Chapter 20 – The hero dream of the little people

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At seven in the evening, Ye Qiu finished his shift.


Standing at the hospital entrance, he let out a long sigh.


Taking care of Lin Jingzhi had been torturous. The enchanting and seductive woman always liked to tease him.


Many times, it made Ye Qiu's face flush and heart race.


But he dared not make any impolite moves. After all, he was just a caregiver. If he upset Lin Jingzhi, he could lose his job.


"When will I be free from this vexing siren?" Ye Qiu lamented as he stepped out of the hospital.


Just then, a Mercedes-Benz sped towards him recklessly, its approach fierce and fast.


Ye Qiu quickly dodged to the side.


The car window rolled down.


Ye Qiu saw Zhao Yun sitting in the driver's seat, his face stern.


"Brother Zhao, what brings you here?" Ye Qiu asked, puzzled.


"Get in."


Ye Qiu felt a surge of nervousness. Zhao Yun coming to find him—could it mean there was a problem with the Dragon King's health?


Zhao Yun drove in silence, his seriousness only adding to Ye Qiu's unease.


After driving for a while, Zhao Yun finally spoke, "Ye Qiu, do you know why I'm here?"


"Is it about the Dragon King…?"




Ye Qiu's heart leapt to his throat as he quickly said, "That shouldn't be. I've already administered acupuncture to the Dragon King. The poison should be under control, and it shouldn't worsen for a month."


"Who said the Dragon King's condition has worsened?"


"Then you just mentioned the Dragon King…"


"I meant to say, the Dragon King sent me." Zhao Yun clarified.


Ye Qiu realized his mistake and curiously asked, "What did the Dragon King send you for?"


"To thank you, of course!"


As they reached a red light, Zhao Yun braked and reached back to grab a wooden box from the rear seat, tossing it to Ye Qiu, "This is from the Dragon King."


"What is it?"


"Have a look for yourself."


Ye Qiu opened the wooden box and found a ginseng inside, its roots long, resembling a sleeping elder, incredibly lifelike.


"This ginseng must be quite old, right?" Ye Qiu inquired.


"It's a hundred-year-old mountain ginseng," Zhao Yun replied.


What! A hundred years?


Ye Qiu was astounded.


Ordinary ginseng was already pricey on the market, and older specimens could cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. A hundred-year-old mountain ginseng like this would start at a million, and what's more, it was exceedingly rare. Even with money, one might not be able to buy it.


Ye Qiu quickly closed the wooden box, saying, "Brother Zhao, I can't accept such a valuable gift. Please return it to the Dragon King."


"The Dragon King said it's for you. If you consider him a friend, don't refuse."




"Take it," Zhao Yun smiled. "Don't you want to become a master on the Dragon List and have me as your junior? I tell you, eating this will make you a master."




"A hundred-year-old mountain ginseng is a great tonic, especially beneficial for martial artists."


Tempted, Ye Qiu thought for a moment before saying, "Alright, I'll accept this mountain ginseng. Please thank the Dragon King for me when you return."




"How has the Dragon King been feeling since I left?" Ye Qiu asked with concern.


"Very well. After you left, the Dragon King slept until six in the afternoon, then ate two large bowls of rice. He's been more spirited than ever."


"But this condition can only last a month. You still need to find a way to cure the Dragon King as soon as possible," Ye Qiu reminded.


Zhao Yun said, "I've already sent people to the desert. Whether they can find the Living Buddha depends on fate."


"I think you shouldn't put all your hopes on one person."


"What do you mean?"


Ye Qiu explained, "The Living Buddha is seeking the true essence of Buddhism in the desert. It's uncertain if you can find him, so I think you should try Wudang Mountain or Dragon and Tiger Mountain."


"Forget it, there's no chance at those places," Zhao Yun replied. "The masters of Wudang and Dragon and Tiger Mountain are in seclusion, not seeing anyone. Not even the Champion Marquis could meet them."


"Speaking of which, why don't you try asking the Champion Marquis for help?" Ye Qiu suggested. "Xiao Jiu is the top of the Dragon List, even stronger than the masters of Wudang and Dragon and Tiger Mountain. He should have a way, right?"


"Little brother, you don't understand Xiao Jiu," Zhao Yun sighed. "As the Champion Marquis, commanding a million soldiers and wielding great power, such a person is not someone we can just meet."


"To him, we are like ants."


"If the Dragon King sought his help, he probably wouldn't even grant an audience, which would only add insult to injury if the poison isn't cured."


Zhao Yun concluded, "So now, our only hope is the Living Buddha."


"Let's hope the Dragon King has divine protection."


"Where do you live?" Zhao Yun asked. "I'll take you home."


"188 Mirror Lake Road."


Fifteen minutes later, Ye Qiu arrived home.


As he entered, Qian Jinglan asked anxiously, "Qiu'er, are you alright?"


"I'm fine," Ye Qiu smiled. "Mom, sorry for worrying you."


"Did the hospital punish you?"




"What about Guo Shaocong and his father? Did they give you trouble?"




"How is that possible? I saw the Vice President's face earlier; he looked like he wanted to kill you. Qiu'er, tell me the truth," Qian Jinglan pressed, not believing Ye Qiu was telling the whole story.


"Mom, I'm really okay."


Ye Qiu found it strange too.


After returning to the hospital from the Dragon King's house, Guo Danu hadn't sought him out, nor had anyone from the Medical Affairs Department. It was as if the incident had never happened.


"If it were the past, those lackeys from the Medical Affairs Department would have come looking for trouble by now. Today, after such a big incident, no one came. It's not logical."


"And Guo Danu, who wanted me dead during the day, is nowhere to be seen now."




After much thought, Ye Qiu could only surmise one possibility: Guo Danu knew Zhao Yun's identity and feared the Dragon King, so he dared not touch him for the time being.


"This is quite strange. You beat up Guo Shaocong, and yet there's no punishment from the hospital, and the father and son haven't troubled you. It's very abnormal," Qian Jinglan warned Ye Qiu. "Qiu'er, you must be careful."


"Don't worry, Mom. I won't have any problems."


After dinner, Ye Qiu went to bed early.


Years of medical study had instilled in him the habit of early rising and early sleeping.


But tonight, falling asleep was difficult.


The words of the Dragon King and Zhao Yun seemed to open the door to a new world for him, especially the Champion Marquis Xiao Jiu, whom Ye Qiu admired greatly.


Suddenly, an idea sprouted in his mind.


"If I start practicing martial arts now, could I one day become someone like Xiao Jiu, commanding attention and wielding immense power?"

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