Vol.1 – Chapter 9 – I am the Golden Finger!

For other time travelers, they had the golden finger system. As long as they silently called out the system, they could access various data panels at a glance.

However, Wang Shouzhe was no longer afraid without the assistance of the golden finger system. With the experience of Sixth Uncle Wang Dinghai, he gradually discovered that he and the “natives” of this world had a huge difference in vision, thinking, and other aspects.

For example, in terms of cultural knowledge, he was just an ordinary graduate from a second-tier university before he time-traveled. He spent a few years in ordinary classes. On Earth, he was just an insignificant member of the vast sea of people.

Leaving aside kindergarten, he spent six years in elementary school, six years in junior and senior high school, and four years in university! He systematically studied various subjects, such as literature, music, language philosophy, astronomy, geography, history, politics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science.

Most of the knowledge may have already been deposited into the bottom layer of his brain’s memory, but it was precisely these vast amounts of knowledge that he couldn’t recall at once that formed Wang Shouzhe’s unique vision and logical thinking that were superior to the natives.

In addition, he had already consumed various online novels, short videos, and information to the extreme before he time-traveled. His phone turned black after one swipe, and then it turned bright again after another swipe.

Every day, some strange knowledge points would silently increase.

“Perhaps these are my golden fingers.” Wang Shouzhe muttered, his eyes shining. “As for the system panel, it’s not difficult to solve. At most, I’ll just establish a land panel that needs to be frequently updated and maintained.”

He could refer to some third-rate construction-type online game panels.

However, before establishing the panel, he had to personally delve into the structure of the entire family and its specific details. Although he had integrated the memories of his predecessor, his predecessor was only eighteen years old.

He spent a lot of time studying and practicing, and had only a shallow understanding of family affairs.

He only knew that the most important pillar industry of the family was the three farms, namely, “Fenggu Farm,” “Xingsheng Farm,” and “Xinmao Silkworm Farm.” The importance of these three farms to the family was far greater than that of the fishing team.

The harvest of each farm was extremely important to the family. Therefore, the three major farms were currently managed by three experienced nocturnal clan elders.

Today, Wang Shouzhe decided to visit the nearby Fenggu Farm first. It was guarded and managed by the nocturnal clan elder Wang Xiaozhi.

“Wang Gui, prepare the carriage.” Wang Shouzhe made up his mind and gave an order.

Wang Gui nodded and hurriedly left to prepare.

Wang Shouzhe walked slowly towards the main entrance while his mind did not stop thinking about some things related to the Fenggu Farm. Just as he reached the courtyard, he heard a lively female greeting, “Fourth Brother, hello.”

Wang Shouzhe looked sideways and saw two girls standing not far away. The older one was in her prime and was wearing a light blue martial arts suit. She looked pretty.

The younger one was only eleven or twelve years old, with sheep horn braids and a pretty dress. She was hiding behind the older girl because she was timid, but she couldn’t help but sneak a peek at Wang Shouzhe.

What was more unusual was that the two girls were each carrying a strange-shaped large box that looked a bit heavy. They were also each holding a sword, as if they were about to go out.

“It turns out to be the fourth and fifth sisters, Luo Tong and Luo Jing.” Wang Shouzhe recognized them at a glance and greeted them with a smile. “You look pretty in your outfits. Are you planning to go out?”The older one is called Wang Luotong, who is currently seventeen years old. The younger one is called Wang Luojing, who is only twelve years old. They are both seventh-generation descendants of Zhongxuan Ancestor, just like Wang Shouzhe.

The female members of the Xuanwu Clan are different from those in ancient China. Although they eventually have arranged marriages, they have some autonomy before they get married. They receive the same high-quality education and training as men, and can even participate in the management of clan property.

“Fourth Brother.” Wang Luotong bowed respectfully and her eyes flashed with surprise. “The farm is about to harvest, and Grandfather is too busy to come back. I’m taking Luojing to visit him.”

In Wang Luotong’s impression, Fourth Brother Wang Shouzhe has always been serious. When they meet, they just greet each other and leave in a hurry. They have never praised them like this before.

Wang Shouzhe remembered that Wang Luotong and Wang Luojing were both granddaughters of the fourth elder Wang Xiaozhi. Their father was the fourth elder of the Ding generation, Wang Dingbang, who passed away five years ago.

