Chapter 12 – In my heart there is no woman, draw the sword… pretend I didn’t say that

Xie Shu’s speech was still smooth at the beginning, but he started to avoid important matters in high school.

High school was a turning point in his relationship with Ruan Nianxi.

Because he fell in love with Su Qianyi.

After falling in love with someone, she was all he could see.

In addition, he and Ruan Nianxi were not in the same class at the time, so they naturally had less contact compared to Su Qianyi, who was in the same class as him.

In short, he had much less communication with Ruan Nianxi in high school. Most of his time, apart from studying, was spent on Su Qianyi…

“So, you still haven’t said why you didn’t know she was in the same school after studying together for three years. If you were in contact often, you would definitely know,” Zhao Lin asked.

Xie Shu hesitated for a moment before continuing, “After the college entrance examination, we were busy preparing for the final exam. We were not in the same class, so we didn’t have much contact. Also, I was away for half a year and didn’t see her, so I thought our relationship might have become distant, and I didn’t actively contact her…”

That’s what he really thought at the time.

Before he went for training, the matter between Ruan Nianxi and Su Qianyi caused a big stir at school, and he even spoke up for Su Qianyi.

After her parents came to handle the matter, he heard rumors that she had dropped out of school.

After hearing about this, he didn’t have a chance to confirm with her, and it happened that various art studios were recruiting students.

Su Qianyi was interested in studying art at the time, so he also signed up…

Many art studio teachers came at the time, and they would definitely compete for students. After he decided to study art, those teachers were more enthusiastic one by one. To prevent them from changing their minds, they even personally drove them to the studio and entertained them well.

After choosing the studio, the next step was a six-month training period. The studio was strict, and the teachers would collect their phones every week.

Although they would get their phones back on weekends, they were filled with unfinished sketches and colors, and they would sit and draw all day, so they didn’t have time to play with their phones.

Only those who had experienced it would understand how busy and tired they were during that six months.

During that time, he almost forgot about finding Ruan Nianxi.

When he remembered, several months had passed since the training.

After getting his phone back on weekends, he paid special attention to whether Ruan Nianxi had messaged him. When he saw no messages, he wondered if she had forgotten about him.

After all, he had spoken up for Su Qianyi, and he hadn’t shown any concern for her after hearing about her dropping out of school.

They had known each other since elementary school, and even if their feelings weren’t deep, they should have shown some concern, right?

But during that time, he didn’t show any concern for her…

Maybe she was angry with him, or maybe she didn’t want to be friends with him anymore.

But soon, his thoughts were drowned out by countless sketch assignments, and he once again threw himself into the tension of training.

When he returned to school, he saw Ruan Nianxi at school, but she didn’t acknowledge him.

She didn’t come up to talk to him like she used to, and instead, she left without saying a word.

At that time, he really thought she wouldn’t acknowledge him anymore.

After the college entrance examination, when all the studying was over, he had free time, and maybe he had confirmed that he had grown distant from Ruan Nianxi, so he didn’t contact her.

Of course, she didn’t contact him either.

In their past lives, they only met once in college, and they never met after entering society.

If Ruan Nianxi hadn’t found him at the last minute, he wouldn’t have known that she had always remembered him.

As they chatted and waited for Ruan Nianxi to update the game on the other end, Li Da suddenly changed the subject and brought up Su Qianyi again.

Xie Shu’s hand, which had been typing, paused, and he frowned, “I’ve said it several times already. I won’t like her again. Why don’t you believe me? I can live without her.”

“Haven’t you heard?

Without a woman in your heart, the sword will naturally be divine.

The first page of the sword manual, forget the lover in your heart.

The second page of the sword manual, sever the infatuated soul.

The third page of the sword manual, every cut extinguishes the love god.

The fourth page of the sword manual, raise your hand to extinguish the mortal world.

The fifth page of the sword manual, angrily slay the old lover.

The sixth page of the sword manual, do not become a lover.

The seventh page of the sword manual, close the door to your heart.”

“Didn’t you see that I got a few pentakills in the game just now? Isn’t that better than usual?” Xie Shu said confidently.

Seeing Xie Shu’s confident response, Li Da said, “We naturally believe you. I didn’t question what you said before, but what about that Ruan Nianxi girl?”

Xie Shu’s hand stopped again after typing a few words, but then quickly returned to normal. He leaned against the wall next to the bed, looking calm, and spoke in a steady voice, “Forget what I said just now.”


Li Da didn’t bring up Su Qianyi on purpose just now, mainly to see Xie Shu’s attitude.

When they went online to play the game, they naturally saw that Su Qianyi was online too.However, after several rounds of games, Xie Shu showed no intention of inviting her, and every time the game ended, they could see Su Qianyi online, and she was neither in a team nor in a game.

So, they were certain that Xie Shu had truly moved on from Su Qianyi.

Just at that moment…

He suddenly started to show attentiveness to another person.

Ah no, it wasn’t exactly attentiveness, it felt more like… he was very patient, as if he was displaying the same kind of patience he had once shown to Su Qianyi.

No matter what the other person did, he had enough patience to wait for them.

To say they were just ordinary friends, the game took a really long time to download and update, they could have started another round or even several, but Xie Shu chose to wait in the lobby.

He even opened a private chat window to talk to the other person, was he worried they might get bored?

Moreover, at that time, he specifically told them that the other person was a complete newbie, asking them to protect her later on.

It was hard for them not to overthink.

But considering that they were childhood friends, it might just be a simple case of strong affection, so Li Da hesitated before he started asking from Su Qianyi’s side.

Unexpectedly, Xie Shu admitted it directly.

Consequently, everyone looked at Xie Shu with an expression that said, “Just as we thought.”

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