Vol.1 – Chapter 2 – Where did the system go?


After waiting for a while, there was no response.


Could it be? Wang Shouzhe's heart sank. Did he really cross over without any cheats? He tried again and again, but there was no sign of any cheats.


He became more and more anxious. How could he play in this fantasy world without any cheats, where there were so many experts and ferocious beasts?


"Well, I guess I'll have to take it one step at a time," Wang Shouzhe said with a serious expression. But he soon became relieved. Even without any cheats, he still had some advantages.


At least after integrating his memories, he found that although there were many powerful experts in this world, they were not as advanced as Earth people in terms of social development and thinking. Even though he was just an ordinary white-collar worker who graduated from college…


Just as Wang Shouzhe was about to summarize his advantages, suddenly, a servant named Wang Gui rushed in anxiously. "Master, something big has happened. Sixth Uncle has been beaten and he sent someone back for help."


Sixth Uncle?


Wang Shouzhe frowned. Memories flooded back. "It's my Sixth Uncle , Wang Dinghai ."


Wang Dinghai was Wang Shouzhe's clan uncle and ranked sixth among the male descendants. He had average talent and cultivation, but was good at water-related skills, so he was in charge of one of the clan's fishing fleets.


Now that Wang Dinghai had been beaten, there must have been some changes in the fishing fleet, which was a good opportunity for Wang Shouzhe to observe this world firsthand.


"Calm down. What's the use of being so flustered?" Wang Shouzhe calmed down and said after scolding Wang Gui. "Prepare the carriage. We'll go take a look."


"Yes, Master," Wang Gui replied in a hurry, and ran off to prepare for the trip.


According to his memories, Wang Shouzhe left the room and walked slowly towards the main gate, observing the various buildings and structures of the main house along the way, which were all verified by his memories.


He happened to see his stepmother Gongsun Hui leading several family generals with a serious expression, rushing towards the main gate.


Wang Shouzhe greeted her with a bow. "Greetings, Madam."


As a result of his mother's death, Gongsun Hui was the legitimate wife of his father, Wang Dingyue, and had a legitimate daughter named Wang Luomiao, who was already eight years old.


Although Gongsun Hui was Wang Shouzhe's stepmother, she treated him as her own son and took care of him in every way. This was different from the usual plot of a Xuanhuan novel.


As soon as Gongsun Hui saw Wang Shouzhe, she walked up to him and took his hand, her face full of concern. "Why did you come out? Have you eaten? Are you feeling better?"


The other family generals also hurriedly bowed to Wang Shouzhe.


"Madam, I'm fine. I've already eaten the food you prepared for me. I'll talk to you about it later," Wang Shouzhe calmly freed himself from her grip and said seriously, "Madam, are you leading the family generals to support Sixth Uncle? I'll accompany you."


Gongsun Hui's face darkened, and she hesitated for a moment before saying, "Since you have inherited the position of clan leader, you will eventually face these situations. Since you are already fine, let's go together and take a look."


"Yes, Madam."


The two of them walked out of the main gate together. The plaque on the main gate was written with the words "Ping An Wang's Clan," which was quite imposing.


However, when combined with the mottled black pillars and the white lanterns with the word "memorial" written on them swaying in the wind, it gave a sense of desolation and decline, which reflected the decline of the Wang family.


"Master, Madam Gongsun, the carriage is ready," Wang Gui rushed over, "The sword and bow and arrows are already on the carriage."


After a brief discussion, Wang Shouzhe and Gongsun Hui rode in a carriage together, while the other four family guards rode on yellow horses to protect them, heading towards the An River and the Dingpu Ferry.


On the way, Gongsun Hui explained the causes and consequences one by one.


Wang Shouzhe, who possessed the memories of his past life and present, quickly understood the actual situation. The An River was a wide river spanning hundreds of feet, with abundant and unique aquatic resources. By fishing, fleets could generate long-term economic benefits.


However, wherever there were benefits, there were often conflicts and disputes. The three major clans in Ping'an Town naturally did not want to give up this fat piece of land. After various struggles and compromises, the three major clans in Ping'an Town each delineated their own territories and did not cross each other's boundaries.


From the Dingpu Ferry to the Luan Shi Shoals on the right, thirty miles away, was the water territory of the Wang Clan in Ping'an Town.


However, in recent years, the other two clans had produced talented individuals who continued to rise in status and ambition, and in the limited overall territory, they naturally extended their chopsticks into other people's pots.


The plan to erode others' territories had been played out repeatedly, and the clan's territories and industries had been shrinking year by year. The smaller the territory, the more scarce the resources, and the more difficult it was for the clan members to grow, thus falling into a vicious cycle.


