Chapter 40 – Listen to my revenge plan

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Unable to sleep, Xie Shu struck up a conversation with Ruan Nianxi on WeChat.


Though Ruan Nianxi always replied instantly, Xie Shu felt her responses were rather cold.


Sometimes just a few words, other times silence if he didn't speak, but a message from him guaranteed an immediate reply.


A reticent person in her past life, wasn't she quite talkative?


They chatted about their university days for a while until Ruan Nianxi suddenly disappeared.


After waiting for nearly ten minutes without a reply, she finally messaged Xie Shu back, indicating she was busy again.


Xie Shu glanced at the time; it wasn't even one o'clock.


Isn't it rest time now? She's busy and not resting?


Sigh, the life of a future female CEO is exhausting.


She's already learning to handle company affairs before graduation.


Thinking of the future, Xie Shu felt immense pressure.




The difference in family background between him and Ruan Nianxi was significant.


They had met as children due to certain incidents; otherwise, how could ordinary people like them ever befriend a wealthy heiress?


Although their parents had met and interacted occasionally, Xie Shu had rarely seen Ruan Nianxi's parents.


They were truly busy, too busy to be seen.


During childhood festivals like Spring Festival, Ruan Nianxi was often alone at home until he invited her to celebrate with his family.


If even Spring Festival was like this, other holidays were no different, spent alone by Ruan Nianxi.


He remembered a few times when her parents, having finished their work, would visit his family, bringing many gifts to thank them for looking after Ruan Nianxi. His parents would host them warmly, they'd exchange pleasantries briefly, and after lunch, they'd leave.


Xie Shu had thought Ruan Nianxi would be upset and needed comforting, but she wasn't sad at all, not even a change in expression.


Perhaps she was used to her parents' absence, no tears, no tantrums, just quietly watching them leave.


He had to admit Ruan Nianxi's parents were successful businesspeople, but as parents, they were lacking.




He had only met Uncle Ruan a handful of times over the years, and he was unclear about their opinion of him, wondering if they would oppose his relationship with Ruan Nianxi…


Forget it, he'll deal with that later; he hasn't even made the first move yet.




With Ruan Nianxi busy, Xie Shu decided to rest.


Before logging off WeChat, he glanced at Su Qianyi's profile picture, noticing the red notification badge had reached 99+.


Since his rebirth, he hadn't opened her chat, unaware of her messages, nor did he have the desire to look.


Though he didn't open the chat, he could see her last message: "Xie Shu, can we talk?"


What does she mean by that? Why does it feel like she's wronged and begging him?


Since it's just an illusion, there's no point dwelling on it.


So, Xie Shu turned off his phone and lay down to rest, not replying to Su Qianyi.




In the afternoon, Xie Shu went to the studio to continue his part-time job.


It was his first day, and the students were just starting training, so the pressure was low, making the afternoon fly by.


Although it wasn't late when he left the studio, the place was remote, and he had to take the subway back to Jiangling University, which took quite some time.


Calculating the time, he figured it would be dark by the time he arrived on campus.


Thinking of his role as the 'father' to his dorm mates, Xie Shu sent a message in their dorm group: "On my way back to campus, anyone need me to bring back food?"


Zhao Lin and Li Da were also working part-time and didn't need food.


Only Liu Ping replied: "Me!"


Xie Shu: "What do you want to eat?"


Liu Ping: "Two drumsticks, a burger, fries, a chicken wing, popcorn chicken, two egg tarts…"


Xie Shu: "Want Coke?"


Liu Ping: "No, I'm on a diet."


Xie Shu: "Aren't you going to starve?"


After messaging the 'rebellious child' on a diet, Xie Shu opened Ruan Nianxi's chat.


Their conversation had stopped at noon.


He hadn't checked his phone in the afternoon and hadn't messaged her.


So, she doesn't message if he doesn't, huh?


She should be done with work by now, right?


Xie Shu typed a message: "Why didn't you reply to me? That's rude, isn't it? Is it because I didn't message?"


Ruan Nianxi: "……"


See! She's online.


As Xie Shu pondered his next reply, another message from Ruan Nianxi came through.


Ruan Nianxi: "Just finished work…"


To prove her point, she sent a photo showing she was still at the office.


Alright, even the capitalist's daughter has to work overtime.


Moving on from that topic, Xie Shu sent another message: "Have you had dinner?"


Ruan Nianxi: "Not yet."


Xie Shu: "There's something I want to tell you."


Ruan Nianxi: "What is it?"


Xie Shu: "For three years in university, our class leader verbally attacked me, the teachers targeted me, my roommates were impatient with me, they stole my scholarship, and threatened me to bring them food. I sincerely treated them as roommates, but they treated me like a father. I endured countless times, but their actions only worsened. I can't stand it anymore, no need to bear it. Tonight at eight, let's find a restaurant on Jiangling University's back street and sit down for a meal. You can listen to my revenge plan!"


After sending the message, Xie Shu didn't get a reply for a long time. Just when he thought Ruan Nianxi was too busy, she finally responded.


Ruan Nianxi: "Do you need my help to get rid of them?"


Xie Shu: "……"


She really knows how to get to the point.


Does she not understand humor?


The moon sets, crows caw, frost fills the sky, silently lighting a cigarette.

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