Vol.1 – Chapter 24 – Child follows mother

However, Wang Shouzhe didn’t show any of his thoughts on the surface. He had worked in the workplace on Earth, and although he wasn’t very adept at dealing with people, he could handle himself.

“Uncle, you flatter me.” Wang Shouzhe replied respectfully, “Getting along with people depends on fate. Madam has treated me like her own, and I am grateful. Even if you were to scold or hit me, I would not have any complaints.”

His words were a veiled insult, implying that he respected Gongsun Hui because of Madam’s kindness to him. Otherwise, Gongsun himself would not be worthy of respect.

“Yes, yes. My little sister has been intelligent, kind-hearted, and virtuous since she was young.” Gongsun nodded repeatedly and praised Gongsun Hui.

Wang Shouzhe was speechless. No wonder the old clan leader Gongsun had not retired yet, despite his age. It seemed that the young clan leader still needed more “polishing”. No wonder he and his “late father” Wang Dingyue didn’t get along.

Gongsun Hui, on the other hand, was embarrassed and blushing as she listened. Her elder brother was good in many ways, but lacked emotional intelligence. Did that mean that she should exclude and discriminate against her non-biological son? What kind of person would she become then?

She quickly added, “Ze’er is my biological son, and it is my duty to take care of him. By the way, brother, how is father’s health?”

At the same time, Gongsun Hui couldn’t help but feel worried about the Gongsun Clan. She hadn’t noticed it before, but as Wang Shouzhe took over as clan leader, the difference between him and her elder brother seemed to be growing. She began to worry for the Gongsun Clan. Her elder brother had been a freeloader for 38 years.

“Father is doing well.” Gongsun realized he had misspoken and quickly corrected himself, “He just hasn’t had much of an appetite lately and has been thinking about you. That’s why he urged me to come and pick you up as soon as he heard you were coming home.”

“Madam, it’s windy outside. You should go back to the carriage and hurry on the road.” Wang Shouzhe bowed and said, “I’m sure your grandfather is waiting impatiently. I’ll ride with Uncle.”

The black steed that Wang Shouzhe had ridden earlier was being led by a servant and was now put to use.

“Okay, you two have a good chat.” Gongsun Hui gave Wang Shouzhe a meaningful look before leading Wang Luojing back to the carriage.

Wang Shouzhe understood what Gongsun Hui meant. The Wang Clan was weak, and they relied heavily on the power and influence of the Ancestor Long Yan. Strengthening the relationship with the Gongsun Clan would be very beneficial to the Wang Clan.

Therefore, Wang Shouzhe and Gongsun walked ahead of the group, chatting idly. His attitude towards Gongsun was based on Gongsun Hui’s face, and he wouldn’t go out of his way to please the Gongsun Clan without reason.

In any world, whether it’s through marriage or alliance, relationships are built on a foundation of shared interests and equal strength. The strong will not respect you more just because you flatter and grovel before them.Instead, it was Gongsun Qiang who looked at Wang Shouzhe and discovered that this “cheap nephew-in-law” was far superior to his peers in terms of speech and demeanor, and his cultivation was about to reach the high stage of Qi Refining at a young age, with unlimited potential for the future.

Such a young and talented person could not be found in the entire Gongsun Clan of Shanyang.

Especially Gongsun Qiang’s own son Gongsun Yan, who was one year younger than Wang Shouzhe, was not bad at all. But when compared, Gongsun Qiang felt a little suffocated and couldn’t help but feel closer to Wang Shouzhe: “Shouzhe, you rarely come to Shanyang. Stay a few more days this time, I’ll let your cousin Xiaoyan accompany you for hunting in the mountains.”

“Thank you for your kindness, Uncle.” Wang Shouzhe arched his hand and said, “But there are many internal affairs in the clan. As the clan leader, I have to leave after paying respects to my grandfather.”

Gongsun Qiang’s heart sank at his words and he felt even more suffocated. This cheap nephew-in-law became the clan leader at the age of eighteen. He was already thirty-eight years old and only a junior clan leader. Moreover, the old clan leader had no intention of stepping down.

On the way back, Gongsun Qiang was depressed and hardly spoke.

The main mansion of the Gongsun Clan of Shanyang was built against the Longji Mountain, with steep terrain that was easy to defend and difficult to attack. The main mansion was also surrounded by solid and towering walls and arrow towers, which looked very majestic.