To make matters worse, the Wang Clan's Ancestor of the Important Pillar, Long Yan, seemed to be getting weaker every year. In recent years, she had been in seclusion, and even when such a big event occurred in the family, she did not show up. The outside world would inevitably speculate whether she could still fight.


The situation was not optimistic, and Wang Shouzhe frowned.


It is said that the main mansion of the Wang Clan was built by the mountains and water, only ten miles away from the Dingpu Ferry. The road was hard and well-maintained, and the advance guard family members cleared the way, and the carriage arrived in less than half an hour.


When Ping'an Town was first built, this ferry was already one of the outposts of Changning Wei. After more than a hundred years of development in Ping'an Town, the Dingpu Ferry had become a transportation hub connecting the north and south.


The three major clans in Ping'an Town had basic facilities such as piers, ferries, and shops here.


The ferry had some simple defense facilities. The city wall was quite simple, only five or six meters high, and could only withstand small-scale attacks by fierce beasts.


After Wang Shouzhe and his group entered the ferry, they went straight to the deep-water pier. Under the long wooden structure of the pier, there were giant wooden pillars with double arms enclosing it, and two crosswise piers in the deep-water area, forming a berth.


There were boats of various sizes on the berths, including ferries, merchant ships, and fishing boats.


From afar, two groups of people and horses confronted each other at the end of the pier. Both sides held sticks, knives, and forks, and their emotions were very intense.


"Old Six of Wang's Clan, you have the guts. You dare to bring people to block me. Do you think the beating by me is not heavy enough?" A young man's mocking voice sounded.


"You are just a dog of the Liu family." Another man's voice shouted excitedly and angrily, "You ambushed us underwater, didn't you? If we are real men, we will use our own abilities to fight, and we will fight with real knives and guns underwater. You, the sixth young master of the Wang family, teach this dog how to be a man."


"Old Six of Wang's Clan, don't blame your young master for looking down on you. You are already old and useless, and you have no brains." The young man's voice sneered, "Ambushes underwater are one of the tactics of war. Do we have to declare in advance that we cannot use tactics before fighting? Ha ha, the more you live, the more you go back. It's better to leave Ping'an Town early and avoid wasting food."


The young man's group burst into laughter, following him in jeering, "Get out of Ping'an Town, get out of Ping'an Town."


The Dingpu Ferry was crowded with people, gathering many passing travelers and merchants. At this time, they had all gathered around to watch the excitement, and various discussions continued.Today's conflict will inevitably spread to other places through their footsteps and words, becoming a laughing stock and damaging the Wang's Clan's prestige as the injured party in this conflict.


"Liu family's little dog." The man's face turned red with anger. "You're too much, I'll fight you!"


"Wang family's old dog, come if you dare!"


The two sides were on the verge of a fight, like a taut string about to snap.


"Stop!" Gongsun Hui saw the urgent situation and quickly walked to the middle of the confrontation to stop them. "Wang Dinghai, Liu Yongzhou, calm down and talk it out."


Wang Shouzhe was afraid that the madam would suffer, so he waved his hand and four Wang's Clan guards rushed forward and protected Gongsun Hui. He followed closely behind, observing everything with a cold eye.


Observation and memory told him that the young man wearing tight-fitting water clothes and carrying a short blade on his waist, looking a bit careless, was Liu Yongzhou, a member of the Liu Clan's Yong generation.


It was rumored that this young man was good at water battles, especially the art of water escape. He once hunted and killed a first-order ferocious beast, the Red Scaled Eel, weighing over two hundred pounds, while diving with a short blade. He became famous at the age of twenty-three or twenty-four and was the rising star of the Liu Clan in Ping'an.


Another man was thin and dark-skinned, obviously someone who had been living on water for a long time. However, his head and arms were bruised and he was wrapped in some coarse cloth, looking a bit embarrassed.


He was Wang Shouzhe's clan uncle, Wang Dinghai, who was responsible for the clan's fishing operations in the power waters and was also very good at water battles and fishing. He was the main catcher of the Red-tailed Spirit Eel that Wang Shouzhe had eaten before.


"Oh, it turns out to be Wang's Clan's Madam Gongsun." Liu Yongzhou smiled and casually arched his hand. Then he sneered at Wang Dinghai, "Wang Old Six, you have a conflict with me, a younger generation, and even brought out your clan sister-in-law to support you. Yongzhou admires you, but feels inferior."


"You…" Wang Dinghai's dark face turned black and red.


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