Chapter 12

Bai Yan was so angry that his eyes turned red: “Qiu Shaoze is provoking you! He’s provoking you!! I wish I could beat him to death!”

Qiu Shaoze got up, and people around him gradually gathered, all of them were Qiu Shaoze’s followers.

Qiu Shaoze’s eyes turned dark, and he looked at He Ju and Bai Yan with an ugly expression. “You two have the guts!”

He Ju was not afraid at all. He pulled Bai Yan behind him and also pulled Liu Jia over, staring straight at Qiu Shaoze with eyes like a hawk: “Taking advantage of women, aren’t you just a scoundrel? What are you pretending to be? It’s a favor to you if I just punch you!”

More and more people gathered around, and Bai Yan broke out in a cold sweat. Counting the numbers, there were seven people on the other side, two of them, and two frail women.

No matter how you looked at it, they couldn’t win!

Getting impulsive!

Bai Yan gritted his teeth: “He Ju, are you loyal enough, buddy? We’re going to be buried here together today…”

Liu Jia looked at He Ju’s back with a worried expression, her hand clenched tightly under her sleeve. She was ready to fight if they came at them.

Unexpectedly, when Qiu Shaoze’s men slowly approached, Su Ran stood up, her face looking very ugly. “He Ju, that’s enough!”

Qiu Shaoze stood still, looking somewhat smug as he looked at Su Ran and He Ju.

Su Ran ran to Qiu Shaoze, blocking He Ju and Bai Yan from her view, then spoke to He Ju with a surprised look in her eyes. “He Ju, get lost! It’s none of your business! “

He Ju felt his head buzzing. His fists were itching now. “What did you say?”

Qiu Shaoze sneered, “My girlfriend said, get lost! Don’t bother us! Got it?”

As soon as Qiu Shaoze finished speaking, the people around burst into laughter.

Although Qiu Shaoze was punched, a man understands another man. Humiliating He Ju in front of Su Ran was what really crushed his pride. In comparison, Bai Yan’s punch didn’t seem like much.

The laughter around was particularly grating, but He Ju only saw Su Ran.

The embarrassed and angry look on Su Ran’s face was clear to him.

Su Ran didn’t like him, and he was ready to give up on her. But unexpectedly, when they stood up for her, they received her harsh words in return.

At this moment, he felt a bit disgusted, seeing Su Ran’s unfamiliar face, and felt nauseous.

Bai Yan burst out laughing, “The dog bites Lu Dongbin, not knowing good people! Disgusting!!!”

Qiu Shaoze’s face changed. “Bai Yan? Say that again?”

Qiu Shaoze and his men approached He Ju again, Su Ran frowned, her face turning red, glaring at He Ju. “He Ju, get out of here, and don’t interfere in my affairs. I really dislike it.”

Qiu Shaoze laughed again, “Simp, did you hear that clearly?”

He Ju looked at Su Ran, feeling no emotional fluctuations in his heart. “Su Ran, you said it yourself!”

Su Ran’s eyes showed impatience that He Ju had never seen before. “So what? He Ju, do you really think that just because we grew up together, you have the right to meddle in my life?”

At this point, Fang Yuxue also walked over, speaking with full of sarcasm. “He Ju, liking someone depends on whether you’re worthy or not. Your cheap breakfast every morning, and the cheap scarves, bags, and lipstick you give, Ran Ran has never used any of them. She threw them all away…”

“Oh, and the cheap ring you used to confess, it was only worth a few thousand, right? He Ju, you have nothing. What qualifications do you have to pursue our Ran Ran? Please recognize your identity.”

He Ju laughed, a mocking laugh.

Ten years, who could he blame?

He could only blame himself for not seeing things clearly. He knew there were problems, but he still put a thick filter on Su Ran…

Su Ran hesitated to speak, not saying a word for a long time.

He Ju suddenly remembered those days when he scrimped and saved. Almost every time it was Su Ran’s birthday, he would save his pocket money to buy her pretty dresses, bags, and jewelry. During those times, he often had to eat instant noodles for a month.

He heard that things made by boys themselves would be more memorable, so he even learned to knit scarves.

Su Ran always happily accepted them.

He Ju suddenly remembered, but Su Ran had never worn the scarf, carried the bag he bought, or worn the dress he bought. He asked her, and Su Ran said, “Brother He Ju, your gifts are too precious for me. I can’t bear to use them.”

It turned out she didn’t bear to use them, she just threw them away.

He Ju’s heart ached, the pain of his deep affection for so many years going to waste.Bai Yan found it unbelievable, how could this woman be so detestable? “Su Ran, is this how you trample on my brother’s sincerity?”

Su Ran dared not lift her head to look at them, but Fang Yuxue was laughing: “In today’s society, how much is sincerity really worth? He Ju, Bai Yan, one must have self-awareness.”

Qiu Shaoze burst into laughter: “It must indeed be something cheap, otherwise why have I never seen Ran Ran use it? He Ju, with your poor and pathetic look, you still want to pursue our Goddess Ran Ran? You really overestimate yourself~”

More and more onlookers gathered around, pointing and whispering about He Ju.

“Isn’t this just a toad wanting to eat swan meat?”

“He Ju really is shamelessly persistent…”

“It looks like He Ju is in for trouble today.”

Seeing the security guards emerging from the guardhouse, Bai Yan could no longer tolerate it and grabbed He Ju’s hand: “He Ju, let’s go!”

He Ju looked at Su Ran, but she once again instinctively avoided his gaze, even hiding behind Qiu Shaoze.

Su Ran felt somewhat guilty; she and Qiu Shaoze were not boyfriend and girlfriend, but his family was well-matched with hers. Since He Ju could go to the movies with another girl, why shouldn’t she try to accept someone better than He Ju?

Besides, those things were indeed very cheap, so what if she lost them?

She hated being looked at by He Ju with such eyes in front of everyone, as if… she, Su Ran, was an unforgivable sinner.

She had simply made a choice.

Witnessing this scene, Liu Jia’s eyes reddened. She stepped forward and decisively grabbed He Ju’s wrist, leading him away: “Let’s go, this person is not worth your attachment.”

Seeing Liu Jia intervene, Su Ran, for some reason, stepped out from behind Qiu Shaoze and said, “Jia Jia, if you leave today, our friendship is over.”

Liu Jia didn’t care at all. After Su Ran revealed her true colors today, she had stopped caring.

But He Ju still broke free from Liu Jia’s hand, and with a slight shake of his head under her puzzled gaze, he said: “Jia Jia, I appreciate your kindness.”

After that, Bai Yan dragged He Ju away, speeding off on his electric scooter.

He Ju only looked back once at the two, Qiu Shaoze and Su Ran, thinking to himself, what a fine pair they made!

The crowd gradually dispersed.

Only then did Qiu Shaoze touch the corner of his lips, smiling as he gazed at Su Ran’s profile: “Ran Ran, you see, that kid Bai Yan hit me like this, and you’re still protecting He Ju, that might not be good, right?”

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