Chapter 7 – Amazing skill!

"Did you just say that you have a way to help me get rid of the scars? Is that true?" the woman asked.


Before Ye Qiu could answer, Dr. Wang spoke up first, "Ms. Lin, don't listen to his nonsense. Maoshan Talisman is just feudal superstition and can't help you get rid of scars."


The woman looked at Dr. Wang and asked calmly, "Are you Ye Qiu?"


Dr. Wang smiled and replied, "Ms. Lin, don't joke with me. How could I be Ye Qiu?"


"If you're not Ye Qiu, then why do you have the right to answer my question?" The woman looked down at Dr. Wang, emitting a strong aura and a sharp gaze.




Dr. Wang broke out in a cold sweat.


Ye Qiu looked at the woman in surprise.


He found that the woman's temperament at the moment was very similar to Bai Bing's, but with a stronger hostility.


He couldn't help but wonder, who is this woman?


As Dr. Wang wiped his sweat, he apologized, "Ms. Lin, I'm sorry…"


"What is the Maoshan Talisman that you mentioned just now?" The woman ignored Dr. Wang and looked at Ye Qiu with curiosity, her face showing a smile, completely different from her expression a second ago.


Ye Qiu replied, "Maoshan Talisman is a very mysterious secret technique with many magical effects. Those who don't understand it would think it's feudal superstition, but those who truly understand it would regard it as a divine skill."


"Can Maoshan Talisman really help me completely get rid of the scars?" the woman asked again.


"It can," Ye Qiu affirmed.


In the book "Complete Collection of Maoshan Talisman," there is a talisman called Scar-removing Talisman.


Once the Scar-removing Talisman is used, it can eliminate scars in a very short time and restore the skin to its original state.


"How long will it take to help me get rid of the scars?"


The woman thought to herself, if it's just a year or two, it's fine, but if it's three or five years, then she won't be able to wear short skirts and show her legs.


After thinking for a moment, Ye Qiu said, "About ten minutes!"


"What did you say!" The woman looked at Ye Qiu in astonishment.


Thinking that the woman was concerned about the length of time, Ye Qiu said with determination, "If I work harder, maybe it can be done in five minutes."


The woman was stunned, completely disbelieving.


At the same time, the interns behind Dr. Wang began to mock:


"Ye Qiu, who are you trying to fool?"


"Completely removing scars in five minutes. Do you think we don't understand medicine, or do you have divine methods?"


"I think you're just talking nonsense! Dr. Wang is a medical expert, and he can't do it. How can you, a little nurse's aide, have a way?"


"Maoshan Talisman? Haha, why don't you say you know the secret technique of Dragon and Tiger Mountain?"


"I do know a bit about the secret technique of Dragon and Tiger Mountain, but it's not very effective for removing scars," Ye Qiu said seriously.


In the inheritance of the Ye Family's ancestor, there are many mysterious things, including the secret technique of Dragon and Tiger Mountain.


One intern laughed, "Haha, you're killing me! If I had asked you if you understand Feng Shui, would you also say you know a bit?"


Ye Qiu nodded, "Yes, I also know a bit about Feng Shui."


"If you're so capable, why did you copy Guo Shao's medical records?"


"I didn't copy them," Ye Qiu glared at the intern who spoke.


"If you didn't copy them, then how did you end up being assigned to the nurse's aide station?" the intern sneered.


Ye Qiu was speechless, his face turning red as he said, "I didn't copy them. Guo Shaocong framed me…"


"Enough," Dr. Wang was getting impatient and looked coldly at Ye Qiu, saying, "This is none of your business. Leave!"


"Wait," the woman spoke again, looking deeply at Ye Qiu and asked, "Can I trust you?"


Upon hearing this, Ye Qiu knew that his opportunity had come.


Looking directly into the woman's eyes, Ye Qiu said seriously, "You can trust me. I will definitely not let you down."


"When can you treat me?"




"Then do it now!" The woman said to Ye Qiu, "If you can really help me completely get rid of the scars, I will reward you generously."


Upon hearing the conversation between the two, Dr. Wang hurriedly advised, "Ms. Lin, treating an illness is not a joke. You can't act recklessly. Ye Qiu is just a little nurse's aide, and he doesn't know anything."


The woman asked Ye Qiu, "If the treatment is unsuccessful, will it cause any harm to my body?"


"Even if the treatment is unsuccessful, it won't cause any harm," Ye Qiu said.


The woman then said to Dr. Wang, "You heard that, even if the treatment is unsuccessful, it won't cause any harm. Why not give it a try?"




"But do you have a way?" Dr. Wang immediately closed his mouth.


"Since you have no way, why are you stopping Ye Qiu from treating me? Just because he's a nurse's aide? Or do you have ulterior motives?"


As the woman spoke, her voice suddenly turned cold, and she looked at Dr. Wang with a fierce gaze.


Dr. Wang was startled and quickly said, "Ms. Lin, please don't misunderstand. I'm just worried that Ye Qiu won't be able to treat you. I have no other thoughts.""Not having any other ideas would be best, otherwise, I won't let you off easily." The woman turned her head, her face once again adorned with a seductive smile as she cooed, "Young man, please treat me quickly!"


Her mood changed faster than flipping through a book.




Ye Qiu nodded slightly, remaining inwardly vigilant. This woman was fickle in her emotions; he couldn't afford to offend her, or he wouldn't end up with anything good.


He first took a bowl of water, then extended his right hand, his index and middle fingers together, gesturing continuously over the bowl as if writing something. He murmured under his breath, his voice so low that everyone could only vaguely catch something along the lines of "Urgent as a decree."




A trainee behind Dr. Wang snorted coldly, and the other trainees also showed expressions of disdain.


In their view, treating and saving people should involve injections, medication, and surgery. As for Maoshan Talismans, those were nothing but tricks to deceive people.




Three minutes later.


Ye Qiu withdrew his hand and gently applied the water from the bowl onto the woman's stitched wound, saying, "Wait another two minutes, and the scar should disappear."




A trainee couldn't help but burst into laughter: "Ye Qiu, I didn't see it coming, but you're quite the actor. You might as well stop being a nurse's aide and go play a small role at the film and television base. With your acting skills, you'll make it big sooner or later."


Another trainee said, "You're claiming to cure with a few drops of water what modern medicine can't solve? You must be joking!"


Dr. Wang was also skeptical. In his many years of medical practice, he had never heard of Maoshan Talismans curing diseases. If that were the case, what would be the need for doctors?


Time ticked away, second by second.


The two-minute mark was about to be reached.


Suddenly, the woman exclaimed, "The scar is disappearing, the scar is disappearing!"


Dr. Wang's eyebrows shot up in disbelief, but he still instinctively looked at the woman's lower leg. Instantly, his eyes bulged like brass bells, his face the picture of someone who had seen a ghost.


The trainees behind him were stunned as well.


"How is this possible!"

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