Chapter 37 – Do not worry, He Ju is Si Hua’s father’s student

Motor cried for a long time, and He Ju said helplessly, “I’ll treat you to a drink tomorrow, stop crying.”

Motor finally stopped, and He Ju even thought that this jerk was here to freeload.

The call was about to end, but Motor suddenly asked, “Brother, what do you think of Bai Yan’s sister?”

He Ju was immediately puzzled, “What do you mean?”

In that instant, He Ju’s mind involuntarily flashed through the bits and pieces of being with Si Hua. The way she looked at him with those bewildering eyes, her confident assurance that boys also have the right not to peel shrimp… and when they were in Yunnan, her charming appearance, her strong appearance, there were too many memories…

So when Motor said something, He Ju didn’t hear it at all, he just replied, “It’s fine, it’s fine…”

On the other end of the phone, Motor was dumbfounded. Wasn’t he asking about Si Hua’s identity? What’s with the “It’s fine, it’s fine”?

What was He Ju daydreaming about again?

Motor wanted to ask again, but He Ju had already hung up the phone.

Motor could only temporarily mute the call, but he was endlessly speculating in his heart. Had He Ju already gotten together with Si Hua?

It’s not surprising that Motor would think this way, because Si Hua was too beautiful, almost perfect in every way. Would He Ju really not be moved at all by being with someone like her?

Time passed quickly, and the next morning at seven o’clock, Si Hua knocked on He Ju’s door right on time.

He Ju, with a messy head, opened the door in a daze.

Si Hua rushed in like a gust of wind, “Hurry up and get ready, I made some porridge and I’ll take it to your uncle and aunt later.”

He Ju suddenly woke up, and quickly turned to look at Si Hua, only to see that she had already laid out the food boxes from the bag.

Steaming preserved egg and lean pork congee, steaming hot steamed buns, steamed dumplings, and fresh soy milk.

He Ju’s eyes widened, “Si Hua, did you go out to buy breakfast so early in the morning?”

Si Hua glanced at him, and then said proudly, “I didn’t buy this…”

She made it before dawn!

He Ju thought for a moment and then suddenly realized, “That was bought by your assistant?”

Si Hua sighed, “I made it, okay?”

He Ju was even more surprised. Si Hua not only could cook, but she could cook so well. He Ju felt like it was a bit mystical.

Si Hua had casually braided two strands of hair in front of her chest today, with simple makeup, and dressed very appropriately in a blue shirt and black jeans. She looked simple and generous, like a female college student attending class.

He Ju sighed softly… Si Hua really was a versatile young lady.

In a rush in the morning, He Ju’s thoughts only lasted for a moment. After a simple breakfast, He Ju and Si Hua took the remaining food boxes to the hospital.

The car He Ju drove was Si Hua’s BMW.

He Ju felt a little guilty, but Si Hua just smiled and said, “It’s more convenient this way.”

He Ju couldn’t refuse. He naturally wouldn’t know that Si Hua was gradually trying to get him to accept everything about her.

Si Hua was very good at reading people. She knew very well that He Ju was a steady and courageous person. Given the opportunity, He Ju would definitely achieve something.

In City A, Starshine Group was already the highest height that many people could reach, but Si Hua believed that it was just the starting point for He Ju.

Bai Yan had shown him the plans He Ju had written during the summer and winter vacations. Although they were very rough, there was almost no nonsense, and the comments were straightforward and to the point.

If possible, Si Hua actually wanted Starshine to be just a stepping stone for He Ju to enter the international stage. In the business industry, He Ju would definitely excel.

Most importantly, Si Hua could see from He Ju’s eyes that he was not a person content with mediocrity. He Ju was an ambitious person.

Si Hua liked this side of He Ju very much, so she was willing to silently provide him with all the resources he needed, without interfering too much in his decisions. She just wanted to accompany He Ju to create a world that belonged to him in City A.

And in the future, she only hoped that He Ju would take her hand, raise a toast to the guests, and that was the only thing Si Hua wanted: to be called “Mrs. He” by everyone in a proper and dignified manner.

The two of them soon arrived at the hospital, and it was just eight o’clock.He Ju parked the car in the underground garage and was about to head upstairs when Si Hua ran to open the trunk of the car.

He Ju: “What are you doing?”

Si Hua smiled, playfully winking at him: “I brought some tonics for uncle and auntie.”

He Ju was baffled again: “When did you prepare these?”

Si Hua was busy carrying things, and He Ju saw bird’s nests, ginseng, even a massager, and some things he couldn’t even name, box after box. Of course, there were also fruit baskets, and two Barbie doll gift boxes, probably for He Yuxin, and a whole set of… lipsticks and skincare products, as well as a bouquet of carnations.

Of course, she had prepared them yesterday, with Bai Yan helping her choose.

Seeing the trunk packed full, He Ju was completely numb: “You…”

Anyone would think you’re here to propose… Sister Si Hua?

He Ju didn’t actually say it out loud, because Si Hua was still fretting: “He Ju, do you think this is enough for visiting uncle and auntie?”

How could it not be enough?

This is simply too much, okay?

He Ju nodded dumbly: “It’s more than enough.”

He Ju even felt that Si Hua was taking his parents too seriously, even beyond the level of concern of ordinary friends…

Si Hua then beamed with joy, hurrying He Ju along: “Then come on, let’s go up.”

He Ju could only carry a food box in one hand and various nutritional products in the other, while Si Hua held the fresh flowers and Barbie dolls.

Si Hua was even quite nervous, her expression much more serious: “He Ju, are your parents easy to get along with?”

He Ju didn’t see any problem, just nodded: “They’re easy to get along with, my parents are very reasonable people.”

Si Hua hummed in response, but was still nervous, clearly not reassured by He Ju’s words.

The two arrived at the hospital room, and He Ju pushed the door open directly: “Mom, Dad, Yuxin…”

He Ju’s mother, Tian Zhen, smiled: “Little Ju is here? Come in…”

Si Hua followed behind He Ju, poking her head out, her smile restrained: “Uncle, auntie, hello~”

Si Hua mustered the courage to look over, and without intending to, her eyes widened in shock: “Teacher He? Master’s wife?!”

He Yu was taken aback: “Little girl, who are you?”

He Ju was stunned too, could it be… such a coincidence?

But Si Hua had gone abroad after junior high, hadn’t she?

Then He Ju suddenly remembered, due to various reasons, his father indeed had been transferred to teach in junior high for two years, only returning to the high school later.

Could it really be such a coincidence?

Was Si Hua actually his father’s student?

As it turned out, it really was such a coincidence!!!

Si Hua was excited, quickly trotting over: “Teacher He, it’s me, Si Hua! From Class Three, Grade Nine.”

He Yu instantly remembered, overjoyed: “It’s you, Little Si Hua, where have you been all these years? How come you’re here with Little Ju?”

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