Chapter 36 – Is He Ju afraid of being a special forces soldier? Can he endure all of this?

He Ju was curious when he heard this, and even wanted to hear Si Hua’s love story: “Does Sister Si Hua also have someone she likes? Tell me about it.”

Si Hua sighed and looked away.

This kid, really as unyielding as Bai Yan said.

Si Hua didn’t have any love history. She was a pure love warrior, and the only person she had ever liked was He Ju. In her eyes, everyone else was just ordinary.

She used to be the strategist for her sisters and never left the battlefield.

But now things were different. If she couldn’t have He Ju, she wouldn’t give up!

Si Hua poured wine and said to He Ju, “Sit down and have a drink!”

He Ju really couldn’t handle alcohol very well and smiled awkwardly, “Sister Si Hua, I have to go to the hospital to see my parents tomorrow…”

Si Hua raised her eyes, and there was a hint of expectation in her watery eyes, “Take me with you?”

He Ju: “Huh?”

Si Hua racked her brains and came up with a reason, “Don’t you have a sister?”

He Ju: “Yes…”

He Ju didn’t understand. What did his sister have to do with Si Hua going to see his parents?

Si Hua looked at He Ju with eager eyes, “Doesn’t your sister need a big sister to play with her?”

He Ju was originally going to say it wasn’t necessary, but when he met Si Hua’s expectant eyes, he softened, “If Sister doesn’t mind the trouble, then come along.”

Si Hua’s smile suddenly brightened like the sun, leaving He Ju momentarily stunned.

He Ju: “Sister Si Hua, don’t you have to work tomorrow?”

Si Hua shook her head, “There are people in the company, so I don’t need to be there.”

If she needed to be there all the time, why did she hire so many employees?

She didn’t like working, but in the future, if He Ju went to work, maybe she would start to love working because of her love for He Ju.

Being with the person she liked, even if they didn’t do anything, Si Hua felt very happy.

He Ju looked at the time and saw that it was already past one in the morning. He got up to clear the remnants on the table, “Sister, we should probably call it a night, right?”

Si Hua also swayed to her feet, “Yes, or else I won’t be able to get up in the morning.”

As she spoke, Si Hua stumbled and fell to the ground, and He Ju happened to be standing there. He immediately dropped what he was holding, reached out, and pulled Si Hua into his arms.

The feeling of her slender waist in his arms was very obvious to He Ju.

A girl’s waist is really… so soft, and her body is so soft…

He Ju’s heart warmed for a moment. He wanted to let go of Si Hua, but she smelled of alcohol and seemed to have really drunk too much. She boldly held onto his neck.

He Ju was surprised and looked down at Si Hua. She was fair and beautiful, with a faint blush on her skin, as if she was a feast for the eyes.

He Ju didn’t know whether to hold on or let go, and he didn’t even have time to think about how Si Hua had suddenly slipped and fallen.


Si Hua didn’t want He Ju to figure it out. She leaned on He Ju’s shoulder, frowning slightly, “My head hurts. Can you help me to the bedroom?”

He Ju hesitated, feeling that it wasn’t quite appropriate, but seeing Si Hua really in pain, he bent down and lifted her around the waist, then strode towards the bedroom.

He thought his alcohol tolerance was already not good, but he didn’t expect Si Hua’s alcohol tolerance to be so poor.

He Ju put Si Hua on the bed and was about to get up, but Si Hua pulled him back. The distance between the two was so close that He Ju’s hands were forced to support Si Hua on both sides, and if He Ju lowered his head slightly, he could kiss Si Hua.

He Ju widened his eyes slightly, and Si Hua asked, “He Ju, will you still continue to like Su Ran?”

He Ju’s heart pounded, and even his ears turned slightly red. He subconsciously answered her, “No, I won’t.”

Si Hua was right in front of him, almost to the point of being seductive, “He Ju, have you remembered what Sister said today?”

What did she say? He Ju’s mind had turned into a mess, and the hand holding Si Hua’s slender waist was slightly hot.

