Vol.1 – Chapter 11 – The hope of the whole family

Wang Shouzhe came with a purpose today, but he remained calm and chatted with Wang Xiaozhi about strange events. When they talked about how they coincidentally caught a 150-pound Red Scaled Eel with Sixth Uncle Wang Dinghai last night, Wang Xiaozhi excitedly slapped his thigh, “That little brat Dinghai might not even be able to catch one in two years. He must have been lucky to be with you this time.”

Although the Red Scaled Eel was not as good as the Red-Tailed Spirit Catfish, it was still a highly nutritious food and ranked among the spiritual foods.

Spiritual food was a good thing for quickly replenishing the Qi and blood of Xuanwu practitioners. It was a necessity for every Xuanwu practitioner to survive. Even an old man like Wang Xiaozhi, whose cultivation had stagnated and even regressed in his seventies, needed to supplement his spiritual food from time to time.

Otherwise, his Qi and blood would be insufficient, and his body would deteriorate, accelerating the decline of his cultivation.

The younger generation needed spiritual food even more to supplement their Qi and blood, which could help them grow faster and better.

As the two talked and laughed, it was not half an hour before the cook and two younger sisters brought out some delicious farm food, fresh chicken, duck, fish, goose, and a large basin of braised pork.

“Shouzhe, you rarely come here. Fourth Grandfather has nothing else to entertain you with.” Wang Xiaozhi ran into the bedroom and quickly took out an antique wine pot, smiling, “Try my long-held good wine. You can drink as much as you want. If you can’t finish it, take it with you.”

While they were talking…

A dark-skinned, mud-covered young man walked in, his voice hearty, “Grandfather, you are biased. You never let me have a sip of your White Jade Spirit Wine. Today, as soon as Fourth Brother comes, you take out the whole pot.”

“You little brat, how can you compare with Shouzhe?” Wang Xiaozhi laughed and scolded when he saw the young man, “You are lucky to be able to come back at mealtime. Hurry up and wash up. You can have one cup.”

“Third Brother.” Wang Shouzhe smiled and arched his hand. He knew that this was Wang Shuonuo, the third generation of the Wang Clan with the surname “Shou.”

“Fourth Brother.” Wang Shuonuo hurriedly returned the courtesy and then smiled, “I’ll wash up first and come back to entertain Fourth Brother.” Then he quickly left.

When the table was set with bowls, chopsticks, and wine cups, Wang Shuonuo had already taken a quick shower and sat down at the bottom of Wang Shouzhe, sniffing the aroma of the dishes and staring at the pot of White Jade Spirit Rice Wine greedily, “Fourth Brother, you are lucky today. We brothers haven’t had a meal together for a long time. I will toast you a few more cups later.”

“Third Brother has worked hard for the clan. I should be the one to toast you a few more cups later.” Wang Shouzhe smiled.

“Tong’er, hurry up and pour wine for your Fourth Brother.” Wang Xiaozhi was in a good mood, his dark face glowing, and he casually ordered.

“Yes, Grandfather.” Wang Luotong picked up the wine pot and poured wine for Wang Shouzhe, Wang Xiaozhi, and then Wang Shuonuo.

The wine was pure white with a clear and pure wine fragrance, which made people feel refreshed even just by smelling it.

Just as Wang Luojing and Wang Luotong were about to go back to the small table in the kitchen to eat, Wang Shouzhe took the lead and said, “Fourth Grandfather, I am not an outsider. Let’s sit down and eat together with Fourth and Fifth Sisters.”Wang Xiaozhi was surprised but didn’t refute Wang Shouzhe’s face, and smiled, “Since your fourth brother has spoken, let’s have a meal together.”

“Thank you, Grandpa, thank you, Fourth Brother.” Wang Luotong and Wang Luojing obediently sat at the bottom of the table.

Afterwards, there was naturally a lot of toasting and clinking of glasses.

The two girls quietly ate, occasionally pouring some wine.

“Good wine.” After half a cup, Wang Shouzhe felt his lower abdomen begin to burn, his blood and energy surging, and his energy gradually increasing.

This white jade spirit rice wine was brewed with precious medicinal herbs and was much better for nourishing the qi and blood than simple spiritual food.

However, its price was also “heart-wrenching”. A pot of several kilograms of white jade spirit rice wine would cost several gold coins, and even Wang Shouzhe could only enjoy it occasionally.

Moreover, this kind of spirit wine could only be used as an auxiliary spiritual food and should only be drunk occasionally. Otherwise, if one became addicted, it would not be a good thing to be drunk all day long.

At this time, Wang Luojing, who was quietly eating, occasionally glanced at the wine pot with a slightly greedy expression on her lips.

“Luotong can drink half a cup, Luojing is too young, so just a little bit at the bottom of the cup.” Wang Shouzhe picked up the wine pot and poured some for his two sisters.

