Chapter 4 – Dragon King

Just a "bang," Guo Shaocong's head was covered in blood.


It turned out that the chandelier on the ceiling suddenly fell, and it hit Guo Shaocong's head squarely.


Fortunately, the chandelier was not large in size. Otherwise, Guo Shaocong's injury would not have been so simple. He might have been killed.


Guo Shaocong covered his head, knelt on the ground, and cried out in pain, "Ah…"


"Shaocong, what's wrong with you?" Zhang Lili asked anxiously.


"Are you blind? Didn't you see that I was hit?" Guo Shaocong roared.


In front of so many people, being scolded by him, Zhang Lili felt wronged and tears welled up in her eyes.


Seeing this scene, Ye Qiu sneered, "Serves you right!"


"What did you say!" Zhang Lili glared, pointing at Ye Qiu and asked, "Did you do this?"


"Which eye of yours saw me do it?"


"If it wasn't you, then how did the chandelier fall?"


As the saying goes, "There are gods three feet above your head." Guo Shaocong distorted right and wrong, and this is the punishment from the heavens.


"Rubbish! Stop pretending to be mysterious here." After Guo Shaocong finished speaking, he shouted at Zhang Lili, "Hurry up and help me up."


"Okay." Zhang Lili hurried to help Guo Shaocong.


At that moment, a nurse who was fetching medicine passed by, and for some reason, she suddenly slipped and stumbled forward, and the two bottles of alcohol in her hand flew out.




The two bottles of alcohol made intimate contact with Guo Shaocong's head.




The glass bottles shattered, and the alcohol spilled all over Guo Shaocong's head.


Guo Shaocong had just been injured by the chandelier, and there was a wound on his head. Now, with the alcohol entering the wound, the pain was unbearable.


"Ah, it hurts, it hurts…" Guo Shaocong covered his head with both hands and rolled on the ground.


Zhang Lili was also flustered and scolded the nurse, "What are you doing? Can't you walk properly?"


"Sorry, sorry…"


"If anything happens to Shaocong, I won't let you off." Zhang Lili scolded the nurse and then waved to the guidance desk nurse, "Come over, we need two people to help."


The two young nurses quickly ran over.


"Sister Lili, what do you need us to do?" one of the nurses asked.


"What do you need to do? Are you blind? Didn't you see that Shaocong is injured? Hurry, come with me to bandage his wound."


The two young nurses were a little unhappy, but they didn't dare to disobey Zhang Lili's wishes. After all, in the hospital, doctors are always superior to nurses.


Immediately, Zhang Lili and the two guidance nurses helped Guo Shaocong and hurried into the elevator.


Unexpectedly, a tragic scene played out again.


Guo Shaocong was caught in the elevator door!


Originally, he was supported by the two young nurses, so logically, the elevator should not have caught him. However, when they entered the elevator, the two young nurses let go of Guo Shaocong. One of the young nurses said to Zhang Lili, "Sister Lili, we still have work to do and can't leave our posts, so we won't take Dr. Guo up."


"Get lost!"


As soon as the two young nurses turned around, Guo Shaocong was caught in the elevator door.


"Ah, it hurts… it hurts…"


Guo Shaocong shouted.


This alarmed many people, and even the security guards ran over, ready to pry open the elevator door to rescue Guo Shaocong, but suddenly—


The power went out!


How unfortunate.


Guo Shaocong now felt like he wanted to die. It seemed that today, the heavens were deliberately making things difficult for him. He was constantly having bad luck, and he couldn't help but suspect that there was really divine retribution.


Little did he know that all of this was just a small trick played by Ye Qiu.


According to the method recorded in his mind from the "Maoshan Talisman Complete Collection," Ye Qiu secretly drew a bad luck talisman.


Unexpectedly, the effect was quite good.




The frustration in his heart disappeared, and Ye Qiu left the hospital.




Mirror Lake was the only way for Ye Qiu to go home.


Every evening, the lakeside was bustling with middle-aged women dancing, old men playing chess, children playing, and fishing enthusiasts…


They all gathered here.


Ye Qiu was walking along the lakeside when he suddenly heard a scream:


"Oh no, someone fell into the lake!"


Ye Qiu quickly turned his head and saw a five or six-year-old boy struggling in the lake, in imminent danger.


Some of the elderly people on the shore were extremely anxious.


"Whose child is this, and where are the parents?"


"Call 911!"


"It's too late, the child is going to die!"



