Vol.1 – Chapter 3 – Counter routine


"Enough." Gongsun Hui scolded in a delicate voice to stop them, then said, "Sixth Uncle, don't act impulsively. Let's solve this calmly."


Gongsun Hui was the legitimate daughter of the Shanyang Gongsun Clan and the wife of the former Wang Clan leader. She was also the mother of the new generation of Wang Clan leader. Her identity was enough to handle and mediate this matter.


Wang Dinghai exclaimed excitedly, "Sister-in-law , It's not that I'm impulsive, but Liu Yongzhou who went too far. Everyone in Ping'an Town knows that the An River from the Dingpu Ferry on the right bank to the Luanshi Shoal thirty miles away is the water territory of our Ping'an Wang Clan. But that kid from Liu Clan has repeatedly crossed the line for fishing. This time, he even crossed the line ten miles away in a grand manner. If I don't drive him away, will there be any room for our Wang Clan to stand in the An River?"


"Oh, oh, oh, Wang Old Six, don't be the pot calling the kettle black." Liu Yongzhou looked like he had been greatly wronged. "The wind is strong and the water is fast in the An River. My Liu Clan's water territory is upstream of the An River. It is inevitable that the boat cannot be stabilized sometimes. But as soon as you came, you used a fishing boat to hit us and suffered some losses under the conflict, but you still called yourself the elder. It's really unreasonable. Are you bullying my Liu Clan for not having a clan leader or elder?"


Wang Shouzhe had been silently observing and pondering. He had already determined that this dispute was initiated by Liu Clan, probably to test him, the new clan leader. Or maybe they had some thoughts about how capable he was.


If he, as the clan leader, was not capable enough and was timid and afraid of trouble, he would most likely join forces with Zhao Clan next, and a series of conspiracies and schemes would surge like a tide.




Wang Shouzhe coughed twice and walked up calmly.


"Nephew Shouzhe, are you here too?" Wang Dinghai's face lit up, then he became angry again. "Quickly uphold justice for your Sixth Uncle. This kid used tricks to attack us. Your Sixth Uncle doesn't accept it and wants to have a fair fight with him again."


"It turns out to be the young Wang Clan, no, it should be the clan leader who has arrived," Liu Yongzhou's eyes narrowed slightly, showing a little fear and jealousy towards Wang Shouzhe.


Undoubtedly, Wang Shouzhe's comprehensive strength was far superior to Liu Yongzhou's in all aspects. Moreover, Wang Shouzhe was only eighteen years old and had already cultivated to the high stage of the sixth layer of Qi Refining Realm. He had great potential for future growth.


Now, Liu Clan was also very wary of Wang Shouzhe. If they gave him a chance to break through to the Spiritual Platform Realm, the situation in Ping'an Town would change drastically.


Some onlookers began to whisper and discuss in low voices, seemingly interested in the young clan leader of the newly inherited Ping'an Wang Clan. Their words vaguely pointed out that Wang Dingyue, the former Wang Clan leader, had died too early. If he could hold on for another ten years and wait for Wang Shouzhe to grow up completely, the situation of Ping'an Wang Clan would be different.


"Sixth Uncle, winning or losing is common in warfare." Wang Shouzhe narrowed his eyes slightly and tentatively said in a low voice, "But, Sixth Uncle, are you really sure you can win him? If you lose again in front of everyone, it will damage the prestige of our Wang Clan."


"Well…" Wang Dinghai hesitated slightly and whispered, "I have had several conflicts with that kid surnamed Liu before, and we were evenly matched. I don't know why he was so cunning today. His Water Escape Technique seems to have improved a lot, and he slid in the water like an eel. Under the unexpected attack, Sixth Uncle suffered losses. But don't worry, your Sixth Uncle will fight to win this time."


Water Escape Technique has improved a lot?


Heh, this is interesting. Wang Shouzhe touched his nose and roughly understood the opponent's tactics. Create conflicts, provoke Wang Dinghai's dissatisfaction, and then let Liu Yongzhou, this rising star, defeat Wang Dinghai in front of everyone, damaging Wang Clan's prestige.If the emotions can be further intensified and both sides sign a bet, it would be perfect. Then, he would be able to take a big piece of meat from Wang's Clan.


Wang Shouzhe made a clear judgment on the scene and said immediately, "Sixth Uncle, leave this to me."


"This…" Wang Dinghai hesitated for a moment, but after seeing Wang Shouzhe's calm and composed appearance, he calmed down and stepped back two steps. "Shouzhe, you have to be careful. Liu's Clan is most skilled in playing tricks."


"Sixth Uncle, don't worry. I won't suffer." After comforting him with a sentence, Wang Shouzhe looked around the scene and said loudly in front of everyone, "Xuanwu Clan has always relied on martial arts to establish the family. The so-called ancestral territory, if the younger generation is unable to protect it, it is only natural to retreat to a corner. Liu Yongzhou, if your Liu's Clan wants to encroach on and swallow our Wang's Clan's fishing area, creating conflicts is just a minor matter. Why don't we be straightforward and have a life-and-death arena fight between the two of us, whoever wins will take the other's fishing ground?"




There was a cry of surprise around. A life-and-death arena fight? Does the young Clan Leader of Wang's Clan want to be so radical?


Wang Shouzhe was five years younger than Liu Yongzhou, but by initiating a life-and-death arena fight, Liu Yongzhou's face turned green and white. He dared not accept it and could only say, "Wang Clan Leader, you are joking. As the Clan Leader, how can you fight a life-and-death arena fight?"


