Chapter 081 – For a thousand years, the first person on the ranking!

Moreover, it wasn’t just a matter of speed. It seemed to contain something that Li Hengsheng couldn’t comprehend at his current stage.

“Look, look, the leaderboard is moving!”

At this moment, someone suddenly noticed that the leaderboard was changing.

“What’s the big deal about the leaderboard moving?” someone grumbled, clearly annoyed by the commotion.

“But… but it’s the Transcendence Realm leaderboard that’s moving.” The person’s pupils dilated in disbelief, pointing at the stone tablet.

Normally, the leaderboard changing wouldn’t be a big deal as it fluctuated daily. However, the Transcendence Realm leaderboard hadn’t moved for hundreds of years.

Even for post-celestial martial artists, passing the first level of the Battle Pavilion was a daunting task, let alone for those in the Transcendence Realm. The mere idea of someone in the Transcendence Realm passing the first level of the Battle Pavilion was the stuff of legends.

Some disciples even doubted the authenticity of the Transcendence Realm leaderboard.

How could someone in the Transcendence Realm possibly defeat the Iron-faced Man?

It was simply too absurd.

The current change in the leaderboard caused a stir, like a pot exploding in the Heart Reflection Lake.

Countless people were drawn in.

Which Transcendence Realm cultivator was so powerful that they could defeat the Iron-faced Man?

“Li Hengsheng? Number one on the Transcendence Realm leaderboard?”

Many people were stunned upon seeing this name.

This name was not unfamiliar to them.

The news of Xu Muhai from Mu Haifeng taking in a waste disciple from the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters had already spread throughout the sect. Moreover, Li Hengsheng’s comprehension of the Painting Sage’s masterpiece had further boosted his fame.

And now…

Li Hengsheng had successfully challenged the first level of the Battle Pavilion.

How could this news not be explosive?

What was even more shocking was that Li Hengsheng was now ranked first?

Had Li Hengsheng broken the record set by Gu Lai in challenging the Iron-faced Man in thirteen breaths?

On the stone tablet of the Transcendence Realm leaderboard, Gu Lai, who was originally in the first place, had been replaced.

The first place was now occupied by: Li Hengsheng, Transcendence Realm Seventh Level.

Challenge time: Nine breaths.

All the disciples around the Heart Reflection Lake held their breaths, and the place became incredibly quiet.

Their brains seemed to have crashed.

Previously, everyone had mocked Li Hengsheng as the most useless direct disciple in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land for a thousand years.

But now…

Did they seem like a joke?

What shocked everyone even more was that unlike other Transcendence Realm cultivators on the leaderboard, Li Hengsheng was only at the seventh level of the Transcendence Realm!

Who among them hadn’t experienced the terror of the Iron-faced Man?

Almost all of them had been traumatized by him.

Being beheaded by the Iron-faced Man’s curved blade time and time again, some even dreamed about it.

Transcendence Realm Seventh Level?

If they were at this level and encountered the Iron-faced Man, they would probably be instantly killed, leaving no trace behind.

Even Li Hengsheng himself didn’t expect the leaderboard to update so quickly. Just after defeating the Iron-faced Man, his name was already on it.

Nine breaths?

Li Hengsheng himself hadn’t paid attention to the time. He had indeed not taken much time to make five consecutive shots.

Seeing the shock on everyone’s faces, Li Hengsheng stood up, planning to leave quietly. Although he was well-known, not many people had actually seen him.

Li Hengsheng planned to leave quietly to avoid unnecessary trouble.

“Brother Li, are you leaving?” At this moment, Yan Yuyun’s voice suddenly came.

It was Yan Yuyun who had come out of the trial.

Li Hengsheng couldn’t help but shudder.

And this call of “Brother Li” made everyone turn their heads and focus their attention on Li Hengsheng.

In an instant, many people’s eyes lit up.

Surname Li.

Transcendence Realm Seventh Level.

It all matched!

“He is Li Hengsheng.” A disciple exclaimed, “I saw him on the Floating Picture Peak.”

For a moment, all eyes were on Li Hengsheng.

Every gaze seemed to want to see through Li Hengsheng!

There was jealousy, envy, curiosity, admiration, and even lust in their eyes…

Li Hengsheng felt that if he stayed here, he might be eaten by them, so at this moment, he shot out like an arrow off a string.

He had to leave this place of trouble as soon as possible.

Seeing Li Hengsheng run away, Yan Yuyun was stunned.

What happened?

Was she that scary?

Why did he run away as soon as he heard her voice?

But then, Yan Yuyun noticed that the people around her were acting strange. Why were they all staring at Li Hengsheng?

When Yan Yuyun casually glanced at the Transcendence Realm leaderboard, she was stunned as if she had seen a ghost!

Li Hengsheng quickly returned to Qingyu Mountain and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Indeed, people fear fame as pigs fear fattening.

But this fame, Li Hengsheng couldn’t avoid it even if he wanted to.

In less than half an hour, Li Hengsheng’s name had once again spread throughout the Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

Number one on the Battle Pavilion Transcendence Realm leaderboard!

