Chapter 083 – See daughter-in-law

After returning to Qingyu Mountain, Li Hengsheng pondered over and over again, still feeling that he needed to test Li Changqing on this matter.

The previous letter he wrote to Li Changqing was torn up by Li Hengsheng, and he wrote a new one.

In the letter, Li Hengsheng also wrote about the recent events, but at the end, he added a sentence.

Father, you said you miss mother, and I miss her too.

I still remember my fourth birthday, when you made me a dish of fried shrimp, and mother peeled the shrimp for me. Life was very comfortable and warm, and I was really happy that day.

I often dream of this scene.

Father, do you still remember that day?

I want to eat your fried shrimp.

Next time I come back, please make it for me.

“Uncle Xu, please send this letter home for me.” Li Hengsheng handed the letter to Xu Kui.

Li Hengsheng’s gaze slowly became serious, he wanted to see how Li Changqing would reply.

If this person was really his father, he would definitely find this sentence full of holes.

One, he can’t eat shrimp.

Two, he has never seen his mother since he was a child.

Let alone his mother peeling shrimp for him.

And if this person was not his father, he would definitely not notice this loophole.

The sentence he wrote in his last letter was also definitely a test.

Li Hengsheng’s thoughts were a bit chaotic.

Changting Town.

The situation in Changting Town has become very ambiguous these days.

Every day, people from various families come to the Yan family to give gifts, and the gifts are all very valuable. Even Bai Jingfei and Zhao Yiqiu have come to visit the Yan family.

Their words were full of flattery.

Obviously, they were scared.

However, the Yan family seemed to not take them seriously, and the ones who received them were only the elders of the Yan family. Even so, they dared not complain about the Yan family.

Even a strong man like Ma Sandao died in the Yan family, wouldn’t it be like playing if they wanted to kill them?

“Great Worshipper, everyone has come these days, not only those who attended their gathering before, but also the families in Changting Town, and some nobles have come to give gifts. It seems they are really scared.”

Yan Botao stood there and reported to Li Changqing.

Li Changqing held Fei in his arms and nodded, “It’s about time, we should start preparing.”

“Yes, I’ll get moving.” Yan Botao was also delighted.

Excitement flashed in his eyes, the day was finally coming.

He turned to leave, but at this moment, Li Changqing said, “Don’t rush.”

“Does the Great Worshipper have any other orders?”

Yan Botao turned around and asked in surprise.

Isn’t it better to take advantage of this opportunity to implement the plan as soon as possible?

“I heard from the Yan family that the martial arts you practice is called ‘Long Eagle Gong’.” Li Changqing said.

“Yes.” Yan Botao nodded, “My martial arts comprehension comes from a painting in my Yan family called ‘Tiger Eagle Picture’, which was painted by a senior painter. It was obtained by our Yan family with a lot of money many years ago.”

“Um.” Li Changqing slowly said, “You have been at the peak of the Postnatal Realm for a long time, it’s time to step into the Prenatal Realm, otherwise how can you sit in the Yan family in the future? After all, the future Yan family is not the same as the current one.”

“Prenatal?” Yan Botao’s eyes lit up.

In the entire history of the Yan family, only one person had reached the Prenatal Realm.

It was extremely difficult for Yan Botao to step from the peak of the Postnatal Realm into the Prenatal Realm. He had never held much hope, but Li Changqing’s words gave Yan Botao hope.

Li Changqing took out a wooden carving and placed it on the table.

On the wooden carving was a giant peng bird.

Its huge wings covered the sky, and the sea waves below seemed so small under its wings.

Just by looking at this wooden carving, Yan Botao felt an uncontrollable heroic spirit in his chest.

The Long Eagle Gong was instantly agitated.

Yan Botao almost couldn’t control his hand and wanted to grab the wooden carving.

The giant peng bird in Yan Botao’s eyes grew bigger and bigger, and Yan Botao felt as if he was standing on the sea, looking up to see the giant peng soaring into the sky.

Its wings swept across the starry sky, and its vast momentum made people want to kneel down and worship.

When Yan Botao came back to his senses, he found that his whole body was soaked in sweat, and the wooden carving was already in his hand.


Yan Botao didn’t expect that he would take the wooden carving without control, and quickly apologized to Li Changqing.

“No harm, it was originally for you.” Li Changqing waved his hand.

“The Yan family wants to go far, your current strength is not enough.”

“Once you break through to the Prenatal Realm, the Yan family can develop.”

Li Changqing has also made some long-term plans for the Yan family recently.

Although the Yan family is a small family in a small place like Changting Town, such a small family is easier to control. Those large forces are not suitable for Li Changqing to develop.

The stronger the strength, the greater the ambition, Li Changqing was afraid that he would be killed by someone.

“Thank you for the treasure, Great Worshipper. With this treasure, I will definitely be able to step into the Prenatal Realm soon.” Yan Botao’s eyes were filled with excitement, and he couldn’t wait to go back and comprehend this treasure right now.

He had been at the peak of the Postnatal Realm for a long time, but he had always been one step short for so many years. The painting by the senior painter could give him a chance to step into the Prenatal Realm, but his talent was not up to that level.

Unless he got a masterpiece from the Painting Sage, there was no chance.

However, for a small Yan family to get a masterpiece from the Painting Sage, that was like a fool’s dream.”Alright, let’s head back,” Li Changqing waved his hand and said.


Yan Botao quickly left.

Soon after, Yan Botao went into seclusion, asking not to be disturbed.

