Chapter 41 – Blessing or a curse

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Seeing Ruan Nianxi's serious tone, Xie Shu finally simplified his last message: "Dinner together at eight tonight on Back Street, are you free?"


The place he mentioned was a street behind their school, hence dubbed "Back Street." Because it was close to the school, most of the shops there were snack bars and restaurants, with stalls lining from one end to the other.


It was the usual spot for gatherings and meals among their friends.


In the past, Xie Shu also liked to buy Su Qianyi's favorite snacks on Back Street…


Meanwhile, at the same time, on Ruan Nianxi's end.


After seeing the latest message from Xie Shu, she stared at the screen, re-reading it to confirm the invitation.


After confirming, she cautiously asked, "Will anyone else be there?"


If others were going, she wouldn't attend.


She didn't want to meet Su Qianyi.


Last night, Uncle Zhang had told her about the incident between Xie Shu and Su Qianyi at the networking event.


But nothing significant had happened…


She had thought Xie Shu's ignoring Su Qianyi was due to a quarrel that soured their relationship.


But that wasn't the case.


Nothing of the sort happened at the networking event.


If anything did happen, it was just Xie Shu confessing to Su Qianyi again.


He was as persistent as ever, but the outcome was the same as before, nothing noteworthy.


So, she attributed Xie Shu's recent kindness to her as mere politeness when seeing a friend.


As for why Xie Shu was ignoring Su Qianyi… she didn't know, but she figured it would probably change in a few days.


After all, Xie Shu liked Su Qianyi so much that he gave up on her in high school…


Xie Shu: "No, it's just the two of us."


A few words brought Ruan Nianxi's pessimistic mood back to normal.


Xie Shu: "If you're busy, never mind."


Ruan Nianxi: "I am! I'm a bit far from school right now, it might take a while to get there by bus."


Xie Shu: "No problem, I'm also on my way back, no rush, being a little late is fine."


Ruan Nianxi: "Great!"


And so, their evening plans were set.




After ending the chat, Ruan Nianxi stood up from her seat, grabbed her bag, and was about to leave when someone called out to her.


"Little Xi, aren't we going back together? I'm almost done here."


Ruan Nianxi halted, turned around, and her gaze fell on the lady sitting there, her expression unchanged: "Mom, I'm staying at the school dorm tonight."


During the week, Ruan Nianxi usually stayed at the school dormitory, and on weekends, she stayed at home.


After all, sometimes she needed to go to the company to learn how to handle business, and staying at home meant less travel.


According to past practice, she was supposed to go home tonight, especially since her mother had no engagements or other matters, and they had planned to have dinner together.


The lady looked puzzled at Ruan Nianxi: "You have to come to the company tomorrow. Isn't it troublesome and a waste of time to go back and forth from the school, considering the distance?"


"I can get up early tomorrow."


The lady watched Ruan Nianxi for a while and finally said nothing more, just nodded: "As you wish."


Seeing that her mother didn't probe further, Ruan Nianxi immediately turned and left.


Xie Shu had asked her out; she couldn't be late!


After Ruan Nianxi left, the lady slowly closed the file in her hand, her gaze lingering in the direction Ruan Nianxi had gone, deep in thought.


She knew her daughter well; from a young age, she had always refused to make friends.


In her heart, the only friend was Xie Shu.


Even as her parents, they regretted not being able to open her heart due to insufficient companionship.


Although she hadn't had much interaction with Xie Shu in recent years, they knew she still cared about him.


Otherwise, she wouldn't have insisted on attending the university she's in now.


To this point, the only person who truly mattered to her was Xie Shu.


If they(Ruan Nianxi's parents) hadn't insisted on Little Xi socializing, it would be hard to imagine her struggling even to communicate with others later on.


But even so, her socializing at school was merely to complete the "social tasks" they set for her.


In other words, she didn't care about her classmates at all.


So why was she insistent on staying at the school dorm tonight?


To hang out with her dorm friends?


The lady thought it unlikely.


If she had to guess for whom, then her thoughts could only turn to Xie Shu.


Although Little Xi had always said she hadn't seen Xie Shu at school for the past three years, they were still at the same university, and there was still a chance to run into each other.


Thinking of Xie Shu, the lady sighed deeply.


Sometimes fate played cruel tricks; they didn't know whether this was a blessing or a curse.


"Secretary Lin, follow Little Xi and see if she's going to meet Xie Shu tonight," the lady said to her female secretary beside her.


Secretary Lin nodded at the words and then followed Ruan Nianxi out.




On his way back to school, Xie Shu stopped outside to buy his roommate's desired food, dropped it off at the dormitory, and then hurried to the back gate.


He and Ruan Nianxi had agreed to meet there; the Back Street was just outside the gate.


When he arrived at the back gate, he found Ruan Nianxi already waiting. He quickened his pace to join her.


"Didn't wait too long, did you? I just went back to the dorm to deliver food to my roommate, got held up a few minutes."


Hearing Xie Shu's voice from behind, Ruan Nianxi turned around, and upon hearing his words, she frowned:


"I thought you got along well with your roommates. Why would they threaten you to bring them food?"


Xie Shu: "…"


She hasn't reacted yet. Is this a joke? 


Xie Shu cleared his throat: "I was just joking before, don't mind that. Let's go, to Back Street."


Ruan Nianxi looked at Xie Shu with a strange expression for several moments, finally believing him reluctantly.


Back Street was bustling with people, couples and groups walking together, and many couples hand in hand.


Xie Shu and Ruan Nianxi walked side by side among the crowd, not too intimate, but not too distant.


Knowing Ruan Nianxi was a quiet person, Xie Shu initiated conversations along the way, and she would respond.


A seemingly ordinary scene, but halfway through, several of Xie Shu's female classmates spotted them.

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