Vol.1 – Chapter 2 – Silver Sword Peak

Shu Mountain, Silver Sword Peak.


Chu Liang opened his eyes, his gaze bright.


Looking at the time outside, it was still early. The fiery red sun had just risen from the mountains, and the morning glow had dyed half of the sky red.


He had been in this world for more than half a year, and he had completely adapted to waking up early.


That's right, he wasn't originally from this world, but a recent graduate who had just finished the college entrance examination. The day before, he found out that he had achieved the third best score in the province, but the next day, he was hit by a drunk driver as soon as he went out.


When he woke up again, he found himself in this strange world.


The reason why it was said to be strange was because there were demons and monsters running amok, dragons and snakes rising on land, and the power of ghosts and gods reaching the sky. Thanks to the suppression of many immortal gates led by the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, the peace of the world could be maintained.


Human cultivators were also powerful. Martial artists could split mountains and rocks with their flesh, scholars' spirits could rival an army of thousands, Taoist masters could summon wind and rain, and Buddhist monks could slay dragons with one finger…


Chu Liang's previous life was an orphan whose whole family was killed by demons. Only he was saved by his master and brought back to the mountain because of his cultivation talent.


So his previous life particularly hated evil spirits and desperately wanted to cultivate divine powers to slay demons and eliminate evil. However, because he was too eager and his heart was unstable, he went berserk during a breakthrough and his soul dissipated.


He could only sigh and say that life was unpredictable.


After Chu Liang's soul descended into this world, his first feeling was actually panic. As a teenager who grew up in a peaceful era, this world where demons and monsters ran rampant made him quite uneasy.


Especially in the memories he carried, there were still the tragic scenes of his previous life's parents and relatives being killed by demons, which had a great impact on his soul.


But he quickly figured it out. Fear comes from insufficient firepower.


Weak people will inevitably live in fear all day long. The only way to completely get rid of this anxiety is to become stronger. And he had cultivation talent, and he had landed in Shu Mountain Sect, a top immortal gate. It was already a very good start.


What's even more wonderful was that after crossing over, he found that there was a slight change in his soul.


It was the appearance of that tower.


Whenever he meditated, a white giant tower would appear in his mind, and it would give him treasures as a reward after he slayed demons. This did not exist in his previous life's memories. It was like it came with him, perhaps it was the legendary golden finger?


At first, Chu Liang didn't dare to go find big demons. He just searched for some places like random graves and burial mounds around the villages near Shu Mountain, and killed some lantern monsters.


These lantern monsters were evil spirits that attached themselves to lanterns with the grudges of the dead, turning into ghostly fires that would float and collide with living people at night. After a collision, the lantern monster would immediately disappear, and the person who was hit would at most get sick for a while. Compared to cultivators, they were completely powerless.


Weak to the point of being lovable.The reward for refining a Lantern Monster was a Qi Gathering Pill that was helpful for cultivation. Although it wasn't particularly rare, having enough of them greatly increased his cultivation speed.


Once, he happened to encounter a bulky and defensively strong stone statue spirit that was attacking. After a long and brutal battle, Chu Liang successfully ground it to death.


The White Pagoda gave out its first treasure as a reward, the golden brick that made the Spider Demon appear.


The 【Demon Slayer】 was highly practical in Chu Liang's opinion.


Pills, treasures, divine abilities…these were all extremely precious things in the cultivation world. Even Shu Mountain disciples had to complete missions for the sect in order to exchange for resources and treasures.


But Chu Liang only needed to slay demons to obtain them, and as his strength in demon-slaying increased, the grade of the treasures he obtained would also increase, naturally enhancing his own combat power even more.


So Chu Liang was now in a logical closed loop of "killing demons because he was afraid of demons," and in a sense, he had achieved a part of his previous life's wish.



Slowly getting dressed, washing his face and hands, he finally got out of bed.


He pushed open the door and walked out of the small wooden house, looking up at the high sky and light clouds. It was the season of late spring in April, and the wind carried the scent of grass and trees. Following the path of birdsong and flower fragrance, he went around half of the mountain slope and arrived at a pavilion at the peak.


He was here to find his master.


The door of the pavilion was wide open, and as soon as he walked in, he saw a carefree and graceful figure lying in front of the altar.


It was a woman with long hair draped over half of her face. The exposed half of her face was delicate and shiny, with facial contours outlined in ink and a red glow. She wore a black robe that fit her body well, even lying down, revealing a very full chest like a full moon, undulating with her even breathing. A jade pendant with a red glow was embedded in it, attracting attention. Her waist was tied with a satin ribbon, and her hips gradually widened, with two long and slender thighs exposed, looking soft and white.


Beside her was a large gourd, and even as he walked in, he could hear her shallow snoring, completely lacking in grace.


Although she was sleeping soundly, as Chu Liang's footsteps sounded, the woman became alert and opened her eyes.


"Master." Chu Liang called out softly at the door.


Yes, this woman was Chu Liang's master, Di Nvfeng, the Peak Master of the Silver Sword Peak, one of the thirty-six peaks of Shu Mountain.


"Oh, it's already bright out." Di Nvfeng sat up, her clothes disheveled and her shoulders half exposed, looking like a crime scene.


Instead of straightening her clothes, she scratched her head first, and her eyes, still hazy from sleep, looked at Chu Liang. "What are you here for?"


She was still a little confused."Um…" Chu Liang looked up and said, "My master sent a paper crane message, telling me to come find you after I returned."


"Is that so?" The woman who was still drunk scratched her head and suddenly exclaimed, "I remember now!"


She then pulled her clothes a couple of times and stood up. While lying down she didn't look too exaggerated, but standing up, her tall figure and stunning curves were even more apparent.


"Yesterday, the Sect Leader summoned the Peak Masters to discuss the preparations for the Shu Mountain Summit, which is held once every ten years. You know about it, right? It's the one where disciples from various peaks participate in selecting the Chief Disciple."


"I know."


"As a result, I got into an argument with that old man Wang Xuanling again. I can't stand his arrogant attitude, boasting that the Chief Disciple position will definitely be his Jade Sword Peak's. I spat at him!" Di Nvfeng raised her voice, still angry enough for her chest to heave a couple of times. "Of course, I argued with him and made a bet."


"If a disciple from his Jade Sword Peak becomes the Chief Disciple, I will give him the Phoenix Spirit Blood Jade. If a disciple from my Silver Sword Peak can become the Chief Disciple, he will give up the position of Chief of all the peaks for me."


With that, Di Nvfeng glanced at Chu Liang. "I came to ask you, who do you think would be the best candidate from our Silver Sword Peak to participate in the Shu Mountain Summit?"


"… " Chu Liang was speechless for a moment before whispering, "Master, we only have one disciple in our Silver Sword Peak…"


"Good!" Di Nvfeng clapped her hands. "I'm pleased that you volunteered.

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