Vol.1 – Chapter 37 – Fairy spirit body

Dust settles.


The blood and fire in the cave slowly dissipate.


Hakutaku's cub bounces over to Chu Liang and starts circling around him, looking very excited. It seems that the beating just now didn't hurt him much.


Jiang Xiaobai also floats down to Chu Liang's side and asks softly, "Are you okay?"


"I'm fine." Chu Liang shakes his head. "What about you, Senior Sister Jiang?"


"I'm fine too." Jiang Xiaobai's expression is still very calm, as if she didn't just go through a life-and-death ordeal.


In fact, Chu Liang now feels that this giant lizard was not enough to kill her.


A fifth realm peak demon beast sounds like it would have no problem killing a fourth realm cultivator. But this person is Jiang… um, Jiang Yuebai Senior Sister, who does not want to reveal her name.


She is a figure that can be called the strongest genius of this generation of Shu Mountain.


She is a true Tianjiao.


Tianjiao cannot be judged by common sense.


Whether it is the various immortal methods and top-notch divine abilities she has mastered, or the flying swords and magic weapons she uses, they are all weapons that can bridge many gaps.


In the battle just now, Jiang Xiaobai had already inflicted enough damage on the giant lizard. Chu Liang believes that the wounds left by the Heavenly Sword Art will cause the giant lizard to die after a while.


As for its last-ditch attack, it should not be effective. After all, Jiang Xiaobai did not use any magic weapons in the short battle just now. But if you say that the top genius disciples of Shu Mountain do not have one or two life-saving treasures, no one would believe it.


Maybe she just felt that it was not time to use it yet.


After all, not everyone is like Chu Liang, who throws his life-saving treasures around like they're worthless.


Jiang Xiaobai looked at the giant lizard's corpse again, then looked at Chu Liang, and finally asked, "What treasure did you use just now? It's very powerful, and… extremely cold and evil…"


"It's the Xuan Sha Yin Lei that I confiscated from a Ming Wang Zong soul summoner earlier." Chu Liang answered truthfully.


"I see. It's said that the Xuan Sha Yin Lei is difficult to refine and valuable. If you turn it in to the Sword Transmission Hall, you should be able to exchange it for a lot of sword coins." Jiang Xiaobai said.




Chu Liang suddenly felt a pang of heartache.


When he asked Di Nvfeng earlier, she spoke disdainfully of this thing as a "little toy", and he thought it was probably just ordinary.


Now that he thinks about it, maybe his master's "little" is already "big" for him.


These three little toys can directly blast a fifth realm peak demon beast to death. Even if it's already heavily injured, it's still very terrifying.


What he doesn't know is that the giant lizard's physical defense, strength, and speed are almost invulnerable, and its only weakness is in the spiritual realm. And the strongest point of the Xuan Sha Yin Lei is precisely its attack on the spiritual level, which is the key to killing it in one blow.


Jiang Xiaobai seems to have sensed his heartache and smiles slightly, "Let me repay you with some sword coins. You helped me so much, I can't let you suffer a loss."


"No need." Chu Liang shakes his head. "We are all fellow disciples of Shu Mountain, why bother…"Jiang Xiaobai seemed to see through his fragile strength and said straightforwardly, "Thanks are necessary."


"In that case…" Chu Liang suddenly changed the subject and said, "Instead of returning my sword coins, can Senior Sister teach me some magical skills?"


"Hmm?" Jiang Xiaobai was taken aback and said, "Are you talking about shrinking to an inch and the Heavenly Sword Art? I think you don't have to aim too high…"


In other words, Chu Liang couldn't learn it yet…


"No, just some ordinary ones." Chu Liang smiled awkwardly again, "My master… is a body cultivator."


"Is it Di Nvfeng's Peak Master? I also admire her style." Jiang Xiaobai then remembered the Peak Master of Silver Sword Peak and showed a sympathetic smile.


Perhaps not many disciples of the various peaks on Shu Mountain knew who Chu Liang was, but most of them knew that Di Nvfeng had an unlucky disciple.


