Vol.1 – Chapter 23 – Gongsun’s Clan Junior Clan Leader

The Enlightenment Pill can improve one’s aptitude. It is said that a certain grandmaster of alchemy developed this pill specifically to improve human cultivation aptitude.

That grandmaster of alchemy spent his entire life developing the Enlightenment Pill, but the results were still disappointing. The Enlightenment Pill only had a slight effect on those with Xuanwu aptitude of the lowest quality.

Moreover, it could only slightly improve Xuanwu aptitude, and the improvement was not very obvious.

But even so, for the Wang Clan, a ninth-grade mediocre family like the Ping’an Wang Clan, the Enlightenment Pill was already a very advanced “divine-grade pill.”

Especially for someone like Wang Shouzhe, who had a Xuanwu aptitude of the lowest quality, he was a practical and outstanding young talent, carrying the hope of the family’s future. He was only half a step behind the old ancestor Long Yan from back then.

But Wang Shouzhe himself was very clear that his aptitude was only considered good within the range of the Changning Wei. In the entire Longzuo Commandery, it was not worth mentioning at all, and his overall conditions only just met the enrollment requirements of the Purple Mansion Academy. Whether they would accept him or not still depended on the subsequent tests.

Fortunately, even though Wang Shouzhe had a Xuanwu aptitude of the lowest quality, he was still among the best in the lower grade. He was only one step away from the middle grade aptitude. If he had the opportunity to take the Enlightenment Pill, he might be able to make a breakthrough and join the ranks of those with middle grade aptitude, which would make a huge difference.

The old ancestor Long Yan was a genuine middle-grade aptitude cultivator.

In the tens of thousands of people in the Changning Wei, the probability of a middle-grade aptitude cultivator appearing was very low. Once they appeared, even the Purple Mansion Academy would actively compete for them and focus on their training once they entered the academy.

However, the Enlightenment Pill was a third-grade spirit pill, and its production was extremely rare. Even if Grandmaster Zhou Xuan was still alive, he could not guarantee that he could obtain the Enlightenment Pill.

Seeing Wang Shouzhe’s unpredictable eyes, Wang Luo Jing, who was beside him, said obediently, “Fourth brother, I will work hard to try to get the Enlightenment Pill for you.”

“Luo Jing, don’t spoil your fourth brother too much.” Gongsun Hui smiled and touched her head. “If you can revive the Purple Crystal Spirit Bee, it’s great. If you can’t, it doesn’t matter. Cultivating a group of Purple Crystal Spirit Bees from the pupae of a few Purple Crystal Spirit Bees is not an easy task. If you fail, just accumulate experience and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.”

“Auntie Wu is right.” Wang Shouzhe also hurriedly said, “Luo Jing, this beehive was bought by me for you to play with. It doesn’t matter if it’s ruined. Accumulating experience as a spirit insect master is not something that can be achieved overnight.”

Wang Luo Jing was only twelve years old, and on Earth, she would still be a sixth-grade elementary school student. Wang Shouzhe didn’t want to put too much pressure on her.

“Auntie Five, Fourth Brother, I understand.” Wang Luo Jing obediently responded, then held the Purple Crystal Spirit Bee beehive and slowly pondered it. Her eyes were extremely focused and obsessed, as if she had just gotten her favorite toy.

Wang Shouzhe suddenly remembered that his fifth sister was not like an ordinary person. She was naturally obsessed with insects. Even her older brother Wang Shou Nuo had said that when Luo Jing was two or three years old, she would squat in the yard and watch ants for several days and nights.

Well, let her do whatever she wants.

Wang Shouzhe and Gongsun Hui also wisely closed their mouths and tried not to disturb her.

The carriage traveled smoothly along the official road without any bumps, especially after entering Shanyang Town, where the Gongsun Clan had been operating for over two hundred years and had deep roots. Because they had some special industries, they had higher requirements for the roads, so they spent a lot of money on them every year.The carriage moved on the flat and hard road surface. If you lifted the curtain of the carriage, you could see the distant mountain range with a high and arched spine.

That was the residual vein of the Liuping Mountains, which bypassed the outer side of Ping’an Town, pierced through the An River, and was the last section of the residual vein of the Liuping Mountains that rose high.

However, this section of the residual vein rose more steeply and dangerously than other terrains of the residual vein of the Liuping Mountains, like the spine of a giant dragon, so it was called the Longji Mountain.

To the northwest of the Longji Mountain was Shanyin, and to the southeast was Shanyang. Shanyang was dominated by the Gongsun Clan, while Shanyin was monopolized by the Liu Clan.