This time, Wang Shouzhe came with Gongsun Hui as her legitimate son, not as the clan leader visiting the two families. Therefore, after a simple exchange of greetings, they were invited into the main hall.

In the main hall, the current clan leader of the Gongsun Clan, Gongsun Mo, and his wife Gongsun Chen sat in the main seats, dressed in formal attire, showing their respect for Gongsun Hui and Wang Shouzhe.

“Undutiful daughter greets father and mother.” Gongsun Hui went forward to greet them, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Hui’er.” Gongsun Chen went forward to help her daughter up and looked her up and down excitedly, “You haven’t been back to your parents’ home for three years. Are you doing well in the Wang family?”

“Mother, the Wang family treats their daughter very well. It’s just that…it’s just that Dingyue…” Gongsun Hui burst into tears again when she mentioned this, feeling very sad.

“Alas~ that stinky boy Dingyue, he shouldn’t have gone on a reckless adventure. Couldn’t he just stay with you and live a peaceful life?” Gongsun Chen’s old face was both regretful and sad, “He really made things difficult for our child.”

“Alright, if you don’t understand, don’t blame him.” Gongsun Mo said sternly, “As Xuanwu practitioners, we should strive to improve ourselves. As the clan leader, Dingyue must have had a reason for leaving. He just had bad luck.”

“I don’t understand? It’s all because of you, old man.” Gongsun Chen complained slightly excitedly, “You said that Dingyue had outstanding talent and would become a spiritual platform in the future. You even agreed to let our precious daughter marry him! You…”

At this point, she seemed to remember that Wang Shouzhe was still present and immediately stopped talking, showing a kind smile to Wang Shouzhe, “Shouzhe, your grandmother is just sad about Dingyue’s passing and is a little emotional. Oh, you child, you haven’t seen each other for three years and have grown so handsome and charming. Come and let your grandmother have a look.”Wang Shouzhe couldn’t help but smile to himself. Now he understood the old saying that a son follows his mother. It was likely that Gongsun Qiang, his uncle-in-law, had inherited the habit of speaking without a filter from Chen’s old lady.

He didn’t want to argue with an old lady, so he walked up and bowed, “Greetings, grandmother.”

“Not bad, not bad. This child is really handsome.” Gongsun Chen pulled Wang Shouzhe closer and looked at him with increasing joy. She couldn’t help but ask, “Shouzhe, have you found a fiancée? The girls from our Gongsun Clan in Shanyin are all beautiful. Do you want to…”

Gongsun Hui’s face turned black and she hurriedly stepped forward to stop her, “Mother, Shouzhe is my stepson. He cannot marry the legitimate daughter of the Gongsun Clan.”

The Xuanwu Clan could intermarry, but generally, it had to trace back to the fourth generation of different people. Exceptions could be made in special circumstances.

Gongsun Hui was Wang Shouzhe’s stepmother. Although there was no blood relationship, according to tradition and rules, she had to be counted. This was especially true in the current situation of intermarriage.

“If the legitimate daughter won’t do, how about some girls from the direct line…”

Before Gongsun Chen could finish her sentence, Gongsun Mo couldn’t help but roar, “You’re confused, old lady! Shouzhe is the legitimate son of the Wang Clan and the leader of our clan. How can he marry a direct line girl?”

“You’re the confused one, old fool. Since the Gongsun Clan can’t find a suitable girl, then he can marry a girl from the Chen Clan,” Gongsun Chen said. “The girls from our Chen Clan in Donggang are also known for their beauty and intelligence.”

“Mother, there is no suitable girl from the Chen Clan for Shouzhe,” Gongsun Hui explained helplessly. “Instead, Luoyi was already engaged to the young leader of the Chen Clan a few years ago. She was supposed to get married this year, but the leader just passed away, so she needs to observe a year of mourning before she can get married.”

“Oh, but what about my great-grandnephew, Chen Fangjie?” Gongsun Chen suddenly smiled. “I’ve seen that child before. He has a stable personality and considerable talent. The Wang Clan has good taste. It’s a pity for Shouzhe… Let me think about it…” She was quite high in the Chen Clan’s hierarchy.

“Mother, please don’t think about it,” Gongsun Hui quickly stopped her mother’s matchmaking. “Shouzhe’s marriage is already settled. He will marry the legitimate daughter of the Liu Clan in Shanyin.”

The Liu Clan in Shanyin?

Chen’s face suddenly changed.

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