At present, nothing was more important than Yan Botao’s impending breakthrough into the Prenatal Realm.

Three days later.

In the evening, Li Changqing received a letter from the Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

Upon receiving his son’s letter, Li Changqing couldn’t wait to open it.

The letter detailed recent events, such as clearing the first level of the nine-tiered Battle Pavilion, practicing spear techniques, and preparing to challenge the Beast Gathering.

Li Changqing couldn’t help but smile at the corner of his mouth as he read about these events.

His son was truly promising.

Ranked first in the Mortal Realm.

To Li Changqing, it was as if his child was telling him that he had ranked first in his grade. Only those who have been parents could understand the joy in his heart.

Moreover, Li Changqing in his previous life had never experienced such joy.

After every parent-teacher meeting, he was always the one being criticized.

He was often called to school to be reprimanded.

First in the grade?

Heh, it’s not that Li Changqing looked down on his son, but even if you put the answers on his desk for him to copy, he wouldn’t be able to rank first.

Li Changqing read until the end, where Li Hengsheng wrote about “stir-fried shrimp”.

“Stir-fried shrimp?” Li Changqing chuckled to himself, “I’m quite good at making that dish.”

“However, the letter didn’t mention whether my wife is dead or we’ve separated,” Li Changqing didn’t find the answer he was looking for in the letter.

“According to the letter, my wife was still around when Li Hengsheng was four,” Li Changqing pondered for a long time, but still had no clue.

However, he took out a piece of paper to write a reply to Li Hengsheng.

Most of the reply was praising his son’s excellence, congratulating him on taking the first step towards becoming a strong cultivator, and so on.

He told his son not to worry about him, to focus on his cultivation in the sect, and not to rush back home, assuring him that he was doing well.

At the end of the letter, Li Changqing wrote, “When you come back, I’ll make your favorite stir-fried shrimp for you.”

After finishing the letter, Li Changqing put it in the drawer, planning to have someone from the Yan family send it out the next morning.

As night fell, Li Changqing went to bed.

Although with his current Divine Soul strength, he didn’t need to sleep, Li Changqing was accustomed to sleeping. Besides, he didn’t know what else to do if he didn’t sleep.

The world was quite nice, but there were no cell phones to play with, and no short videos to watch.

So he went to bed early.

Soon, Li Changqing’s breathing became even, and he fell asleep.

At midnight.

Li Changqing vaguely heard someone calling him.

“Elder, elder…”

The voice was very soft.

But Li Changqing indeed heard it.

Then, Li Changqing’s consciousness sank into his Divine Soul. The Divine Soul lake was still calm, but at this moment, Li Changqing found a young girl standing on the other side of his Divine Soul lake.

The girl was in a white dress, barefoot, and looking at him.

The girl looked about fifteen or sixteen, very pure and cute, but something was off.

“Who are you? How did you get into my Divine Soul?” Li Changqing asked cautiously.

Being invaded into one’s Divine Soul was not a good thing!

“Are you Elder Li Changqing?” The girl’s voice was ethereal, and even her figure seemed to be tearing, as if it could disintegrate at any moment.

Only then did Li Changqing realize that the girl in front of him was just a manifestation of a Divine Soul.

But this Divine Soul was obviously at its limit and could disintegrate at any moment.

“Yes, how do you know me?” Li Changqing carefully recalled, certain that he didn’t know the girl in front of him.

“That’s great.” The girl’s face lit up, then she let out a sigh of relief and said respectfully, “Junior Lu Qiaoqiao, I am the same sect sister of Senior Brother Li Hengsheng.”

“Lu Qiaoqiao?”

Li Changqing immediately remembered. He had heard from Xu Muhai about the child who was taken away by the Ghost Clan.

Was she his son’s… crush?

Li Changqing immediately looked at the girl in front of him with curiosity.

Well, she was pretty.

Polite and respectful.

She didn’t look like a brat.

Her voice was nice too.

Li Changqing nodded, quite satisfied.

But then Li Changqing suddenly remembered, wasn’t Lu Qiaoqiao supposed to have been taken away?

Why did she suddenly appear in his Divine Soul?

Could it be that he was dreaming?

Seeing the confusion on Li Changqing’s face, Lu Qiaoqiao calmly said, “Elder, you must be wondering, I was taken away by the Ghost Clan, how could I appear here?”

“I am a bit puzzled,” Li Changqing admitted.

“I am indeed in the Long Night Ancient Nation in the Cloud Wilderness,” Lu Qiaoqiao said, “I accidentally obtained a Painting Treasure, which allowed me to find my way back to the vicinity of the Dao Mountain Ancient Land.”

“I obtained this Painting Treasure in the ancient nation, infused my Divine Soul into it, and then used the Qishan Order as a medium to sense the aura of those who had touched the Qishan Order.”

“There should be four people who have touched the Qishan Order. One of them is dead, one is me, and the other two are Li Hengsheng and you, Elder.”

“So I came to find you, Elder.”

Lu Qiaoqiao truthfully explained the situation to Li Changqing.

“Why didn’t you go directly to my son?” Li Changqing asked in surprise.

“This…” Lu Qiaoqiao gave a bitter smile, “Of course, I want to find Brother Li, but Yunhuang is too far from here. Although the Painting Treasure is indeed magical, my Divine Soul is barely holding on after drifting here. Brother Li’s Divine Soul is too weak, I can’t make contact at all. Fortunately, the Divine Soul of the senior is strong enough for me to appear here.”

(End of Chapter)

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