Chapter 18 – Su Ran, you are not worthy of He Ju

Bai Yan also pretended to be very surprised: “Isn’t this Su Ran? Where are you going so early in the morning?”

Su Ran frowned slightly, feeling very upset about the delay.

But these were all He Ju’s good friends, so she had to endure it and not let He Ju have a bad impression of her.

Su Ran: “I’m rushing to the airport.”

The bald guy saw that the passengers and the guys who rear-ended were all familiar, and couldn’t help but relax a little: “I was worried about delaying the passengers’ time, but since you all know each other, it’s fine. Let’s wait for the traffic police.”

Bai Yan repeatedly agreed: “Sure, sure.”

But Su Ran couldn’t wait. She was already in a hurry. With so many people on summer vacation recently, she had encountered people trying to refund their tickets last night, and she was lucky to grab a ticket.

If she missed this one, she might not get another ticket for several days.

Su Ran turned and walked towards the taxi’s trunk: “Then I’ll take another taxi.”

Bai Yan quickly stepped forward to stop Su Ran: “That won’t do. We have to maintain the current situation and wait for the traffic police.”

Su Ran widened her eyes slightly: “Bai Yan? This is not serious. Can’t you just take the photo and move the car?”

Fatty immediately ran over: “Not serious? You’ve wrecked the big brother’s car, that’s serious…”

Motor nodded frantically: “Yes, yes, yes!!!”

The bald guy hesitated a bit. After all, the little girl was in a hurry to catch a flight. If she was delayed, it wouldn’t be good. So the bald guy said, “Brother, how about this, let’s take a photo and move the car. Don’t delay the girl’s time.”

Su Ran also nodded, her eyes red, looking pitiful: “Bai Yan, just move the car and let me get my luggage. I really have an urgent matter.”

Bai Yan’s face turned slightly cold: “No, if we don’t maintain the evidence, I won’t take responsibility.”

When it comes to violating his own interests, people are always particularly sensitive.

The bald guy immediately changed his tone when he heard this: “That won’t do, young man, it’s all your fault. You have to take responsibility for the car.”

Su Ran was anxious: “Big brother, this is a red light intersection, there’s surveillance. You don’t have to worry about them not taking responsibility.”

But Bai Yan just acted like a rascal: “Big brother, if you want to leave, then leave. If you leave, I’ll leave too.”

So the big brother looked at Su Ran with some difficulty: “Little girl, how about you wait a bit? The traffic police will be here soon.”

Fatty: “Yeah, Su Ran, just wait a bit. I just called the traffic police, and they should be on their way now.”

Su Ran was almost in tears: “If you won’t let me, I’ll get it myself!”

Su Ran said as she tried to go around to the back seat and forcibly pull out the luggage. Bai Yan saw this and quickly asked, “Are you going to find He Ju?”

Su Ran’s back stiffened slightly, and she didn’t say anything for a moment.

Bai Yan took it as her acquiescence and snorted coldly: “You looked down on his 50,000 yuan ring. Why are you going to find him now? Su Ran, Goddess Su, don’t you feel embarrassed?”

Su Ran suddenly turned around, tears streaming down her face: “You’re talking nonsense, I’m not!”

Bai Yan took out his phone and found a video, obviously the video of He Ju’s confession that day: “You don’t know, when He Ju confessed that day, he prepared a video to record the day he confessed to you. This video has been on He Ju’s computer all along, but because you rejected him, he never watched it again. But after he left, what did you do? You should know in your heart, right?”

Su Ran was still crying, tears streaming down her face: “What did I do, you tell me?”

Su Ran confirmed that she didn’t say anything inappropriate that day. She simply rejected He Ju, and he just threw away the ring.

Did she not have the right to reject someone?

What right did Bai Yan have to point fingers at her like this?

Fatty was starting to feel uncomfortable, and Bai Yan was a bit aggressive. Su Ran was crying and looked pitiful. Fatty was a little hesitant: “Bai Yan, how about we just forget it? It doesn’t seem right for a few grown men to bully a young girl.”

Motor grabbed Fatty’s ear: “Is this bullying? We’re just seeking the truth! Shut up!”

Fatty could only shut up in frustration.

Bai Yan didn’t care about this little incident, he just smiled and said, “You didn’t do anything wrong, but your disdain and contempt are so obvious, Su Ran. People can’t just act innocent because they’re not weak. He Ju has given his all to you for ten years, and you’ve almost accepted all of his kindness. Su Ran, we can’t just do things and then deny them. You’re an educated person, don’t you know what your behavior represents?”

This blunt statement made people quickly understand.

The bald guy on the side also understood.

It turns out this little girl was deliberately leading someone on, which was really unethical. He would have to educate his daughter well when he got home. You can’t behave like this.

Su Ran was starting to feel a little angry and embarrassed: “What does it have to do with you how I am with He Ju? He Ju didn’t say anything about me. What right do you have to stand on a moral high ground and criticize me? Besides, you’re not my conscience, how do you know what my emotions represent?”

Bai Yan looked at Su Ran’s furious appearance, his eyes cold and terrifying. He put away his phone and said only one sentence, which broke through Su Ran’s defenses: “Su Ran, you’re not worthy of He Ju.”Su Ran was infuriated to the extreme, but there was nothing she could do about Bai Yan and his two companions. In the end, she ran away crying, abandoning even her luggage.

She was the favored daughter of heaven, pampered like a princess from birth, with everything provided for her in the best possible way. No one dared to show her disrespect, not even He Ju, who always took great care to protect her, fearing she might get hurt or bump into something.

How could Su Ran have ever suffered such an indignity? She simply couldn’t accept it in that moment.

Bai Yan, on the other hand, breathed a sigh of relief. Thank goodness, he had stopped her!

The bald brother sighed and patted Bai Yan on the shoulder, “Brother, your brother is really miserable!”

Bai Yan and his two brothers nodded in unison, “Yeah!”

The bald brother asked, “What about that lady’s luggage?”

Fatty stepped forward, volunteering, “We’ll send it back to her.”

The bald brother lamented, “Young people these days always think opportunities are endless, so they never cherish the person right in front of them.”

Bai Yan looked into the distance, his gaze filled with melancholy, “Yeah, that’s why…”

Suddenly, Bai Yan’s resolve strengthened, “That’s why someone as stubborn as He Ju is just perfect to be my sister’s husband!!!”

Fatty and Motor nodded, “Mmmhmm!!!”

After all, Si Hua was truly as enchanting as a fairy, and He Ju’s looks were among the top at University A. The two of them together were a feast for the eyes.

Moreover, Si Hua was generous. To win over He Ju, she had even managed to win them over!

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