“Thank you, Fourth Brother.” The two girls thanked him happily, obviously also coveting the spirit wine for a long time.

At this moment, Wang Xiaozhi’s face twitched, as if he felt a little distressed, and muttered in a low voice, “Shouzhe, isn’t it a waste to let the two young girls drink this spirit wine?”

Wang Shouzhe’s eyelids also twitched. This Fourth Grandpa still had the idea of favoring men over women.

“Fourth Grandpa, our own children are all the same.” Wang Shouzhe smiled.

“Not the same, not the same. Girls will eventually get married.” Wang Xiaozhi continued to murmur in distress, “You are about to break through to the seventh level of Qi Refining, so you should drink more. Shounuo, you should drink less and leave more for Shouzhe.”

Wang Shounuo hurriedly put down his wine glass and smiled foolishly.

In the eyes of Wang Xiaozhi, an elder of the clan, Wang Shouzhe was the legitimate clan leader and the hope and future pillar of the clan, even higher than his own grandson Wang Shounuo, not to mention the two “money-losing” granddaughters.

Fortunately, his grandchildren were used to it, and they had a good time eating a meal. But under Wang Xiaozhi’s “guidance,” most of the spirit wine was left, along with most of the cleaned pork, to be sent to Wang Shouzhe’s courtyard for him to enjoy alone.

Wang Shouzhe was quite helpless towards Wang Xiaozhi’s blatant “favoritism” and could only let him be.

After the meal, Wang Shouzhe proposed, “Fourth Grandpa, the main reason I came to Fenggu Farm this time was to learn agriculture with you.””Agriculture?” Wang Xiaozhi frowned, “Shouzhe, as the Clan Leader, your most important task now is to focus on cultivating and advancing to the Lingtai Realm. Don’t let agriculture and other trivial matters distract you. Fourth Grandfather and your Third Brother will handle it.”

Wang Shouzhe’s purpose for coming here was to learn more about Fenggu Farm. If possible, he also wanted to use modern thinking to explore whether there were ways to develop industrial efficiency.

But after dealing with Wang Xiaozhi for the first time, he found that the old man was loyal to the clan but ultimately had a fixed mindset due to his age.

He was not like Sixth Uncle Zhao Dinghai, who would listen to anything. If he casually mentioned a few ideas, he was afraid it would anger him. So he changed the subject and said, “Fourth Grandfather, you misunderstood me. As the Clan Leader, I have to know a little about the clan’s industries. How about you let Third Brother accompany me around and appreciate the pastoral scenery?”

“Ah, forget it. Let Shounuo accompany you for a while. The wheat has reached the grain-filling stage in recent days, and there are many field chores. Fourth Grandfather won’t accompany you.” With that, Wang Xiaozhi took his farming tools and hurriedly went to the field.

Ha ha~

Although he was already the Clan Leader, the clan elders still treated him like a child, and they hoped that he could cultivate to the Lingtai Realm with his talent.

It was like they were treating him as a mascot?

In fact, if he could live a peaceful life, Wang Shouzhe would prefer to be a mascot or a rice worm. Unfortunately, the Wang Clan’s abilities were not enough, and the clan’s power had been declining in just a few decades. If this continued, the Ping’an Wang Clan would soon be wiped out and disappear into the long river of history.

While the Wang Clan still had some foundation, it was necessary to quickly make the Wang Clan rise, even if it only had the most basic self-protection ability.

“Fourth Brother, I’ll take you around. If you have any questions, just ask me.” Wang Shuonuo stood up and bowed to Wang Shouzhe. He was very polite to Wang Shouzhe, even a little awed.

First, Wang Shouzhe was the legitimate Clan Leader, and second, his personal strength was many times stronger than his.

“Thank you, Third Brother.” Wang Shouzhe returned the courtesy.

“We’ll go too.” Wang Luotong and Wang Luojing also followed along, with Wang Gui, a servant boy, carrying Wang Shouzhe’s sword and bow and arrows. Behind them were four fully armed family generals.

The siblings wandered around the farm. It was already early summer, and the weather was getting hot. The hot wind mixed with humidity blew on their faces, making the air feel sticky.

“Our Fenggu Farm was personally developed by Ancestor Zhou Xuan a hundred years ago,” Wang Shuonuo said proudly, “At that time, Ancestor organized the development of tributaries, dredged and filled the soil, consolidated the riverbank, and even built a water control gate upstream of the Fenggu tributary, forming the embryonic form of the Fenggu Farm. Later, the clan members continued to cultivate and maintain the wasteland, turning this semi-dry and semi-wet swamp into fertile land. After generations of careful management, we now have 3,567 mu of top-quality farmland and 200 tenant households!”

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