Chapter 11 – The first meeting of the two people

Xie Shu and Ruan Nianxi met in the sixth grade of elementary school.

Ruan Nianxi was a transfer student who joined their class.

Transfer students were always a novelty, and he remembered that many people in the class were curious about her. They would talk to her and try to befriend her after class, especially since Ruan Nianxi was very good-looking, and many boys were attracted to her.

But Ruan Nianxi didn’t like to talk much, and she didn’t want to make friends. Her attitude towards everyone was clearly cold and distant.

Over time, no one was willing to approach her anymore.

At the time, he wasn’t particularly curious about her, so he never really talked to her. His impression of Ruan Nianxi was just that there was such a person in the class.

Until one afternoon after school, he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to pick up some homework on his way home, so he turned back to the school.

But when he returned to the classroom, he saw Ruan Nianxi being bullied.

At first, he didn’t know what was going on, but he pushed the door open and heard someone say, “Stay away from XXX,” followed by some insults.

Some of them were about to start a fight, but just as he walked in, they all looked at him and didn’t act.

After standing there for a while, he finally walked up to them and confronted them, then prepared to take Ruan Nianxi away.

At that age, they were going through puberty, and the girls were developing earlier than the boys. Several girls were taller than him, and a few of them blocked him, so he couldn’t do anything by himself.

But luckily, he mentioned his police officer father, and the girls were afraid, so they let them leave.

He safely took Ruan Nianxi out of the school, and she just coldly said thank you to him.

At that time, he was full of a sense of justice and insisted on taking her home.

Ruan Nianxi ignored him and, after leaving the school gate, got into a luxury car and left, to his surprise.

That was the first time he had contact with Ruan Nianxi.

Although he wasn’t sure why Ruan Nianxi was being bullied, he could guess from what the girls said.

Ruan Nianxi didn’t like to talk or make friends in the class, and she was cold to everyone. But with her outstanding appearance, some boys still had a crush on her. Even if she was ignored, they would persist in talking to her, and some would even use their pocket money to buy her snacks, even though she wouldn’t accept them.

In the classroom, they would tell Ruan Nianxi to stay away from a certain person, who was a boy in the class who was very attentive to her.

It was probably because a girl in the class liked that boy, but he had feelings for Ruan Nianxi, which made the girl unhappy.

Since Ruan Nianxi didn’t make friends and had no one to protect her, she naturally became the target of bullying.

The next day, and the day after that… he forgot how long he had persisted, even though Ruan Nianxi was still cold to him, he didn’t care. It was just something he did on his way.

Until one day, before getting into the car, Ruan Nianxi asked him if he wanted to come to her house.

At that time, he also liked to play, so he went.

It was his first time in a luxury house, the first time he saw such luxurious decoration, and the first time he saw the housekeeper of a wealthy family…

He saw a lot, but he didn’t see her parents.

After they finished their homework and played for a long time, it was almost dark, and the driver was about to take him home, but he still hadn’t seen her parents.

For the next few days, Ruan Nianxi would call him to her house every day. He went several times, but still hadn’t seen her parents.

He was curious and asked Ruan Nianxi, but she just said they were busy working.

As they spent more time together, Ruan Nianxi’s attitude towards him gradually improved. She would talk to him and share things with him.

Then one day, he clearly remembered that it was around two or three in the morning. He was sleeping soundly at home when his father woke him up and said someone was looking for him.

When he came out of his bedroom, he saw Ruan Nianxi sitting in the living room waiting for him.

At that time, Ruan Nianxi didn’t say anything when she saw him, she just hugged him unexpectedly, making his parents look at him strangely.

He was confused and asked Ruan Nianxi what was going on, why she came to find him in the middle of the night.

At that time, Ruan Nianxi just kept repeating that she didn’t want to leave. He couldn’t ask anything, and his parents couldn’t do anything either. It was late at night, and she was his classmate, so they let her stay at their house until morning.

That night, he slept on the couch.

The next morning, his parents were planning to take Ruan Nianxi home, but she refused to leave.

It was a weekend, so they weren’t in a hurry, but his parents had to work and couldn’t stay with her, so they left her with him.

After his parents left, he asked Ruan Nianxi about the situation, but she still didn’t say anything and just repeated that she didn’t want to leave.

He couldn’t do anything about Ruan Nianxi, so he stopped asking and turned on the TV to watch with her.

Not long after, his father, who was supposed to be at the police station, came back.

And he brought a couple with him.

Although he hadn’t seen them before, he immediately guessed that they were Ruan Nianxi’s parents.

Sure enough, when they saw Ruan Nianxi’s nervous expression, they immediately relaxed.

They didn’t blame Ruan Nianxi for leaving home in the middle of the night, but spoke gently to her and persuaded her to leave.

He listened for a while and understood that they were going on a business trip and had to transfer Ruan Nianxi to another school.

Why did they say “again”? Because Ruan Nianxi had been moving from school to school with her parents throughout elementary school.

Sometimes she would study in place A for a month, sometimes in place B for two months, it was always changing. This time, they were moving again.They told Ruan Nianxi about the matter when they got home last night, but to their surprise, when they woke up in the morning, they found their daughter missing. It was only after checking the surveillance footage that they realized she had run away from home in the middle of the night.

They couldn’t access the surveillance outside the villa, so they went to the police station to report her missing. Then, by chance, her father saw the photo they provided while he was at work and brought them over.

It was clear that Ruan Nianxi was unwilling to transfer schools, which is why she ran away in the middle of the night.

No matter how much they tried to persuade her, Ruan Nianxi refused to leave; she disagreed with the transfer.

Although he didn’t understand why a wealthy family like theirs didn’t hire a few people to take care of Ruan Nianxi and let her live in a fixed place, instead of dragging her all over the country, it wasn’t his place to interfere, so he didn’t interject.

After the couple spent a long time trying to persuade Ruan Nianxi to no avail, they turned their attention to him, hoping he could convince her.

They must have recognized him, as he had been to their house several times. Although he had never met them in person, their house had a butler who must have told them about his and Ruan Nianxi’s situation.

He cooperated with them to persuade Ruan Nianxi, but she wouldn’t agree to anything, and no one could change her mind.

In the end, they took Ruan Nianxi back home, but they must have agreed to let her stay because the following Monday when he went to school, Ruan Nianxi went too.

And so, until their junior and senior high school years, Ruan Nianxi never changed her residence; she always lived in the same city as him, attending the same school.

She followed him all those years.

Her personality never changed.

She still didn’t initiate friendships, was cold to everyone, except for him.

Her so-called friends were actually all made through him.

Because she was close to him, she was nice to his friends, but that was it. She wouldn’t get close to anyone, just not cold to his friends.

Regarding these matters, Xie Shu omitted some details, only telling them that “Ruan Nianxi transferred to his school and they got to know each other, then gradually became familiar with each other over time, visited each other’s homes, and their relationship improved over time, and shared some interesting incidents that happened during school.”

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