Chapter 3 – Revenge must be taken

Ye Qiu came out of Bai Bing's office, feeling wronged and wanting to cry. Guo Shaocong not only took Zhang Lili away, but also framed him with her. Most importantly, Bai Bing believed their words and made him become a nurse's aide.


What is a nurse's aide?


To put it bluntly, it's a nanny.


The daily work is to wash the patient's face, feet, feed them, bathe them, do their laundry, take care of their bodily functions…


He was a top student at the Medical College. If he did these things, wouldn't the five years of medical school be in vain?


Ye Qiu understood that it was ultimately because he had no power or influence that he ended up in this situation.


"If I were a second-generation wealthy, Zhang Lili wouldn't betray me, Guo Shaocong wouldn't dare to hit me, and Director Bai wouldn't make me become a nurse's aide."


"Ultimately, it's because I have no money or power that I have ended up like this."


"In this lifetime, I must stand out and become superior to those who look down on me."


Ye Qiu clenched his fists and made a silent vow in his heart.




The elevator door opened, and a familiar scent of perfume hit Ye Qiu's face. He looked up and saw Guo Shaocong and Zhang Lili standing in the elevator. The scar on Guo Shaocong's nose was very obvious, from when Ye Qiu had hit him in Zhang Lili's rental house.


What a small world!


Ye Qiu instinctively wanted to leave and not ride the elevator with this bitch couple, but he didn't expect Guo Shaocong to smirk and say, "Hey, isn't this Nurse Ye? What a coincidence!"


Zhang Lili looked at Ye Qiu with disdain and said, "How come we run into you everywhere? Such bad luck!"


Ye Qiu chose to ignore them. He really had nothing to say to this bitch couple.


Little did he know that his indifference made Guo Shaocong very angry.


"Ye Qiu, I won't let you off so easily," Guo Shaocong said. "You're lucky today that Director Bai, that bitch, is protecting you in the Medical Affairs Department. Otherwise, you would have been kicked out of the hospital long ago, and not even as a nurse's aide."


"What does this have to do with Director Bai?" Ye Qiu asked.


"Hmph, if it weren't for Director Bai solemnly guaranteeing in front of the Medical Affairs Department to take full responsibility if you cause any more trouble, do you think the Medical Affairs Department would let it go like this?"


"I just don't understand, what's your relationship with Director Bai, and why is she protecting you like that?"


Guo Shaocong curiously asked Ye Qiu, "Do you have an affair with Director Bai?"


"None of your business!"


"You—" Guo Shaocong raised his fist, ready to hit Ye Qiu.


"Don't be impulsive," Zhang Lili quickly pulled Guo Shaocong back and whispered, "There's surveillance in the elevator. If you get caught, you'll be in trouble."


Guo Shaocong then withdrew his fist and sneered, "Ye Qiu, as long as you stay in the hospital, I can make your life a living hell."


Ye Qiu ignored Guo Shaocong and thought about other things in his mind.


"It seems that I misunderstood Director Bai. If it weren't for her protecting me, I would have been kicked out of the hospital long ago."


Ye Qiu felt a warmth in his heart.


Seeing that Ye Qiu didn't react at all, Guo Shaocong's eyes rolled, and he asked Zhang Lili, "How did you end up with this waste in the first place?"


"Blind, I guess!"


"Well, if you weren't blind, how could you end up with this waste? Lili, that love hotel we went to last time was good. Let's go there later!"


"Bad guy, in broad daylight, you want to do bad things."


"Don't you like it? I remember you moaned for over half an hour last time…"


Their conversation became more and more explicit.


Ye Qiu's anger rose rapidly. This bitch couple was clearly trying to provoke him by saying these things in front of him.


He almost couldn't help but act.


But in the end, he held back.


Ye Qiu knew that if he acted, he would be caught on the elevator surveillance. Then, Guo Shaocong would take the surveillance to the Medical Affairs Department to complain, and not even Bai Bing could save him.


At that time, he would be kicked out of the hospital and become a social pariah.


"A gentleman's revenge is ten years in the making. What's the harm in enduring a little longer?" Ye Qiu thought to himself.


The elevator reached the first floor, and the hospital lobby was crowded with people lining up to register, get medicine, and pay fees.


Guo Shaocong looked at Ye Qiu coldly and thought, I wonder how long you can endure?


Ye Qiu also noticed Guo Shaocong's gaze and felt that something was not right. He quickened his pace, ready to leave quickly.


"Ye Nurse, don't be in such a hurry to leave!" Guo Shaocong blocked Ye Qiu's path with a smile on his face.


"What do you want?" Ye Qiu asked warily.


"You'll find out soon enough," Guo Shaocong smirked and then said loudly, "Everyone, come and look here. I want to introduce someone to you."


Many people were attracted by Guo Shaocong's voice and looked over.


Guo Shaocong pointed at Ye Qiu and said to everyone, "His name is Ye Qiu, a probationary doctor at our hospital. However, he has a dishonest heart, plagiarized my medical records, and even attacked me when I caught him."


"Do you see the injury on my nose? It was caused by him."


"Now he has been sent to work as a nurse's aide. Everyone must remember his face and not hire him as a nurse's aide. If you get beaten, don't blame me for not warning you!"


The patients and their families in the lobby didn't know the real situation. After hearing Guo Shaocong's words, they all cursed:


"Jiangzhou Hospital is a tertiary A hospital. How can they hire someone like this!"


"This is clearly a disaster!"


"I think such a person should be kicked out of the hospital!"




Ye Qiu was very clear that in this situation, no matter what he said or did, no one would believe him. He gave Guo Shaocong a cold glance and prepared to leave.


"What's wrong, feeling guilty and want to run?" Guo Shaocong stopped Ye Qiu from leaving and once again said to everyone, "Let me tell you all a shocking secret."


When Ye Qiu heard the word "secret," he immediately realized what Guo Shaocong wanted to do and angrily said, "Guo Shaocong, don't push it too far!"Guo Shaocong sneered coldly and announced loudly, "Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you, this Caregiver Ye is actually a bastard born without a father."




The crowd was in an uproar.


"Who would have thought, Ye Qiu is actually a bastard!"


"No wonder he plagiarized Dr. Guo's medical record and even dared to hit Dr. Guo, turns out he lacks upbringing!"


"Such a bastard should be kicked out of the hospital!"




Everyone looked at Ye Qiu with strange eyes.


Ye Qiu's face turned an iron blue, glaring at Guo Shaocong with eyes that seemed ready to spit fire.


Guo Shaocong did not stop there with his humiliation of Ye Qiu; he stepped forward and slapped Ye Qiu across the face, arrogantly saying, "I'm bullying you, what are you going to do about it?"


Ye Qiu was furious, his fists clenched tightly.


This bastard Guo Shaocong, trampling on his dignity in front of so many people, was unbearable.


But Ye Qiu also understood that if he fought back, he would be fired from the hospital.


Jiangzhou Hospital was the best hospital in Jiangzhou. If he were fired, Ye Qiu's reputation would be ruined, and who else would dare to hire him at other hospitals?


"If only I had power and influence, Guo Shaocong wouldn't dare to be so arrogant. If I were…"


Suddenly, Ye Qiu thought of something.


Why not give it a try?


With the thought in his mind, Ye Qiu shouted, "Guo Shaocong, you twist the truth so blatantly, aren't you afraid of divine retribution?"


"Divine retribution my ass! I'm not even afraid of the King of Heaven!"




Just as Guo Shaocong finished speaking, his head burst open and blood flowed.

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