Chapter 8 – Fairy Lin

The woman's scar was disappearing at a visible speed.


In less than thirty seconds, the scar was completely gone.


Even the threads that were originally sewn into the wound were nowhere to be found.


Looking at the woman's leg, the skin was restored to its original state, as delicate as jade, dazzling like white porcelain.


"What… what's going on here?"


The interns who had previously mocked Ye Qiu were stunned.


Dr. Wang was also dumbfounded. In all his years of practicing medicine, this was the first time he had seen such a situation.


"How did you do that?" Dr. Wang couldn't help but ask.


"Didn't you all see it?" Ye Qiu said.


"Could it really be the Maoshan Talisman?" Dr. Wang still found it hard to believe.


Ye Qiu said seriously, "I'll say it first, the Maoshan Talisman is not feudal superstition, but a kind of magical secret technique."




"Are you done?" The woman impatiently interrupted Dr. Wang and said, "This is none of your business, you can leave."


"Ms. Lin, I'll leave first. Let me know if you need anything."


Before leaving the ward, Dr. Wang glanced at Ye Qiu, his eyes cold.


Outside the corridor, the interns were very resentful.


"Teacher, Ye Qiu is obviously just fooling people. Such a scum should be driven out of the hospital."


"That's right, one bad apple spoils the whole barrel. If Ye Qiu stays in the hospital, he will cause big trouble sooner or later."


"Teacher, you are Ms. Lin's attending physician. If anything happens to Ms. Lin, you will be responsible."


"Shut up!" Dr. Wang scolded, his face stern. "Do you know where young master Guo is?"


"When I came to the ward, I saw young master Guo go to the nurse's aide station," one intern said.


"I see. You all can go back to work!"


Seeing Dr. Wang's bad mood, the interns didn't dare to say much and hurriedly left.


Dr. Wang stood in place for a while before walking towards the nurse's aide station.




In the ward.


The woman rested her chin in her hands, staring at Ye Qiu with a pair of watery eyes.


Ye Qiu felt uncomfortable all over.


"I'm thinking, you've helped me so much, how should I thank you? How about giving you a kiss?" The woman blinked her big eyes, her eyelashes fluttering, very charming.


Ye Qiu's face turned red and he hurriedly said, "Ms. Lin, please don't do this."


"Then how do you want me to thank you? How about offering myself to you?"


After saying that, the woman blew a kiss to Ye Qiu and even winked at him.


Ye Qiu felt his heart pounding and quickly looked away.


This woman was really a troublesome fairy.


"Really? Are you so easily embarrassed? Haven't you had any contact with girls before? That's not right, you're a doctor, you should have frequent contact with women!"


The woman said with a smile, "Is it because I'm prettier than any other woman you've seen?"


Ye Qiu's face turned even redder.


He had to admit that this woman was indeed the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Just a casual glance from her could make one's heart flutter. It was probably impossible for any normal man to resist her charm.


"Alright, I won't tease you anymore." The woman put away the mockery on her face and said, "Ye Qiu, let's formally introduce ourselves. My name is Lin Jingzhi."




Ye Qiu glanced at the woman, she was indeed delicate, but…




Ye Qiu sighed.


"Why are you sighing? Do you think my name doesn't sound good?" The woman asked in confusion.


"I think you should be called Fairy Lin."


Ye Qiu regretted saying this as soon as the words left his mouth. What if the woman got angry and had him fired from his job as a nurse's aide?


However, the woman didn't get angry. Instead, she smiled and said, "You're really clever. Everyone else calls me Fairy Lin."


"Is that so?" Ye Qiu said, "Actually, calling you a fairy isn't accurate."




"Because you're more beautiful than a fairy."


The woman giggled and looked at Ye Qiu with interest, asking, "What do you want me to do, just say it!"


Ye Qiu felt a little embarrassed. He didn't expect his little trick to be seen through by the woman so quickly and said, "Ms. Lin, I want to be your nurse's aide."


"Is that all?" Lin Jingzhi was a little surprised.