He couldn’t remember what Si Hua had said.

Seeing that He Ju didn’t answer, Si Hua leaned in closer, and her breath sprayed on He Ju’s nose. Some of her dark hair had fallen down, half covering her chest, which was about to burst out, forcing He Ju’s eyes not to look down.

He Ju even felt that the woman in front of him could be described as naturally charming.

Si Hua’s voice was very soft, with a hint of seduction, “Can’t remember? Then how about tonight, right here, let Sister tell you again?”

He Ju suddenly came to his senses and cursed himself as a beast, then replied, “I remember…” As soon as he spoke, He Ju realized that his voice was unexpectedly hoarse.

Si Hua was satisfied, smiled softly, and then let go of He Ju, lying obediently on the bed, “Remembering is enough.”

He Ju inexplicably felt his cheeks heat up, not knowing if it was because of the few sips of wine he had just drunk, feeling a little lightheaded…

What does lightheaded mean? He Ju couldn’t even say.

He Ju poured a glass of hot water for Si Hua and placed it on the bedside, then turned and left. His speed was so fast that it made Si Hua feel a bit like he was fleeing.After He Ju left, Si Hua sat up from the bed again, her eyes clear and lucid, showing no trace of confusion.

Rubbing her head, Si Hua felt some regret: “Which step did I get wrong? Is He Ju special forces? How could he resist?”

Si Hua even began to doubt her own figure and looks. She quickly got up to look in the mirror. Seeing her reflection with its front protrusion and rear lift, and her extremely high looks, Si Hua couldn’t help but mutter to herself, “This isn’t bad at all…” Back overseas, this face had attracted countless noble young masters.

Si Hua sighed, “He Ju is truly extraordinary…”

Si Hua felt defeated, as if the methods her bestie suggested were utterly useless…

He Ju was simply too much of a gentleman.

Unable to help herself, Si Hua picked up her phone and slowly typed into a search engine: How to hook up with someone you like?

In a second, Si Hua saw eight very clear steps listed.

One: Get their phone number first. Si Hua had this, so she quickly moved to the next step.

Two: Take the initiative to chat. It seems she did this every day…

Three: Create more opportunities to meet. This also seemed to happen every day…

Four: Know your enemy and know yourself, win over his friends, understand his interests, cater to his preferences. This, Si Hua felt, was not enough. She needed to work harder, to find out what kind of girl would attract He Ju, and also… she had to win over He Ju’s parents first, right?

If He Ju’s parents were willing to help, that would be great.

Five: Improve yourself.

Six: Do things together that you both enjoy. Si Hua wondered if He Ju could feel her love? But if she was too aggressive, what if she scared He Ju away? She had to progress gradually…

Seven: Let him know you like him. Si Hua fell silent for two seconds, this had to be done slowly. He Ju wouldn’t believe she liked him in a short time.

Eight: Wait for him to fall in love with you, let the feelings ferment slowly.

Si Hua immediately threw her phone away and wailed on the bed, “Not a single one is practical.”

Meanwhile, just as He Ju had calmed down and was preparing to sleep, he received a call from Motor, who was crying so sadly that it gave He Ju quite a shock.

In the middle of the night, a grown man crying like this was really something.

He Ju tentatively asked, “What’s wrong? Got dumped?”

Motor exploded, “You’re the one who got dumped, can your mouth be less venomous?”

He Ju: “…” Brother, you’re crying so sadly, it’s hard for me not to suspect you’ve been dumped, okay?

Motor sobbed, “I asked my girlfriend if she loves me, do you know what she said?”

He Ju: “What did she say?”

Motor burst into tears again, “She told me to be good, not to say things that undermine unity, and that she would inform me if there were any changes… Ah wuu wuu wuu…”

He Ju was silent for two seconds, nearly bursting into laughter.

Finally, holding back, He Ju gave a fair assessment, “Sister-in-law is really… quite a character…”

Motor was silent for two seconds, then cried even louder, “To hell with your ‘quite a character’… wuu wuu wuu wuu…”

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