Chapter 13 – A man can’t be without money

Su Ran’s expression changed instantly: “Is he wrong? Qiu Shaoze, you’re just a pawn to him. Don’t make a scene here with me, especially since the reason you didn’t fight back is to see how he would be humiliated by me.”

“Although He Ju is hateful, do you have some genuine feelings for me?”

After saying that, Su Ran turned and left, but not without giving Liu Jia a glance.

Qiu Shaoze was somewhat embarrassed and angry, wanting to say something, but Fang Yuxue coldly said, “Qiu Shao, consider the consequences before you act.”

After speaking, Fang Yuxue gave a cold smile and left.

Even if Qiu Shaoze was angry, he dared not do anything to Su Ran and Fang Yuxue. Su Ran’s family had great influence, and the Fang family was even more influential. These two were true young ladies of high society. If he made a move against them, the Qiu family in City A would really be in a difficult position.

So Qiu Shaoze directed his anger towards He Ju.

He looked in the direction He Ju had left, his eyes filled with danger. “He Ju, you were the one who provoked me first.”

At this time, He Ju was sitting on Bai Yan’s electric car, his eyes somewhat unfocused.

Bai Yan asked him, “He Ju, even after Su Ran treated you like that, do you still like her?”

“Bro, there are plenty of good girls in the world. Why are you so fixated on one person?”

He Ju sighed, “It’s not that…”

Bai Yan was shocked, “Then what is it? You don’t still want to go back and pursue her, do you?”

He Ju shook his head, “How could I?! After today, it’s over… How many more decades do I have to waste on her? You’re thinking too much, and it’s wrong. Once is enough.”

He Ju himself found it unbelievable that he had liked someone for a whole decade.

Before Fang Yuxue said those things, He Ju had thought that even if Su Ran didn’t like him, she was still the best girl in his heart. He cherished the ten years of youth he had spent with Su Ran.

But everything today made He Ju understand that his self-righteous ten years were just a joke to others.

A man can’t be without money, this was the first lesson Su Ran taught him.

Deeply ingrained.

Bai Yan suddenly laughed, “Yes, how many decades does one have in life? But it’s fortunate that you only wasted one decade. A man is young until he dies, He Ju, you will meet someone better in the future.”

He Ju patted Bai Yan’s head, “Good boy, well said.”

Bai Yan’s face suddenly darkened, “You watch out, I might assassinate you!”

He Ju laughed a couple of times and didn’t say anything more, looking at the scenery around him as it receded. Suddenly, he realized, “Bai Yan? Where are you taking me? This isn’t the way home.”

Bai Yan pretended to be mysterious, “You’ll see when we get there.”

So, Bai Yan took He Ju to the airport.

He Ju, carrying a black backpack, wearing a white T-shirt and black pants, looked at the first-class ticket to Yunnan in his hand in disbelief.

Bai Yan put his arm around He Ju’s shoulder and pointed not far away. He Ju followed Bai Yan’s direction and saw Li Dapeng and Zhang Da dragging suitcases and running towards them.

The more He Ju looked, the more he felt that the suitcase looked like his.

When they reached him, He Ju realized that it really was his.

The four of them gathered, and Fatty hugged He Ju, full of excitement. “He Ju, how’s that? Aren’t we good buddies?”

Zhang Da said, “We pooled together money for your plane ticket, and the hotel is booked for you. He Ju, go to Yunnan to relax. When you come back, forget about that woman, Su Ran.”

Bai Yan winked, “Yes, He Ju, go to Yunnan to relax. You might even meet your beloved girl!”

Inside, Bai Yan was screaming: Hurry up! My fair, beautiful, long-legged sister is waiting for you to come to her!

He Ju’s eyes suddenly turned red.

Bai Yan teased, “Oh? Are you touched? Come on, call me dad, and we won’t hold your love brain against you.”

He Ju’s slight touch of emotion was instantly dispelled by Bai Yan’s words, leaving him speechless.

Bai Yan and the others burst into laughter.

It was time to board the plane, and Bai Yan patted He Ju’s shoulder. “Go, come back and work hard. You don’t have to worry about Starshine Group for now, you have brothers here.”

Li Dapeng handed the suitcase to He Ju. “Inside are the things we packed for you at your house, brother. There’s nothing a man can’t overcome. When you come back, we’ll have a drink.”

Zhang Da also nodded along.

He Ju didn’t know how to respond to their words, so he just said to them with the suitcase and ticket in hand, “I’ll bring you back gifts when I return.”

After saying that, He Ju turned and left. He wouldn’t forget his brothers.

First-class cabins had their own boarding gates, and He Ju soon arrived at his seat. Looking at the scenery outside the window, he suddenly took out his phone and took a picture, then posted it on his social media: Some people linger in the wind, while others secretly let go in the wind.

When the plane soared into the clouds, He Ju turned off his phone, put on his headphones, and calmly completed this journey.

After getting off the plane, He Ju took a taxi to the hotel.

When he arrived, he realized it was a five-star hot spring hotel.

This night would probably cost one or two thousand? Where did they get the money?He Ju was immediately puzzled, but when he called Bai Yan and the other two, no one answered.

He Ju: “???”

With no choice but to embrace the uncertainty, He Ju entered the hotel, swiped his ID at the front desk, and was then led upstairs by a staff member.

Upon entering the room, He Ju realized it was truly luxurious. Pushing open the window revealed an endless expanse of the sea, an incredibly refreshing and uplifting sight.

He Ju’s phone chimed a few times. Glancing at it, the first message was from Su Ran, asking him: Brother He Ju, where did you go?

The second was from Bai Yan: Brother, that hotel belongs to my sister. She’s there on a business trip and staying at the hotel. Although my sister is tough, she’s still a girl. As a brother, please look after her for me.

Something about Bai Yan’s WeChat message didn’t sit right with He Ju.

Si Hua was also here, so why didn’t she tell him in advance?

And just how wealthy was Si Hua to own a hotel even in such a remote place?

The third message was from Liu Jia: He Ju, you left in a hurry and dropped your keys. Come find me to retrieve them when you have time. Oh, and have a pleasant trip.

He Ju replied to Liu Jia: Thank you.

Just as he finished replying, his phone rang—it was Si Hua.

Answering the call, He Ju heard that familiar voice he had missed: “I heard from Bai Yan that you’re in Yunnan too. I’ve just finished my work and will be at the hotel in about an hour. If you don’t mind, I’d like to invite you to dinner later and also extend little Yan’s hospitality.”

With the conversation having reached this point, He Ju had no reason to refuse and accepted the invitation.

But… He Ju scratched the back of his head in confusion. Could it really be such a coincidence?

Did Si Hua truly not know he was here?

It seemed he couldn’t just ask outright without seeming overly sentimental…

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