The situation was extremely critical.


Without any time to think, Ye Qiu "plopped" into the lake.


He was agile, like a flying fish, and quickly swam to the boy, grabbed him around the waist, and swam back to the shore.


Only after Ye Qiu brought the boy ashore did everyone come over.


The boy had swallowed a lot of water and had passed out, with a deathly pale face and slightly purple lips, looking like he was about to die.


"This child is in critical condition and must be taken to the hospital immediately for treatment," someone nearby said.


Ye Qiu didn't say anything. Instead, he helped the boy up, and with his right hand, he patted the boy's back hard twice. With a "wah," the boy began to spit out water.


After about half a minute, the boy opened his eyes.


"He's awake, he's awake!"


Seeing the boy saved, the onlookers breathed a sigh of relief.


"Uncle, thank you," the boy said to Ye Qiu in a childlike voice.


Ye Qiu smiled and asked, "Where are your family?"


"Grandpa and Uncle Zhao went somewhere," the boy said, and just as he finished speaking, an old man and a middle-aged man ran over.


"Xiao Hu, are you okay?" The old man hugged the boy and asked nervously.


"I'm fine, Grandpa. I accidentally fell into the lake just now, and this uncle saved me." The boy pointed to Ye Qiu.


The old man quickly said to Ye Qiu, "Young man, thank you."


"Old man, I have to tell you, even though you're old, how can you be so careless? If something happens to the child, the family will blame you, and you will feel guilty for the rest of your life." Ye Qiu lectured the old man with a stern face.The old man hadn't spoken yet when the middle-aged man behind him interjected, "Kid, do you know who you're talking to? Let me tell you…"


"Zhao Yun!" The old man turned his head and glared at the middle-aged man.


The middle-aged man quickly shut his mouth.


The old man said to Ye Qiu with a smile, "Young man, I'll definitely be more careful in the future. I really can't thank you enough for today."


"It was nothing, no need for thanks."


It was only then that Ye Qiu took a closer look at the old man.


The old man was dressed in Tang-style clothing, his hair meticulously combed, and on the thumb of his left hand, he wore an Ink Jade ring opener, exuding an extraordinary presence.


As for the middle-aged man beside him, with a resolute face and fierce eyes, he didn't seem like an ordinary person either.


"Young man, what's your name?" the old man asked kindly.


"Ye Qiu," Ye Qiu replied.


"It looks like you're working, right?"


"Why, are you checking household registrations?" Ye Qiu joked. "It's getting late, I should be going. Goodbye."


With that, he turned and walked away.


"Please wait," the old man quickly said, pulling out a bank card and handing it to Ye Qiu.


"What do you mean?" Ye Qiu frowned.


The old man smiled and said, "Young man, thank you for saving my grandson. There's five hundred thousand in the card. I hope you won't find it too little. Please accept it!"


Ye Qiu was somewhat surprised; the elder was offering five hundred thousand just like that, indicating his extraordinary wealth. However, he wasn't tempted.


"I don't save people for money," Ye Qiu said, and then suddenly took a step forward.


Seeing his action, the middle-aged man sneered inwardly, still claiming it wasn't for the money…


However, Ye Qiu didn't reach out to take the bank card from the old man's hand. Instead, he stared intently at the old man's face, scrutinizing it for a good half a minute before asking, "Are you sick?"


"I'm not sick! I just had a physical a few days ago, and I'm in good health," the old man laughed.


"That's strange," Ye Qiu furrowed his brows.


"What's strange?" the old man asked.


"I feel like you have an illness, and it seems quite serious, but I can't put my finger on it right now," Ye Qiu apologized. "Maybe my feeling is wrong. I hope you don't mind."


"I don't mind," the old man laughed.


"Then I'll be going now. Goodbye." Ye Qiu waved his hand and quickly left.


As soon as he was gone, the aura around the old man completely changed.


If just before, in front of Ye Qiu, the old man seemed like a friendly neighbor, now he appeared more like a sovereign with the power of life and death, his face full of authority.


"All these years, I've visited famous doctors, and not one could tell that I was seriously ill, yet this young man saw through it… Could it be that the heavens have opened their eyes, ready to let this dying man live a few more years?" the old man instructed, "Zhao Yun!"


"Zhao Yun is here," the middle-aged man asked respectfully, "Dragon King, what are your orders?"


"Immediately investigate Ye Qiu. I want to know everything about him."



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