Vol.1 – Chapter 38 – Zhan Hong Ming



"It's all nonsense!"


Jiang Xiaobai frowned, her usually gentle eyes now showing a hint of anger. Even when she was attacked by a giant lizard earlier, she wasn't this angry.


"These disciples of the Pole Star Pavilion are like leeches. They even bribe Shu Mountain's spies to monitor my mission itinerary from the Sword Exchange Pavilion, and then make up stories."


"At that time, I went to Jiangnan for a mission. Drunken Moon Tower is so famous, of course, I had to experience it. Who knew I would meet Feng Chaoyang on the way. I had already booked the entire place, but he insisted on following me. Out of respect for our sect's face, I couldn't force him to leave, so I asked the restaurant to set up a separate table for him, as my treat."


"Someone was watching us eat, it was so uncomfortable! Ugh!"


Jiang Xiaobai was so angry that she was almost snorting.


Chu Liang smiled, knowing that her anger was partly due to the rumors and partly because her dining experience was ruined.


Thinking about it, even when she was on a mission, she still remembered to visit local famous restaurants. Jiang Xiaobai must have a love for food, but her eating habits were not very good…


It's hard to relax when someone is watching you.


After listening, Chu Liang slowly asked, "But… this is Jiang Yuebai's news, aren't you Jiang Xiaobai?"


"…" Jiang Xiaobai was silent for a moment, then immediately put on a serious face. "I don't know what you're talking about. If you have nothing else, please leave. I'm still busy."


Chu Liang didn't dare to joke with her anymore, as he was still waiting for her to teach him her skills. He said his goodbyes and left.


When he left, Hakutaku was reluctant to part with him and accompanied him all the way out of the Pagoda Peak.


After returning to Silver Sword Peak, Chu Liang went back to his own small house and replayed the battle he witnessed today in his mind.


He felt scared.


Jiang Yuebai, who was at the peak of the Fourth Realm, and a fifth realm monster. Although they only fought for a few rounds, any one of their attacks was enough to kill him.


He was still too weak.


Today's experience made him realize that even if he stayed on Shu Mountain and never left, he was not completely safe.


The chances of being attacked by monsters on Shu Mountain were low, but not zero.


Only by becoming truly strong can he have true security.


Look at his master, who is carefree and unparalleled on Shu Mountain, but she never has to worry about her own safety.


The only thing to worry about is the people who see her…


But becoming strong is not an overnight thing. With the presence of the White Tower, as long as he works hard and steadily, he believes he won't be weaker than anyone else.


However… there is a real pressure, which is the upcoming Shu Mountain Peak Competition.


As there were no senior brothers or sisters on Silver Sword Peak, Chu Liang lacked some understanding of the Golden Core Realm cultivators. When he saw Fang Ting earlier, he already thought he was very powerful. But when he encountered the black-robed person, he felt even more inferior.


Now that he has seen Jiang Yuebai…


Does he have to compete with people like her in the future?


No way, no way.The strongest competitors for the top disciples of this generation in Shu Mountain are probably Jiang Yuebai from Biluo Peak and Xu Ziyang from Yujian Peak.


Jiang Yuebai is more well-known outside of Shu Mountain and is considered a top figure in the martial arts world. She is not only a cultivation genius, but also stunningly beautiful, making it easier for her to attract attention.


However, within Shu Mountain, these two have always been equally famous.


Even if there is a difference in strength, it shouldn't be much.


"Master, you have a conflict with the peak master of Yujian Peak. Why not just fight it out yourself instead of sending your disciple…" When will this cycle of revenge end?



After pondering for a while, Chu Liang put his thoughts aside and focused on the happy task at hand.


He had just unexpectedly taken a head from Jiang Yuebai's subordinate and killed a giant lizard, so now he could reward himself again!


Recently, rewards had been coming more and more frequently, making him feel very happy.




Based on his previous experience with rewards, the attributes of the treasure he received were weakly related to the type of demon he killed, but the value of the treasure was strongly related to the demon's strength.


In other words, the stronger the demon he killed, the more powerful the treasure he would get!


And this level of demon beast was undoubtedly the first one he had ever killed.


He was really looking forward to what kind of reward he would get.


Chu Liang looked out the window and suddenly felt a little nervous. Should he raise a koi fish at Silver Sword Peak in the future? Maybe praying before the reward could have a miraculous effect.


After a moment of thought, he quickly arrived at the White Tower.


The golden shadow of the giant lizard in the iron cage was suspended in the air with the same imposing manner as when it was alive.


Chu Liang took a deep breath and pressed the "refine" button.




A red light flashed, and this time it lasted a little longer, about two breaths before disappearing.


When the light reappeared, it had already appeared in front of Chu Liang.


He reached out and caught it, only to see an ancient and heavy long sword in his hand.


A sword?


Chu Liang was overjoyed. Wasn't this the thing he wanted most?


Then he sensed something in his mind.


【Zhan Hong Ming Jian】:


This is a righteous sword that gains powerful strength amplification when facing evil and bloody enemies. When facing ordinary enemies, it is no different from an ordinary iron sword. When you feel unwell, changing to another person may improve your condition.




Chu Liang looked at the ancient long sword in his hand and fell into contemplation.


Slowly unsheathing the sword, he could see that the blade had many cracks, as if it had gone through countless battles. The blade didn't seem as sharp, only the heavy feeling of the thick and ancient sword.


Zhan Hong Ming…


Although it was a treasure sword, it only had amplification against evil and bloody enemies, meaning it only cut down big villains?


Chu Liang knew a little about the so-called bloody enemies, that all living things in the world had their own qi. Not only demon qi, yin qi, and human qi… but also everyday behavior would affect one's qi.


Those who killed many people would have a lot of resentment and blood qi entwined around them. Killing bad people wouldn't increase resentment, but instead accumulate righteousness. Although it sounded complicated, it was actually a simple rule: qi reflects the person.If a cultivator who masters "Observing Qi Technique" can judge a person's good or evil from their qi.


To reach the level of being covered in blood and qi is not something that can be achieved simply by killing a few people. It requires slaughtering many innocent creatures.


The conditions for this sword to burst out are not that easy to achieve. Among the enemies Chu Liang encountered before, only the Soul Restrainer might be able to meet the conditions.


In other words, most of the time, it is just an ordinary iron sword…


Chu Liang returned from the White Tower without joy or sorrow, with a calm expression. Although this righteous sword did not surprise him, he was not too disappointed either. After all, with the experience of the last time when the trash jade talisman saved his life, he would not rashly evaluate treasures based on his own judgment.




He looked out the window.


Actually, it's quite suitable for a fish tank.

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