Chapter 86 – Su Ran is either not stupid or crazy

Fatty took He Ju to meet up with Bai Yan and the others, and then the four of them went up to the fourteenth floor together.

This time, He Ju didn’t want to take any more photos. As soon as he got out of the elevator, he saw everyone gathered around the long table, picking and choosing the stones on top. There were quite a few people, like a flowing feast.

Seeing this, Bai Yan and the others also lost interest in picking stones.

The four of them continued to wander inside. The items being auctioned on this floor were almost all porcelain, various types of celadon, white porcelain, black porcelain, painted porcelain, soft porcelain, and bone porcelain, among others.

The prices of these items were obviously much higher than the prices of the jade on the lower floor.

He Ju wasn’t interested, but Bai Yan thought they looked nice and casually took a few photos.

By the time Bai Yan finished taking photos, it was almost noon.

Each floor had a leisure area, so He Ju and the others casually entered a restaurant, ordered a few dishes, and sat down to rest.

He Ju sat by the window, lost in thought, and then saw a familiar figure enter his line of sight.

Although Su Ran was wearing a white mask, only her lower jaw was visible, but He Ju still recognized her.

Su Ran was also wearing a cheongsam today, which accentuated her front protrusion and rear lift. Her long black hair was tied up behind her head, and people around her kept looking back.

He Ju, however, only glanced at her and then looked away, feeling somewhat inexplicably annoyed.

Indeed, the cheongsam also depended on who was wearing it.

When Si Hua wore it, he felt his eyes light up and had the urge to tear it off her right then and there.

But when Su Ran wore it and stood in front of him, he felt like his eyes were being defiled.

He Ju didn’t want to pay any attention to Su Ran, but Su Ran wouldn’t let him go. Even though He Ju’s head was almost lowered to the ground, and even though he was wearing a mask, Su Ran could still see how impatient he was.

Despite this, Su Ran still approached him.

“He Ju, let’s talk.”

Upon hearing Su Ran’s voice, Bai Yan and the others turned around in surprise.

Although they couldn’t see who this person was, they could tell from the voice.

He Ju couldn’t be bothered to answer and didn’t even give Su Ran a glance, just silently waiting for the food to arrive.

In such a crowded place, Su Ran felt somewhat embarrassed, but…

He Ju had also been like this before, hadn’t he?

Su Ran bit her lip, unconsciously gripping her phone, and spoke again, “He Ju, let’s talk, okay? Don’t treat me like this…”

As she spoke, Su Ran actually reached out to grab He Ju’s finger.

Bai Yan’s eyes widened in shock. What? Was this woman so shameless?

Of course, He Ju dodged, and then became even more impatient, his words becoming sharper, “Su Ran, are you crazy? I really can’t stand you. Are you blind?”

After speaking, He Ju ignored Su Ran’s distress and continued to mock her, “Well, you used to pretend to sleep before, and now you’re pretending to be blind. I advise you to get your head checked, and don’t come and bother me, okay?”

Su Ran’s slender figure trembled in the crowded aisle, and tears immediately flowed down, but she couldn’t get an ounce of sympathy from He Ju.

The food arrived quickly, and He Ju picked up his bowl and started eating, paying no attention to Su Ran’s silent crying.

He still had to go find stones in the afternoon, and he didn’t want to waste time with Su Ran.

Who knew, Su Ran asked him, “Is it because I publicly rejected you that you have a grudge against me?”

He Ju continued eating, not saying a word.

Talking to Su Ran was not as practical as the sizzling pork kidneys, braised pork, sweet and sour pork ribs, steamed pumpkin, and boiled cabbage meatballs in front of him.

Su Ran: “Well… if I also publicly confessed to you, would you be willing to let go of the past and reconcile with me?”

He Ju chuckled, “Don’t blame me for not warning you, I’m not interested in your tricks.”

After speaking, He Ju continued to eat.

Su Ran ran away crying.

Bai Yan and the other three brothers looked at He Ju with expressions that said, “You’re the boss.”

Fatty: “666, I thought she could hold on for longer…”

Motor: “Just typical selfishness, do you expect her to be so devoted?”

As soon as Motor finished speaking, Su Ran appeared at the window again, this time without even wearing a mask, revealing her innocent and pure face.

Su Ran was still holding a box, which looked very much like the ring box from the day He Ju confessed.

Su Ran panted, “He Ju, since you don’t believe me, I’ll do the same thing you did in the past. If I do that, will you forgive me?”

Bai Yan looked at Su Ran as if she were crazy.

But this was He Ju’s own business, and he couldn’t interfere.

Therefore, everyone’s gaze fell on Su Ran and He Ju. It was a big taboo to show up at an auction.

Not that it couldn’t be done, but if your strength wasn’t that strong, it was easy to become the target of everyone’s attacks.The Su family might have achieved some success in business, but when it comes to gambling on stones, they are simply not in the same league.

Su Ran is either stupid or insane.

Unmasking is like pushing the Su family into the eye of the storm.

The foundation of the Su family was already unstable, and now, whether it’s a blessing or a curse, they can only leave it to fate.

He Ju remained silent, continuing to eat.

Gathering her courage, Su Ran suddenly clapped her hands: “Everyone, hold on, let me say a few words.”

Bai Yan couldn’t help but laugh: “Is she out of her mind?”

Fatty nodded in agreement: “I think so…”

Sure enough, everyone stopped in their tracks, looking at Su Ran as if watching a drama unfold.

Su Ran suddenly said, “A long time ago, I rejected someone. I thought I didn’t like him, so I turned him down, but after the rejection…”

Tears welled up in Su Ran’s eyes: “I realized that I really, really liked him. We grew up together, went to school together, got punished together, saw many landscapes, and tasted many delicious foods. I do like him…”

“If I didn’t like him, I wouldn’t have allowed him to be by my side for so many years.”

He Ju’s face darkened, his good mood for eating disrupted.

Isn’t this bringing up exactly what should not be mentioned?

Was Su Ran sincerely here to dig up his dark past?

He Ju put down his chopsticks, his expression under the mask very gloomy.

He saw in Su Ran the foolishness he once had.

Su Ran: “I’m sorry, because I didn’t understand my own feelings, I lost the person I liked. Today, I’ve mustered the courage to follow his path once more…”

Turning to face He Ju, Su Ran, under everyone’s gaze, lifted her skirt, knelt on one knee, and opened a box containing a valuable ring: “Mr. He, would you… give me another chance?”

The crowd around them instantly started to chant: “Together, together! Together!”

But the expressions on He Ju and Bai Yan’s faces were very unpleasant.

Knowing full well that He Ju had a girlfriend, yet she did this?

And after He Ju had clearly rejected her, she still clung to him like a plaster.

Both He Ju and Bai Yan thought: Are you out of your mind?

Su Ran looked at He Ju expectantly. He Ju turned his head, their eyes met, and Su Ran smiled, knowing…

As long as she was willing to lower her stance, He Ju would surely love her again.

Su Ran stood up: “He…”

“Bang—” He Ju abruptly closed the window, cutting Su Ran off outside, then called out to Bai Yan and the others: “Come on, let’s eat, and after the meal, we’ll go gamble on stones.”

Bai Yan and the others were stunned by He Ju’s slick move, and the passersby were also dumbfounded.

There stood Su Ran, holding the ring, wearing high heels, her smile on her face suddenly frozen…

Under everyone’s gaze, she looked like a clown.

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