Vol.1 – Chapter 10 – Fenggu Farm

“It’s not that, it’s just that Grandfather said that Sister will get married in less than two years.” Wang Luo Jing pouted and said, “It’s better to help Brother improve his cultivation.”

“Fourth Brother, it’s voluntary on my part to give it to Brother. Please don’t blame him.” Wang Ruo Tong explained nervously.

According to the clan rules, those who invade others’ resources within the clan will be heavily punished. However, if it is given voluntarily, it is not within the scope of punishment.


Wang Shouzhe sighed heavily in his heart. It seemed that the Fourth Elder had a preference for men over women, but this was basically a common phenomenon in the Wang Clan nowadays. It all boiled down to poverty.

Wang Shuonuo was not as good as Wang Shouzhe. He was the legitimate heir of the clan leader, and his talent was good enough to be trained as the first priority. The resources he could normally allocate were naturally far less.

But for Xuanwu cultivators, the younger they were, the better they could climb higher, otherwise, when they reached an old age and their bodies deteriorated, the difficulty of improving their cultivation would become greater and greater. The Fourth Elder probably had no choice but to persuade Wang Ruo Tong to help Wang Shuonuo.

“It’s okay, it’s all my fault.” Wang Shouzhe sighed, “I took up too many resources alone, inadvertently causing my brothers and sisters to have fewer shares.”

“Fourth Brother is the legitimate heir, with high talent and the pillar of the clan. He should be allocated more resources.” Wang Luo Tong’s eyes showed some admiration and hope, “Grandfather said that Fourth Brother’s talent is only slightly inferior to Ancestor Long Yan. There is a great hope for him to break through to the Spiritual Platform Realm in the future. As long as Fourth Brother becomes a Spiritual Platform Ancestor, our Wang Clan’s life will be better.”

“Yes, yes, I also heard that Fourth Brother has already passed the final assessment and been admitted to the Purple Mansion Academy.” Wang Luo Jing also stared excitedly, “If it weren’t for Uncle Wu’s accident this time, Fourth Brother would have to stand up as the clan leader. Are you going to the Purple Mansion Academy now, Fourth Brother? I heard that there are beautiful sisters everywhere in the Purple Mansion Academy. If Fourth Brother goes, he will definitely be able to bring one back.”

The Purple Mansion Academy!

For young people in the entire Changning area, it was a dreamland, a distant dream.

“Don’t talk nonsense, what’s in your mind, you little yellow-haired girl?” Wang Shouzhe smiled and glared at her, stuffing some candied fruit into her mouth, “I haven’t even passed the final assessment yet, I might be rejected.”

Amidst the laughter and joking, Wang Shouzhe felt a heavy pressure, the pressure of the entire clan’s hopes resting on him.

“Anyway, Fourth Brother is the strongest.” Wang Luo Jing obviously had a blind admiration for him.”The strength of a clan cannot rely on one person alone.” Wang Shouzhe smiled at Wang Luojing, “You are also a member of the clan and need to work hard. I see that you have a decent talent, already at the high-level of the Qi refining stage at such a young age. Work hard and maybe you will be accepted by the Purple Mansion Academy, just like the outstanding Long Yan Ancestor.”

“Mhm, Jing’er will definitely work hard.” Wang Luojing’s eyes were filled with hope, “At least I can’t let Luochu sister surpass me again.”


“Is it Wang Luochu from Uncle San’s family?” Wang Shouzhe asked curiously, “Has she already reached the peak of the first level and is about to break through?”

“She has already broken through.” Wang Luojing pouted, feeling unhappy, “She came to show off to me a while ago.”

“Her talent is also very good.” Wang Shouzhe was a little surprised, “I remember she’s only eleven years old?” Her talent seemed to be not much worse than his.

It seems that the younger generation of Wang’s Clan is not inferior to Liu’s Clan or Zhao’s Clan, but their growth is limited due to resource issues. He frowned and pondered.

Take Liu Yongzhou from Liu’s Clan as an example. He was already at the fifth level of the high-level Qi refining stage when he was twenty-three or twenty-four years old, which was considered outstanding among the younger generation. If Wang Luotong was given sufficient cultivation resources, her future achievements might not be worse than Liu Yongzhou’s.

Unfortunately, she is a girl and the clan is too poor.

Later, Wang Shouzhe intentionally or unintentionally tested their cultural studies and found that they were only average in this area, especially in mathematics.

This made Wang Shouzhe angry and he scolded them directly, “It’s embarrassing that your pretty heads are empty. Although the Xuanwu Clan is known for martial arts, cultural and knowledge accumulation is also the foundation of a clan’s heritage.”