"Hehe." Chu Liang returned a polite smile.


"Then come here tomorrow at noon, I'll teach you some magical skills." Jiang Xiaobai agreed.


Chu Liang was pleased and nodded, "Thank you, Senior Sister, but… can I still stay here?"


He looked around at the mess and was a little surprised.


Could he still live here?


"It's okay." Jiang Xiaobai said, "After you leave, don't mention anything about what happened here to others, okay?"


"But shouldn't we report this kind of monster attack within the sect…" Chu Liang was a little puzzled.


"I'll take care of it." Jiang Xiaobai said, "Today's events are a bit strange…"


"Hmm?" Chu Liang was confused, but still nodded.


Seeing his puzzled look, Jiang Xiaobai hesitated and said, "Today you also suffered an unjust disaster with me, so you should know the truth. Hakutaku is so close to you, he must be a good person, so it's okay to tell you…"


"I have a special physique since birth, called the Immortal Spirit Body in legend. I have achieved twice the result with half the effort in cultivation since childhood, but there is one thing…"


"For monsters, my bloodline naturally has a great attraction… it seems that they can greatly increase their power by eating me."


"I usually keep my distance from the spirit pets and mounts in the sect, and am always careful to prevent injury and bleeding, afraid that the smell of blood will attract monsters."


Upon hearing this, Chu Liang was slightly intrigued.


A physique that can attract monsters…


It sounds a bit like the idea of Tang Monk's flesh, which is indeed very dangerous.


But if he had such a physique, he could attract monsters with his body, kill them, then exchange rewards with the White Tower, use the rewards to become stronger, and then attract even stronger monsters…


A healthy industry chain is formed.


While he was lost in thought, Jiang Xiaobai continued, "However… as a woman, sometimes bleeding is unavoidable…"


At this point, her face turned slightly red.


But Chu Liang was calm and not awkward at all. In his opinion, this was not something that needed to be avoided.It's not easy to avoid monsters in Shu Mountain. There are many spirit pets and mounts raised within the sect, and it's impossible for her to ban them all just because of her. However, those tamed monsters, if they smell her blood, will immediately become violent and difficult to deal with.


Seeing him calm and composed, Jiang Xiaobai continued, "Later on, I would come to this Pagoda Peak every month to hide for a few days. Because there used to be the sect's divine artifact, the Demon-sealing Pagoda, even after five hundred years, it still makes the monsters afraid to step on it. It's a pure land."


"Plus, with Hakutaku baby driving away outsiders for me, I can always stay here safely."


"Until it suddenly brought you back today…"


Chu Liang glanced at the Hakutaku cub that kept circling around them, feeling that this divine beast didn't seem very smart, so doing strange things didn't seem that strange.


"And this giant lizard came at a strange time. Why did it suddenly appear on the Pagoda Peak where no monsters dared to step, and how did it find this cave so accurately…" Jiang Xiaobai frowned lightly.


The beauty frowned, like smoke enveloping a white lake.


Chu Liang instantly understood what she meant.


The fact that she was a fairy spirit body, although it was a secret, since she could easily tell Chu Liang, it meant that it was not such a tightly guarded secret.


There should be quite a few people within the Shu Mountain Sect who knew about it.


The fact that this monster could appear so strangely and accurately…it was possible that someone within Shu Mountain had a hand in it.


It might even be someone around her.


Thinking about it this way, it was inevitable that one's heart would feel heavy.


Jiang Xiaobai just paused for a moment before asking again, "That's all, so I ask you not to spread this first, and report it to the Master first, and then discuss it in the long term."


"I understand." Chu Liang nodded.


"Is there anything else you want to ask?" Jiang Xiaobai asked again at last.


"I want to ask…" Chu Liang pondered for a moment, raised his eyes and asked, "Is it true that the Seven Stars Mansion reported that you and Feng Chaoyang of the Heavenly King Sect had an ambiguous relationship?"

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