Vol.1 – Chapter – Chu Liang

“Hello, my name is Chu Liang.”

A young man in a brocade robe sat on a chair, he was thin, with his temples hanging down, a fair complexion, clear eyebrows and eyes, a somewhat baby face, and a likable smile on his face. He was introducing himself in a gentle voice.

“Hello, Master Chu, my name is One Twist Red.”

On the opposite side was a delicate woman with cloud-like hair and a peach blossom face. She was using her sleeve to cover her face while giggling, revealing a pair of bright eyes and eyebrows.

In the middle was a table of sumptuous dishes, with both color and fragrance. The place they were in was an elegant and brightly lit loft, with a screen painting of mountains and rivers and a light red curtain hanging.

“Miss’s name sounds…very elegant,” Chu Liang smiled.

“Is this the first time Master has been to a place like this?” One Twist Red looked at him and asked in a soft voice.

“Yes,” Chu Liang nodded. “My elders have always forbidden me from coming, saying I’m still too young…”

“How old are you, Master?” One Twist Red asked immediately.

“Seventeen,” Chu Liang answered.

“That’s not young anymore, you should have tried it out yourself earlier,” One Twist Red chuckled. “Once you’ve tried it, you’re no longer a child.”

“I…actually tried it often before, but it was all near my home, and they were all relatively small…” Chu Liang smiled embarrassedly. “I’ve never met someone as big as you before.”

“Hehe,” the woman’s eyes were affectionate. “Young people don’t know how good older sisters are…”

Chu Liang said seriously, “If I have any lack of experience later, Miss, please bear with me more, and I hope you…will cooperate more. Thank you in advance.”

“Don’t worry, why be so polite,” One Twist Red lifted her hand lightly, poured a cup of wine, and pushed it in front of Chu Liang. “Sister guarantees you’ll have a heavenly experience later.”

“Uh…” Chu Liang blinked. “I should be the one saying that. I promise to make Miss ascend to heaven.”

“Hmph,” One Twist Red’s eyes turned charming. “Little guy, you’re quite confident in your skills, aren’t you?”

“My skills…may not be fully cultivated yet, but I can try to make up for it with props,” Chu Liang said.

“Oh? You still need props?” One Twist Red raised her eyebrows. “I didn’t expect you to look so serious, you’re quite playful. What did you bring? Show me.”

“Sure, then let’s start early,” Chu Liang nodded, then turned his hand to his waist and took out an object, slamming it on the table with a clang.

It was actually a half golden brick, with a radiant aura that didn’t look like an ordinary object.

The woman’s face changed, “I really don’t know how to use this thing…if you want to play something weird, I won’t accompany you.”

“Um…” Chu Liang pondered for a moment, then suddenly pointed behind the woman, “What’s that?”

“What?” One Twist Red turned her head to look.

The gentle young man opposite suddenly erupted, grabbing the brick on the table and smashing it on the back of the woman’s head!


As the brick fell, there was a ripple of golden light, followed by black qi surging out of the spot where the woman was hit!

“Ah-!” One Twist Red held her head in pain, screaming, “You…you lied to me!”As she yelled, she took two steps back, and then black energy spread out from the back of her head like a fountain, full of demonic energy! Her whole body transformed into a giant spider that was ten feet long. The spider had a human face on its abdomen, which was exactly the same as One Twist Red’s face. However, the beauty of her peach blossom-like face was gone, replaced by a ferocious and angry expression.

This seemingly harmless young man actually attacked so viciously, and the spider demon’s anger was visibly strong.

With one hit, the true form was revealed!

At this point, Chu Liang had already put away the golden brick and faced the terrifying monster calmly, smiling, “I didn’t lie to you. I really am here to slay demons for the first time.”

“Hmph!” The giant spider roared, “Where did this brat come from? I’ll tear you to pieces!”

“I am a disciple of Shu Mountain. Someone reported that there was a demon causing trouble here, pretending to be a brothel and secretly harming people. I received orders from the mountain gate to come here and slay demons!” Chu Liang’s voice was resolute.

“A disciple of Shu Mountain?” The spider demon was immediately afraid. As one of the nine immortal gates of the world, Shu Mountain’s reputation was still able to make ordinary demons and monsters tremble, even if it had declined somewhat in recent years!

But then, it spat out a red light that turned into a large web in the air and flew towards Chu Liang. Meanwhile, its body turned around, and all eight spider legs pushed it towards the door, trying to escape.

Unfortunately, its plan to stop Chu Liang failed. Chu Liang’s figure flashed, dodging the spider web, and at the same time, he raised his left hand and pointed his sword, shouting, “Sword Control Technique! Go!”

Suddenly, a flying sword shot out from the light on his left wrist, turning into a sword light with a clang!

With just one sword strike, the huge body of the spider demon had nowhere to hide and was pierced through on the spot.

“Ah!” The giant spider screamed in pain, fell to the ground with two loud thumps, and smashed the ground, revealing a forest of white bones under the wooden planks.

It could be seen how many lives it had taken before.

A faint golden light that ordinary people couldn’t see floated out of the spider demon’s body and merged into Chu Liang’s body.

He was satisfied and put away the sword, which turned back into a bracelet and was worn on his wrist.

The dust settled.

He finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Chu Liang really was doing this task of slaying demons alone for the first time. Although he appeared calm on the surface, he was actually a little nervous inside.

Although this spider demon’s cultivation was not high, it was skilled in illusions and could transform into a human form that was difficult to distinguish. If it weren’t for accurate intelligence and the unique magic weapon in his hand, Chu Liang might not have been able to deal with it so easily.

After the battle, Chu Liang did not leave in a hurry but sat down where he was and closed his eyes in meditation.

When his divine sense sank, he came to a dark space. It was empty except for a tall white tower standing in front of him.

Nine floors and six corners, towering and majestic, the tower was covered with intricate and obscure inscriptions and paintings, ancient and solemn.

Chu Liang entered the white tower and saw iron cages with black railings standing inside, like a prison! There were countless cages, but they were all empty except for one.

Inside that iron cage was a golden phantom, which seemed to be a large spider…There was no door in the iron prison, only a wall with a red character “refining” imprinted on it. Chu Liang approached and lightly pressed on it.


A red light flashed, and the golden silhouette disappeared instantly.

A white light drifted out of the iron prison.

Yes, every time Chu Liang slayed a demon, a silhouette would appear in the tower. By refining the silhouette, he could obtain treasures… like a reward for demon slaying.

Chu Liang reached out and caught the white light, only to find that the light dissipated, leaving behind a bundle of red rope in his hand. He also received a sensation in his heart.

【Binding Demon Rope】:

When used against enemies with true qi, the Binding Demon Rope will automatically apply a tight turtle shell binding to the enemy. It can make the enemy lose their combat effectiveness, destroy their psychological defenses, and even develop their hidden personality. Its power is immense.

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