Just from this point of view, although Liu Yongzhou is also outstanding among his peers, he is far inferior to Wang Shouzhe, who has always been trained as the young Clan Leader.


"Hehe~" Wang Shouzhe sneered and ridiculed, "Being cowardly is being cowardly. Why bother to say it so grandly? I, Wang Shouzhe, am here today. As long as you are from Liu's Clan, I will take on as many as you send."


"Well said, the new Clan Leader of Wang's Clan is so bold."


"Xuanwu Clan relies on martial arts, which is interesting. Let's see how Liu's Clan will respond. As far as I know, the oldest of Liu's Clan's Yong generation is in their thirties, and the youngest is still learning to speak. I really can't think of anyone who can fight against the new Clan Leader of Wang's Clan."


"Brother, how strong is this young man? Can he really defeat all the Yong generation of Liu's Clan?"


"Are you an outsider? That's our local Wang Shouzhe, the new Clan Leader of Ping'an Wang's Clan. He is only eighteen years old and has already reached the high level of Qi refining. It is said that he is extremely talented in swordsmanship and has already reached the level of perfection. Moreover, that Wang Shouzhe has passed the enrollment examination of the Purple Mansion Academy and will soon be enrolled. It's just a pity that Wang's Clan has encountered such a big event and had to give up their studies."


"The Purple Mansion Academy, the one that claims that anyone who enters the Purple Mansion will become a spiritual platform? Amazing, amazing! It's a pity!"


The surrounding discussions reached Wang Shouzhe's ears, and it reminded him that he had indeed passed the preliminary selection of the Purple Mansion Academy not long ago.


The Purple Mansion Academy in Longzuo Commandery recruits a new class every three years, but their requirements are extremely strict. There is usually only one to three places in Changning Guard that pass the preliminary selection and have the qualifications to participate in the reexamination. This year, Wang Shouzhe was among them.


But saying that he will soon be enrolled is exaggerated. In the entire jurisdiction of Changning Guard, it is rare to have a Purple Mansion student in ten or eight years. Wang Shouzhe recognized his own talents, but he also knew that the probability of passing the reexamination was less than thirty percent.


The wind and public opinion around him began to lean towards Wang's Clan.


The previous conflict and contradiction, if not handled properly, would damage Wang's Clan's reputation. But now, it has instead boosted Wang's Clan's prestige.


"Well done, nephew." Wang Dinghai was full of joy. "Look at that little brat from Liu's Clan, still daring to be arrogant?"


(Note: Some of the names and terms have been adjusted to fit English grammar conventions)In Gongsun Hui's beautiful eyes, there was a bright light shining as Wang Shouzhe's words turned a bad situation that would damage the clan's prestige into a disadvantageous situation for the Liu Clan.


Before this, her eldest son had always focused solely on his own cultivation and cared very little about other matters. She didn't expect him to display such ability as soon as he became the Clan Leader.




Suddenly, a cheer rang out, "Wang Clan Leader's words are truly impressive. Liu admires him greatly. Xuanwu Clan relies on martial arts to establish their family. If they can't defend their ancestral heritage, why not retreat to a corner? Well said!"


As he spoke, a middle-aged man dressed in brocade with an extraordinary bearing strode out with a group of fierce family members. He looked at Wang Shouzhe with a smile that wasn't quite a smile.


When Gongsun Hui and Wang Dinghai saw him, they both turned pale and said in unison, "It's Liu Shengye!"


Especially Gongsun Hui, she reminded Wang Shouzhe in a low voice, "Zhe'er, there must be something fishy about Liu Clan Leader's appearance. You must be careful in your response."


Liu Shengye.


Wang Shouzhe narrowed his eyes slightly. Liu was the current Clan Leader of the peaceful Liu Clan, and it was said that his personal strength was not the strongest in the Liu Clan. He was forty years old and had not yet broken through to the eighth level of Qi Refining Realm.


But in Wang Shouzhe's memory, this person was famous for his cunning and calculation, known as the smiling tiger. He had repeatedly taken advantage of Wang Dingyue, the former Clan Leader of the Wang Clan, and was very good at managing the clan's properties, which made the Liu Clan's strength grow stronger.


"So it's Clan Leader Liu who has arrived." Wang Shouzhe responded calmly and confidently, "Since Clan Leader Liu agrees with my words, do you also agree to my life-and-death arena challenge with Liu Yongzhou?" He set a trap for Liu Shengye without hesitation.


"What nonsense is this? Although Wang Clan Leader's words make sense, how can you, as the Clan Leader, bully the weak?" Liu Shengye followed the flow of the conversation, "Since it's a life-and-death arena challenge, the identities of the two combatants should be similar for it to be interesting."


His meaning was naturally to drag the battle back to Liu Yongzhou and Wang Dinghai.


"Clan Leader Liu's words are very reasonable." Wang Shouzhe nodded seriously, "Our Wang Clan and Liu Clan have had a lot of friction and grievances. Since we want a life-and-death arena challenge, why don't the two Clan Leaders personally fight? This can be considered as having similar identities."




Liu Shengye's face twitched. The Clan Leaders personally fighting in a life-and-death arena challenge? Is this kid Wang Shouzhe crazy? First, he bites Liu Yongzhou, and now he bites me, Liu Shengye! Who does he think he's biting?


The surrounding traveling merchants and other people at the ferry crossing were also shocked into silence by the sudden proposal of two Clan Leaders personally fighting in a life-and-death arena challenge. Was it really necessary to be so impulsive?

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