a thigh?

The strong wind blew, and lightning flashed and thunder roared.

The pitch-black vortex of clouds slowly rotated, quickly spreading to a radius of tens of miles, bringing a suffocating pressure. In the core area of the vortex, a large amount of spiritual essence was absorbed and gathered by a mysterious force from the depths of the void, and finally disappeared at the end of a super funnel.

The magnificent phenomenon above the City Lord’s Mansion immediately attracted the attention of many people. Countless powerful and obscure divine thoughts came over, wandering around the City Lord’s Mansion.

“The disturbance is so big. Could it be that another elder or senior sister is about to break through to a new realm?”

“It seems so. I wonder who it is? I’m really envious!”

“Who else could it be? Besides them, there don’t seem to be any other powerful experts in the City Lord’s Mansion, right?”

“Well, it seems to be earlier than expected. It seems that the analysis of certain situations needs to be revised.”

According to the public information, the strongest person currently in Linzhou City is Luo Wanqing. She has been the City Lord here for a long time. In addition, there are Xuebing Xuan and Qi Yalan, who recently came to reinforce her, as well as several obscure high-ranking elders, all belonging to the influence of the Sect Master.

As for Qin Muling, the closed-door disciple of the Sect Master, he is currently far from being a strong person, although the attention he receives secretly is even more exaggerated than that of several senior sisters.

The phenomenon lasted for a not too long time. After several hours, as the black clouds gradually dissipated, the obscure and indistinguishable divine thoughts around also disappeared.

Inside the cultivation room.

Qin Muling slowly opened his eyes. His whole body was filled with spiritual light, and a faint purple cloud formed a virtual image with a radius of about a mu above his head. The spiritual power in his body was vigorous and surging.

“I didn’t break through? It seems that I’m still a little short.”

Luo Wanqing’s slightly surprised voice sounded, and Xuebing Xuan and Qi Yalan also came over, grabbing Junior Brother’s wrist and examining his cultivation state.

“No, I intentionally suppressed it. I feel that I can accumulate more.”

Qin Muling said. This big meal from Fourth Senior Sister has brought him much greater benefits than the last time he went out for training. The Understanding Mystery Realm is already in the perfect state of the ninth level. As long as he wants, he can break through the thin barrier at any time and step into the Condensing Elixir Realm.

Xuebing Xuan pondered and said, “Junior Brother, your total amount of spiritual power now is about 150 times that of disciples of the same level in the sect. If you continue to suppress and accumulate, how far can you eventually reach?”

Qin Muling said with certainty, “I can easily double it, breaking through the barrier of 300 times, and my actual combat power will not fall behind.”

Suddenly, the three senior sisters’ expressions changed. The way they looked at him was no different from seeing a living ancient true dragon cub. To have such amazing performance at the Understanding Mystery Realm, what kind of stunning talent would Junior Brother have if he breaks through to more new realms in the future?

In the cultivation world, cultivators of the same level, the actual combat power of wandering cultivators is generally inferior to those cultivators with family or sect backing. After all, the latter has inheritance, and many complete cultivation methods and secrets are secrets that wandering cultivators find it difficult to know. Unless wandering cultivators can obtain some extraordinary encounters, they can surpass in this aspect.

The cultivation power of cultivators from small and medium-sized sects is usually inferior to that of cultivators from large sects, and cultivators from large sects are inferior to those from super Dao Lineages.

Cultivators of the same level, the total amount of spiritual power and actual combat power of disciples from small sects and super Dao Lineages often differ by more than ten times, and even twenty or thirty times is not an exaggeration.

The reasons for this gap are multifaceted, including the quality of the cultivation method inheritance, the abundance of cultivation resources, the level of the sect’s elders, and one’s own talent and aptitude, and so on.

This situation is not absolute. Occasionally, there are peerless geniuses and stunning characters who have amazed an era among wandering cultivators and small and medium-sized sects. But this is ultimately a very rare event and cannot be used as a universal standard.

The three hundred times of spiritual power mentioned by Qin Muling is certainly measured against the general level of senior sisters and junior sisters in the sect. Although Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace has declined, it still maintains the standard of a super Dao Lineage in this aspect.

Therefore, Xuebing Xuan and the other three senior sisters felt full of disbelief. Not to mention themselves, even the Sect Master Mu Yinghua, who was a core disciple back then, had never shown such a monstrous performance.

“It seems that during the heyday of the Witch Clan, there was never heard of such a monstrous figure, right?” Xuebing Xuan asked.

Luo Wanqing thought seriously and said uncertainly, “If the legends of some ancient Witch Clan ancestors in the ancient times are true, then there may be figures comparable to Junior Brother. But now… it’s impossible.”Qi Yalan let out a soft sigh. If Qing Muling’s secret were to reach the ears of those old fellows, it would be hard to say what would happen. The pressure on her and her fellow sisters… it was truly overwhelming!

Xuebing Xuan looked somewhat helpless, “The latest news from our master is that the situation in Linzhou is not optimistic. Therefore, the elders have decided to send another batch of reinforcements to inflict as much damage as possible on those creatures outside the city, ensuring they won’t be able to recover for the next hundred years.”

This was probably just a superficial reason. The actual target was obvious. Even if Qing Muling insisted on secluding himself for cultivation and refused to see any outsiders, they would likely find a suitable solution.

So, Mu Yinghua’s idea was to let Qing Muling take the initiative, allowing him to make limited public appearances and interact with disciples from other factions. If he had the ability, it would be feasible for him to start building his own power base in advance.

Qing Muling chuckled. It seemed that Mu Yinghua also intended to test his wisdom. But would he be so naive as to become a slave to the so-called three families?

Luo Wanqing spoke softly, “I have quite a few guards around me, all of them are elites from the Witch Country. I can spare half of them to protect Junior Brother. You two sisters should sacrifice a bit more and take turns guarding Junior Brother.”

As the city lord, she had many matters to attend to every day, so this arrangement was reasonable.

Xuebing Xuan and Qi Yalan agreed. A few days later, to the surprise of others, the mysterious and aloof Qing Muling suddenly changed his usual behavior and began to make public appearances in the city, parading around with a group of beautiful female guards.

After a brief shock, the overjoyed various forces sprung into action. Numerous formal invitations and banquet requests were sent to Qing Muling’s residence like a snowstorm, and there were also many “accidental encounters” that had been deliberately arranged.

In just half a day, Elder Su Yuying managed to get ahead of the other factions and successfully secured an opportunity to have a “private meeting” with Qing Muling.

“Junior Brother, you are about to face a great crisis. Don’t you have any premonitions?” In the secret room, the elder stared at the handsome and mysterious young man across from him, speaking with profound meaning.

“So?” Qing Muling asked lazily.

“As long as Junior Brother can have a strong enough backer, you can ensure your safety and anticipate a bright future!” Su Yuying said seriously.


Qing Muling laughed indifferently. At least within the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, who could be bigger than the Sect Master? With such a backer, did he need to consider others?

When it came to finding backers and clinging to powerful figures, no one understood better than Qing Muling. It was absolutely impossible for him to look for one outside. Weren’t his sisters’ thighs fragrant enough?

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