“Fourth Brother, we won’t dare again, won’t dare again.”

“After you go back this time, study hard. I will test you again in three months.”


Wang Luotong and Wang Luojing both hung their heads.

From Wang’s main mansion to Fenggu Farm, it was only a dozen miles away, and the road was a solid dirt road that could accommodate two carriages passing each other. The sides of the road were planted with wheat, and it was very smooth to travel.

It was early summer, and the vegetation on both sides was lush and full of vitality. Patches of green wheat swayed in the wind like waves. This season was the time when the wheat was ripening, and the weather was good, with plenty of sunshine, which was obviously a good sign.

As Wang Shouzhe talked to his two younger sisters, they arrived at Fenggu Farm in just over half an hour.Most of the farms are located in fertile land. This piece of land is close to the mainstream of the An River, with a small tributary about ten yards wide winding through the Fenggu Farm.

The ancestors cut off the tributary and opened several three-yard-wide river ditches horizontally, so that the water area looked like a large “Feng” character from high altitude. Therefore, the ancestors named it Fenggu Farm.

Following the Feng character-shaped water source, rows of well-arranged houses were built. Although the houses were simple, each of them had a small front and back yard where fruits and vegetables could be planted and chickens could be raised. There were also some simple stone steps leading to the river ditch in the backyard for washing and cooking.

In the large and small river ditches, groups of ducks and geese were playing and hunting, making noisy sounds.

In front of the houses were well-cultivated fields and fertile land, with large wheat fields swaying in the wind, which was exceptionally magnificent and beautiful.

What a beautiful pastoral scenery.

Wang Shouzhe, who had lived in the city for a long time, was instantly attracted by this comfortable and leisurely scene. Originally, when he crossed over, his understanding of the fantasy world was limited to fighting and killing.

But he never expected that there would be such a beautiful pastoral scenery.

Earlier, a family member had come to report, but even so, Wang Shouzhe and his two sisters had waited for Wang Xiaozhi to come out from the vast farmland by the river for two quarters of an hour.

He was already over seventy years old, with dark skin, but still energetic. After taking off his grass hat, he greeted Wang Shouzhe with a smile and said, “Why do you have time to come over today, Shouzhe?”

“Grandpa Four.” Wang Shouzhe politely bowed and saluted.

“Grandpa.” Wang Luotong and Wang Luojing, the two girls, obediently saluted Wang Xiaozhi.

“What are you two girls doing here? Don’t you study and practice at home?” Wang Xiaozhi frowned slightly and rebuked, “There are the most snakes, insects, rats, and ants in the fields. What’s so fun about it?”

The two girls were scolded until their faces turned pale, and they lowered their heads and dared not speak.

“Grandpa Four.” Wang Shouzhe helped to speak, “The Fourth and Fifth Sisters miss you. I took them here to visit you without permission. It’s not their fault.”

“Shouzhe, don’t spoil them too much. Otherwise, when they get married in the future, they will feel wronged at their husband’s house.” Wang Xiaozhi’s attitude towards Wang Shouzhe was much more kind, “You came at the right time today. A group of wild boars came to the wheat field to forage last night. The big one has been hunted and shot to death. The pot has been stewing since morning. Let’s go, Grandpa Four invites you to drink and eat meat.””I knew it, I got the impulse to come to the farm this morning and see what’s going on. Turns out it’s a stroke of good luck. I could smell the delicious food from Grandpa Si from far away,” Wang Shouzhe said with a grin. “Looks like I’m really lucky.”

“You are the backbone of our family, of course you are lucky,” Wang Xiaozhi laughed and led Wang Shouzhe into the main courtyard of the farm. Two girls followed closely behind.

The main courtyard of the farm was a mixed structure of brick, tile, and wood, with a simple and plain appearance. It was mainly for the residence of the remaining clan members, family generals, and servants. In the corners of the courtyard were some farm tools, and there were also some free-range chickens, giving it a rural style.

Wang Xiaozhi greeted Wang Shouzhe in the courtyard. There was a stone round table with five or six stone round stools placed around it. After a few farm women laid out some fruits and tea, they went to the kitchen to get busy.

During this time, the two girls were also sent to the kitchen to help by Wang Xiaozhi. According to his reasoning, girls should have more contact with the kitchen so that they won’t suffer in their future husbands’ homes.

Wang Shouzhe knew that this was a tradition in the Xuanwu world. Although Xuanwu families would have specialized chefs, cooking food by hand represented one’s intentions.

Just like Madam Gongsun Hui, she often personally cooked some delicacies for Wang Dingyue and Wang Shouzhe, representing a close relationship between them.

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