Chapter 19 – Lin Jingzhi’s delicate reminder

Ye Qiu came to the special care ward.

As he entered, he was startled.

Lin Jingzhi was not wearing any clothes.

He instinctively wanted to leave.

But soon, he realized something was off.

Lin Jingzhi was busy with something behind her back, unaware that someone had entered.

“Sister Lin, what are you doing?” Ye Qiu couldn’t help but ask.

Startled by the sudden voice, Lin Jingzhi quickly covered herself with a blanket. But when she saw that it was Ye Qiu, a look of joy appeared on her beautiful face, and she hurriedly said, “You came back just in time, come and help me.”

“What’s wrong?” Ye Qiu asked.

“My hair got tangled in the button of my clothes, and I can’t seem to fix it. Can you help me?” Lin Jingzhi said.

“Sister Lin, isn’t this… not appropriate?” Although Ye Qiu was not a gentleman, he still knew the boundaries between men and women.

If someone were to see them, it would be a scandal. The hospital was not a good place, and the nurses loved to gossip. If a story about a caregiver getting involved with a female patient were to spread, he would be in big trouble.

Lin Jingzhi didn’t know about Ye Qiu’s concerns. Seeing him standing still, she said, “What are you standing there for? Come and help me.”

“Shouldn’t I call a nurse instead?” Ye Qiu suggested.

“Why call a nurse?” Lin Jingzhi looked at Ye Qiu and instantly understood. She smiled and said, “I’m not afraid, so why should a big man like you be afraid?”

“But…” Ye Qiu hesitated.

“Don’t be so long-winded, hurry up,” Lin Jingzhi pretended to be angry. “If you don’t listen to me, I’ll complain about you.”

Helpless, Ye Qiu thought to himself, “I’m her caregiver after all.”

Lin Jingzhi turned to the side, revealing a flawless back, like a piece of white jade, emitting a radiant glow.

Not an ounce of excess fat.

Just like her name, extremely delicate.

After carefully looking, he indeed found her hair tangled in the button.

“Hurry up and help me,” Lin Jingzhi urged.

Ye Qiu approached the bed and carefully reached out to fix it. It took him a while, and he was sweating by the time he was done.

“Okay, Sister Lin,” Ye Qiu sighed in relief.

“Help me unbutton it,” Lin Jingzhi said.

“What?” Ye Qiu didn’t react immediately.

“Help me unbutton it. The size is too small, and it’s uncomfortable. I need a bigger one next time,” Lin Jingzhi said. “Quickly!”

“You should do it yourself!” Ye Qiu took two steps back, thinking that she was taking advantage of him.

Absolutely not.

“Scaredy-cat!” Lin Jingzhi teased, then said, “Get me a piece of clothing from the wardrobe.”

The special care ward was not like a regular ward. Each room was equipped with a private bathroom and a solid wood wardrobe.

Ye Qiu walked over and opened the wardrobe.

He was immediately stunned.

The wardrobe was filled with various clothes, skirts, professional attire, evening gowns…

At least a dozen pieces.

There were even two extremely beautiful dresses.

Ye Qiu swallowed nervously.

Was this woman here for treatment or on vacation?

“Which one do you want to wear, Sister Lin?” Ye Qiu asked.

“The white T-shirt on the far left, did you see it? Hurry and get it for me,” Lin Jingzhi said.

Ye Qiu took the clothes and handed them to Lin Jingzhi.

Instead of putting on the clothes right away, Lin Jingzhi looked at Ye Qiu with her watery eyes, and with a flutter of her long eyelashes, she coquettishly asked, “Do you like me, little brother?”

Wasn’t that obvious?

Any normal man would like her.

After all, a beauty like Lin Jingzhi was the dream of countless men. But if he were to tell her directly, “I like you,” would that be too straightforward?

It’s better for a boy to be reserved.

After glancing at Lin Jingzhi, who hadn’t put on her clothes yet, Ye Qiu hesitated for a moment and finally nodded, “I do.”

“In that case, would you like me to be your girlfriend?” Lin Jingzhi said.

“Sure,” Ye Qiu agreed without hesitation.

“You’re dreaming, hehe…” Lin Jingzhi laughed.

Damn, he was played.

“Sister Lin, you should hurry and put on your clothes!” Ye Qiu turned away, facing the other direction.

Lin Jingzhi’s lips curled up slightly, a smug smile on her face.

When Ye Qiu turned back around, she had already put on the clothes, but the T-shirt was a bit small, stretching tightly over her body.

“You didn’t handle today’s situation decisively enough,” Lin Jingzhi suddenly said.

Ye Qiu was puzzled. “What situation are you referring to?”

“Your situation with Guo Shaocong.”

“Sister Lin, how did you know?” Ye Qiu was very surprised.

Lin Jingzhi smiled and said, “You took care of him. Such big news has already spread throughout the hospital. I heard it from a nurse.”

I see.

“Sister Lin, you said I didn’t handle it decisively enough. If it were you, what would you do?” Ye Qiu was curious.

Lin Jingzhi smiled and said, “If it were me, I would have taken care of Guo Shaocong. As the saying goes, it’s easy to provoke the king of hell, but it’s hard to deal with a petty person. Guo Shaocong is a complete villain. If you don’t take care of him, he will come back to cause trouble for you. And the next time he comes to bother you, it won’t be ordinary trouble. He might even threaten your life.”

“Would he really do that?”

“Don’t underestimate a petty person’s determination for revenge. Do you not believe me?”

“I think Guo Shaocong is a bit arrogant, but I don’t think he would threaten my life.”

“Don’t underestimate a petty person’s determination for revenge. Just wait and see.”

Meanwhile, in another special care ward at Jiangzhou Hospital.

Guo Shaocong woke up.

“Shaocong, you’re awake,” Zhang Lili said, full of surprise.

“Where am I?” Guo Shaocong asked.”The VIP ward, huh!” Zhang Lili said, “Several experts from the hospital collaborated on your surgery. They’ve successfully reattached your broken arm and knee. They said you just need to rest for half a year, and you’ll recover completely.”

“Where’s my dad?”

“Vice President Guo is at work.”

Upon hearing this, Guo Shaocong flew into a rage: “I’m in this state, and he still has the mind to go to work?”

“Shaocong, don’t be angry. The doctor said getting angry during recovery is not good for healing…”

“Get out!”

Guo Shaocong roared.

In an instant, tears swirled in her eyes, and Zhang Lili felt incredibly wronged.

“Are you deaf? I told you to get out!” Guo Shaocong shouted again.


Zhang Lili ran out crying.

“Worthless woman, if it weren’t for you, would I have ended up like this?”

After calming down for a moment.

Guo Shaocong looked at the ceiling, his eyes filled with venomous resentment, and he gritted his teeth: “Ye Qiu, you just wait!”

“I will never let you go!”

“I will kill your entire family!”

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