"Yes." Ye Qiu nodded heavily and said, "I was originally a probationary doctor in surgery. I was framed and transferred to the nurse's aide station. If I can't be your nurse's aide, then I won't have a job."


Lin Jingzhi found it strange and said, "With your abilities, even if you lose this job, it's not a big deal."


"I love this industry. I want to become a great doctor." Ye Qiu said solemnly.Lin Jingzhi gave Ye Qiu a serious look, admiration in her eyes, and said with a smile, "I really like men with dreams. From now on, you'll be my nurse's aide! Do we need to sign a contract?"


"I'll go get the contract right now." Ye Qiu quickly ran out of the ward.


"This little man is quite interesting." Lin Jingzhi chuckled, took out her phone, and dialed her assistant, commanding, "Little Jie, there's a nurse's aide named Ye Qiu at Jiangzhou Hospital. Check him out for me, I want all his details in three minutes."


"Okay, Ms. Lin." A pleasant female voice came through the phone.


Less than three minutes passed.


Lin Jingzhi received the information and looked it over carefully, her brows slightly furrowing, "A bastard? Girlfriend stolen? And plagiarizing someone else's medical record? This kid has quite a few stories!"


Knock knock—


The sudden knocking at the door interrupted Lin Jingzhi's thoughts. She looked up to see a young doctor entering, "Who are you?"


"Hello, Ms. Lin, my name is Guo Shaocong, I'm a surgeon at this hospital. I heard you're planning to hire Ye Qiu as a nurse's aide?" Guo Shaocong spoke, his eyes sneaking glances at Lin Jingzhi.


"What are you trying to say?" Lin Jingzhi asked indifferently.


"I want to tell Ms. Lin, you can't hire Ye Qiu as a nurse's aide."


"Why not?"


"Ms. Lin, you may not be aware, but Ye Qiu was originally a surgery intern. He's irresponsible, slacks off at work, and even plagiarized my medical record. For such an irresponsible person, you should definitely refuse to hire him, otherwise…"


Guo Shaocong hadn't finished speaking when Ye Qiu returned.


"What are you doing here?" Seeing Guo Shaocong, Ye Qiu's expression darkened.


"Is it any of your business where I am?" Guo Shaocong replied arrogantly.


Lin Jingzhi smiled and said, "Dr. Guo just told me that you're irresponsible, slack off at work, and even plagiarized his medical record. He advised me not to hire you as a nurse's aide."


Ye Qiu angrily said, "Guo Shaocong, why do you always target me?"


"Because I can't stand you, is that reason enough?" Guo Shaocong then said to Lin Jingzhi, "Ms. Lin, please consider my advice carefully."


"What if I insist on hiring Ye Qiu as a nurse's aide?" Lin Jingzhi said with a smile.


Guo Shaocong was taken aback and said, "Ms. Lin, if you insist on hiring Ye Qiu as a nurse's aide, the hospital will not be responsible for any problems that arise."


"If there really is a problem, can your hospital afford the responsibility?" Lin Jingzhi's smile suddenly vanished, and a powerful aura emanated from her.


At that moment, she was like a queen high above.


Guo Shaocong was shaken.


Such a powerful aura, he had never even seen on the dean, and he couldn't help but wonder, who exactly was this woman?


"Ye Qiu." Lin Jingzhi called out.


Ye Qiu looked at Lin Jingzhi.


Lin Jingzhi said, "Today, sister will teach you a lesson about life. In this world, it's not that if you take a step back, others will also step back. Often, when you take a step back, others think you're easy to bully and will push you even further. The saying 'the kind are easy to bully, a good horse is easy to ride' is exactly this principle."


Ye Qiu pondered thoughtfully.


"Do you understand what I'm saying?" After a few seconds, Lin Jingzhi asked.


Ye Qiu nodded, "I understand."


"Then what are you waiting for!"


Ye Qiu took a deep breath, looked up coldly at Guo Shaocong.


That look in his eyes made Guo Shaocong very uncomfortable, who shouted, "What are you looking at! You bastard…"




A hand suddenly landed on Guo Shaocong's face.

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