Wang Shouzhe and his companions deliberately entered the Shanyang area through the Changning Ferry on the north bank of the river. They avoided the water area of the Zhao Clan, another prominent family in Ping’an Town.

After half an hour in the Shanyang area, they heard the sound of horse hooves, and several riders rushed towards them along the road.

One of the riders was Wang An, one of the Wang Clan’s generals who had been sent as a messenger to inform the Gongsun Clan of their itinerary.

Wang Wu and Wang Yong, two generals of the Wang Clan, rode forward to keep the riders at a distance from the carriage, even though they might be their own people.

“Wang Yong, report to the clan leader immediately.” Wang An and the other riders stopped and dismounted. He shouted, “The young master of the Gongsun Clan is here to welcome the clan leader and Madam Gongsun.”

The voice was loud enough for Wang Shouzhe and his companions in the carriage to hear.

“It’s my brother.” Gongsun Hui, who had always been dignified and virtuous, suddenly showed a childish joy. But when she thought of Wang Shouzhe and Wang Luo Jing, the two younger generation members in the carriage, she quickly put on an elder’s demeanor and said seriously, “Zhe’er, Luo Jing, let’s get off the carriage and greet our uncle according to the etiquette.”

Wang Shouzhe was rarely able to see Madam Gongsun act like a little girl, and he couldn’t help but smile. He realized that Madam Gongsun, although usually serious and dignified, was only nineteen years old when she remarried to Wang Dingyue, and had only given birth to her younger sister Luo Miao eight years ago. Therefore, she was only thirty years old in actual age.

If she were in a big city like Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou on Earth, there would be many unmarried women over thirty, and they would usually call themselves girls.

But let’s not digress.

Gongsun Hui and her companions got off the carriage, and at this time, the young master of the Gongsun Clan, Gongsun Qiang, led two generals to greet them.

Gongsun Qiang, the eldest son of the Gongsun Clan, was pale and handsome in his armor, but Wang Shouzhe knew that this “uncle” was already thirty-eight years old, and his cultivation had reached the pinnacle of the eighth level of Qi refining.

“Younger sister.” Gongsun Qiang walked up quickly and smiled, “You finally came back to your mother’s family. Why didn’t you notify your elder brother in advance? He could have met you outside Shanyang.”

Gongsun Hui was the youngest of several siblings, so she was the most favored in the family. Gongsun Qiang also loved his little sister very much.

“Brother.” Gongsun Hui bowed respectfully and said, “It’s my duty to come back and visit my father and brother. How can I trouble my brother to come and meet me? Zhe’er, let’s greet our uncle according to the etiquette.”

She secretly signaled to Wang Shouzhe.

Wang Shouzhe understood and immediately saluted, “Shouzhe greets Uncle.”

Gongsun Qiang stared at him for a long time before he finally said, “Shouzhe has grown up a lot. He is truly a talented and handsome man, much better than your father.”Although he was Gongsun Hui’s older brother, he had a bad impression of Wang Shouzhe’s father and even harbored some hostility towards him.

The reason was, of course, his beloved younger sister went to marry an older man, which made him very unhappy.

Later on, he had a few conflicts with Wang Dingyue because of their incompatible personalities, so he never went to Wang’s Clan.

When Wang Dingyue died, he didn’t go to pay his respects as a brother-in-law but instead sent the clan leader and a few direct clan members to help.

Upon hearing this, Wang Shouzhe’s face turned black. Although he was a transmigrator, his memories had merged with his current self, and he was also Wang Shouzhe.

How could he let Gongsun Qiang speak so rudely without reacting?

“Brother, you must not speak recklessly,” Gongsun Hui’s face turned angry as she spoke in a loud voice, “Apologize! Otherwise, I will immediately return to Wang’s Clan.”

“Uh, okay, I was wrong.”

Gongsun Qiang hurriedly apologized with a forced smile, then turned to Wang Shouzhe and bowed, “Uncle, I also apologize to you. I hope you won’t take offense. My father and I just had incompatible personalities, but if you think about it, your father’s talent and achievements far surpassed mine.”

His words were not wrong. When Wang Dingyue was forty years old, he had already reached the peak of the ninth level of Qi Refining Realm and had the qualifications to glimpse the Spiritual Ocean Realm.

And Gongsun Qiang still had a long way to go to reach that level.

Although Gongsun Qiang was already thirty-eight years old, he was still just a young clan leader, and his emotions were all written on his face.

But he was straightforward and not a difficult person to deal with. This was Wang Shouzhe’s secret evaluation of Gongsun Qiang…

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