Chapter 85 – Ten million is set for the gift for my wife

He Ju and the others saw that most of the goods were mostly jade.

Hetian jade, Burmese jade, Nanyang jade, Dali marble jade, crystal stone, chicken blood stone, snake pattern jade, and so on, most of them are common jade, but they are divided into special grade, commercial grade, and ordinary grade according to different levels.

According to the classification of grades, they are divided into superior, medium, and inferior.

Superior is divided into: sheep-fat jade, white jade, and yellow jade. Medium: Qingbai jade, green jade, ink jade; Inferior: green jade.

The prices of ordinary grades vary from thousands of yuan, commercial grades are tens of thousands of yuan, and special grades are over a hundred thousand.

The higher the floor, the higher the price.

The floor where He Ju and the others stayed was relatively cheap.

Of course, if you don’t want to spend money, you can also go gambling on stones.

Some people can get rich overnight with the lowest cost.

There are also people who can gamble away all their savings and lose everything overnight.

This floor is almost all jade.

The big men were not interested, and those who were willing to wait for the auction were generally wealthy men who were willing to spend a lot of money for their girlfriends, or for commercial use.

Bai Yan and the others just took a casual look and were ready to leave.

He Ju smiled, “I want that special-grade sheep-fat jade today.”

A sheep-fat jade bracelet?

Bai Yan and the others turned to look, only to see the image of sheep-fat jade scrolling on the big screen. Although they didn’t see the actual object, they could judge that it was a good thing by its color.

Si Hua was fair and beautiful, but she usually didn’t like to wear jewelry. He Ju felt that the sheep-fat jade would complement Si Hua’s delicate hands.

It is said that jade nourishes people, and he felt at first glance that the sheep-fat jade would complement Si Hua.

Bai Yan was quite pleased. It seemed that he had chosen a good brother-in-law who knew how to take care of his sister.

Fatty suddenly widened his eyes, “The starting price is five hundred thousand?!”

Motor also took a sharp breath, “That’s just the starting price. If you really want to buy it, how much will it cost?”

Bai Yan shrugged, “It could be several million, or even tens of millions. The most valuable thing on this floor is the sheep-fat jade. Look at the people waiting in the hall. Half of them should be here for that piece of sheep-fat jade, not including the wealthy ladies from home and abroad.”

Fatty didn’t understand, “Just a piece of sheep-fat jade, are so many people interested?”

He Ju shook his head, “I don’t know about that. I just think that it looks good, and it should look even better on my wife’s hand.”

Bai Yan chuckled.

Fatty and Motor both looked grim.

Please don’t show affection everywhere and consider the feelings of single dogs, okay?


That’s not the point.

Fatty stared at He Ju, “Where did you get so much money?”

He Ju said naturally, “From my wife.”

He Ju couldn’t say that he had so much money, otherwise…

Fatty and Motor would be devastated!

Motor and Fatty looked at each other, and Fatty sighed, “I wish a rich woman would maintain me!”

Motor pounded his chest, looking regretful, “Regret! Regret! Why didn’t I agree to that 40-year-old lady when I was a freshman?”

He Ju laughed directly, “You didn’t know how good a rich woman was when you were young, and you mistook your sister for a treasure. There’s nothing you can do about it…”

But Bai Yan laughed and kicked them, “Go away! Being maintained by a rich woman also depends on strength, you know?”

As they laughed and joked, the auction had already begun.

Bai Yan said, “We’ll go and get our stones untied first, and we’ll come find you later. This kind of small auction goes very quickly.”

He Ju nodded, and Bai Yan and the others left first.

The hall gradually filled up, with a total of more than 120 kinds of jade being auctioned, from low to high grade, and ten pieces of jade were auctioned together. If you were interested, you would take a number and bid. Each piece of stone being auctioned was followed by a woman in a cheongsam and a veil to call out the price.

The scene seemed chaotic, but in fact, all the steps were proceeding in an orderly manner.

No wonder Bai Yan said it was fast. The speed was indeed very fast. Less than ten minutes for one round, sometimes four or five minutes to finish a round. He Ju waited for more than forty minutes and finally came to the last auction item: the sheep-fat jade.

He Ju saw that several people present had not bid, and they should have their eyes on the sheep-fat jade.

He Ju didn’t have time to deal with them. He had more important things to do, so when the host announced the start of the auction, He Ju raised his card, “Ten million!”

The hall suddenly quieted down.

All eyes were on He Ju.

A piece of sheep-fat jade, with a starting price of only five hundred thousand, but this person directly bid ten million???

No one thought it was worth it.

So, those who wanted to raise their cards hesitated countless times, but in the end, no one raised their cards.

After three confirmations, He Ju got the sheep-fat jade.

The auction items were temporarily kept by the organizers for the seven days. He Ju only needed to present his ID for registration, and when he left, he could pay and take the goods.

He Ju used Bai Yan’s ID, and after registering, he went to the area to untie the stones to find Bai Yan and the others.Who would have thought, before He Ju even reached the stone gambling area, Fatty darted out and grabbed He Ju’s hand: “Come with me, come with me.”

He Ju followed Fatty, who led him to stand at the back of the stone gambling area. There were so many people that they were almost completely blocked off.

Just as He Ju was feeling puzzled, Fatty spoke up: “Look, to your front left, the one wearing the burgundy tie, that’s a gambling stone master brought by Qiu Shaoze. He’s opened ten stones in total, two revealed green, and two revealed red. The cost might be less than ten thousand, but the estimated value of the jadeite found is a total of five hundred thousand.”

He Ju carefully observed the so-called gambling stone master, and upon seeing him…

He Ju shook his head: “He wasn’t brought by Qiu Shaoze.”

According to the information He Ju had, there was no such impressive gambling stone master by Qiu Shaoze’s side.

There was only one explanation then.

The man was brought by that so-called Bai Shangmo, Si Hua’s cousin uncle.

It seemed that the cousin uncle really had a deep relationship with Qiu Shaoze.

Even willing to lend such a gambling stone master to Qiu Shaoze.

Could it be…

It was to help Qiu Shaoze fight for the family inheritance?

He Ju knew that this week-long auction could directly determine whether Qiu Shaoze was eligible to inherit the Qiu family’s assets.

If that was the case, then the direction of events was becoming more and more interesting.

Fatty was confused: “Huh?” But he clearly saw that man with Qiu Shaoze.

He Ju casually draped an arm over Fatty’s shoulder: “Alright, alright, don’t worry about this, go check out the upper floor.”

Fatty didn’t understand, but He Ju didn’t care, and neither did he. After all, when a brother needed him, he would be there, willing to make great sacrifices for him.

Moreover, the two stones that He Ju helped him choose, although they didn’t reveal any green, did yield ten grams of gold.

This made Fatty ecstatic, and he respected He Ju even more as his leader.

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