The order of the Wang Clan’s male generations is based on the characters 宇宸穹宵, 定守宗室, and 不分嫡系直系统一. Wang Shouzhe’s father, Wang Dingyue, is the fifth elder of the clan’s sixth generation of Ding characters, while Wang Shouzhe is the fourth elder of the seventh generation of Shou characters. However, both Wang Dingyue and Wang Shouzhe are of the direct line, while the others are of the collateral line.

The order of the Wang Clan’s female generations is based on the characters 珠珑玲珍, 琉珞璃璎. Like the current pillar of the family, Ancestor Wang Luoyan, who is the only living third-generation ancestor in the family.

Wang Luotong and Wang Luojing are the fourth and fifth elders of the seventh generation of female characters. Madam Gongsun Hui’s daughter, Wang Luomiao, is the seventh elder in the order. However, Wang Luomiao is also a legitimate daughter, so her status in the family is different.

The larger the age difference between the generations, the later the family’s development.

For example, the seventh generation of Shou and Luo characters, Wang Shouxin, the oldest male elder, is already forty-three years old, older than Wang Dingyue. The youngest member of the seventh generation, Wang Luolan, is currently only five years old.

In addition, there are also many eighth-generation Zong and Li characters, among whom Wang Zongwei is the oldest at twenty years old. But when he saw Wang Luojing and Wang Luolan, he still had to call them “Auntie.”

But let’s not talk about that for now.

After a little thought, Wang Shouzhe said, “Are you planning to walk there? I’m also going to Fenggu Farm to take a look. Why don’t you come with me in the same carriage?”

He knew that the family’s situation was getting more difficult, so it was impossible to provide a dedicated carriage or even a family servant for two little girls. However, this area was the Wang Clan’s territory and had been developed for a long time, so there shouldn’t be any danger.

Moreover, as female members of the Wang Clan, they were not weak and helpless women.

“Thank you, Fourth Brother.” Wang Luotong was a little overwhelmed and quickly thanked him. Wang Luojing also seemed happy and said, “Fourth Brother is really nice.”

“Don’t be too happy yet. I will test your academic and training achievements on the way,” Wang Shouzhe chuckled.

“Ah~” Wang Luotong and Wang Luojing were suddenly panicked, especially Wang Luojing. Her pretty little face drooped, feeling that it would be better to walk there.With four guards riding on yellow horses to protect them, Wang Shouzhe’s carriage slowly left the main house. Wang Luo Jing was still young and had a great deal of respect for Wang Shouzhe. She sat uneasily in the carriage, occasionally glancing at the snacks on the small table.

Because he was traveling with his two younger sisters, Wang Shouzhe had sent Wang Gui to fetch some candied fruits, which he had placed on the small table in the middle of the carriage.

“Luo Tong, it seems like your cultivation has been stable at the peak of the second level of Qi Refining for a while now. How long has it been? Are you preparing to break through?” Wang Shouzhe handed her a washed sweet melon and casually asked. Xuanwu practitioners all learned to observe Qi, especially when there was a large gap in cultivation levels, they could easily discern the approximate level of their opponent’s cultivation.

As a woman, Wang Luo Tong had achieved this level of cultivation at around seventeen years old, which showed that she had good aptitude and worked hard.

“Thank you, Fourth Brother.” Wang Luo Tong took the sweet melon and answered somewhat shyly, “It’s been over two months now. I’m doing some preparatory work. Grandfather said I could probably break through in just three months.”

Hearing this, Wang Shouzhe frowned, “You’re wasting too much time. Why don’t you use the ‘Little Elemental Pill’ to assist in your breakthrough? According to the family rules, you have the right to apply for one.”

“Well…” Wang Luo Tong lowered her head and said nervously, “Grandfather said that the family’s resources are too tight right now, and we’ll have to wait a while before we can get a Little Elemental Pill.”

“That’s not true.” Wang Luo Jing pouted, “Grandfather said that you, Fourth Brother, now at the peak of the third level, need the Little Elemental Pill more than Sister.”

“Luo Jing, don’t talk nonsense.” Wang Luo Tong said anxiously.

“Luo Jing, tell me.” Wang Shouzhe’s expression became serious, “Has Wang Shuo Nuo been bullying you? If that’s the case, Fourth Brother will teach him a lesson.”

He knew that Wang Shuo Nuo was their half-brother, and he was about twenty years old now.

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