This news spread across all thirty-six peaks.

All the disciples who heard this news first thought it was outrageous, and then they were shocked.

“Master, this junior brother is really extraordinary, isn’t he?”

On Mu Haifeng, Yang Tiantian also looked shocked as she spoke to Xu Muhai.

When Xu Muhai heard this news, he also wondered if there was a mistake somewhere. But then Xu Muhai seemed to understand and didn’t find it surprising.

“Tiantian,” Xu Muhai said to Yang Tiantian, “There’s nothing to be surprised about, because Hengsheng is that man’s son.”

Upon hearing this, curiosity flashed in Yang Tiantian’s eyes.

She knew that the man Xu Muhai was referring to was Li Changqing.

Ever since Yang Tiantian returned, Xu Muhai had told her about Li Changqing.”The only one who can help you is Li Changqing, so you need to get along well with your junior brother. When the time is right, I will ask Brother Changqing to help you.”

Yang Tiantian still remembered these words Xu Muhai had said to her.

That’s why, even though Yang Tiantian knew that Li Hengsheng had stolen her spirit chicken, she didn’t get angry. Instead, she showed goodwill.

Xu Muhai hoped that Yang Tiantian could establish a good relationship with Li Hengsheng. When the time was right, he would ask Li Changqing to help her solve the problem that had been troubling her for many years.

A problem that even he, as her master, was helpless to solve.

“Holy shit, that’s awesome!”

Upon hearing the news, Zhou Jun rushed to Qingyu Mountain and banged on the door.

He shouted loudly from outside the door. Although he had been beaten into a pig’s head by Yang Tiantian in the morning, his injuries were only superficial and had improved a lot by the afternoon. Hearing that Li Hengsheng had made a name for himself again, Zhou Jun, with his pig-headed face, came to congratulate Li Hengsheng.

When Zhou Jun heard that Li Hengsheng had actually become the number one on the Transcendence Realm list, he couldn’t believe his ears. He thought his brain had been damaged by the second sister and hadn’t recovered yet.

Li Hengsheng had actually defeated the Iron-faced Man.

He was only at the seventh level of the Transcendence Realm!

What kind of monster was his junior brother?

“Senior brother, why are you here instead of resting at home?” Li Hengsheng knew Zhou Jun had come and hurried out to greet him.


“Fourth Brother, you’re awesome!”

“Senior brother, are you speaking clearly?”

“That’s not important.”

Zhou Jun looked at Li Hengsheng in front of him with shining eyes, as if he was seeing Li Hengsheng for the first time.

The Li Hengsheng in front of him had average talent and slow cultivation speed, but he was able to challenge the first level of the Battle Pavilion with nine levels.

Zhou Jun couldn’t figure out how Li Hengsheng had done it.

Li Hengsheng just smiled and didn’t say anything, then invited Zhou Jun to the small building for tea.

Just as they started drinking, Xu Kui came to Li Hengsheng: “Young Master, Lin Tong from the Distant Peak is here to visit.”

“Sister Lin Tong?”

Li Hengsheng was curious, why had Lin Tong come?

“Senior brother, please wait a moment.” Li Hengsheng asked Zhou Jun to wait for him for a while, and went to see what Lin Tong wanted.

As it turned out, Lin Tong didn’t have anything important. She just brought some gifts and congratulated him on topping the Transcendence Realm list.

Then she left.

Li Hengsheng came back and told Zhou Jun about it. Zhou Jun laughed and said, “Just wait, it’s not over yet. More people will come.”

Sure enough, not much later.

“Young Master, Zheng Xuan from the Reverse River Peak is here to visit.”

Li Hengsheng frowned, he didn’t know him.

“I’ll be right there.” Li Hengsheng decided to meet him first.

Throughout the afternoon, more than a dozen disciples from various peaks came to visit.

After they arrived, they exchanged a few words with Li Hengsheng, left some gifts, and then left.

“Fourth Brother, you’ve become a hot commodity. All the direct disciples from the peaks are coming to curry favor with you.” Zhou Jun laughed and poured himself a cup of tea.

“Just because I’m number one on the Transcendence Realm list?” Li Hengsheng felt like he was attracting too much attention.

“Of course.” Zhou Jun laughed and said, “Most of the direct disciples who visited today have no hope of breaking through to the Prenatal Realm.”

Zhou Jun said seriously, “But you’re different. You’ve become the number one on the Transcendence Realm list, which proves your potential. They’re making friends with you, naturally investing in you. It’s all benefits and no harm for them.”

Li Hengsheng nodded thoughtfully.

Once a person becomes famous, many things become complicated.

“Junior brother, you’re not what you used to be. You’ll meet more people and see more things in the future. Learn slowly.” Zhou Jun said with a smile.

Li Hengsheng didn’t care about all these things. He asked Zhou Jun a question he was very curious about: “The Scholar is very strong. How can I defeat him?”

“The Scholar?” Zhou Jun raised his eyebrows, put down the teacup in his hand, and laughed, “It seems you’ve fought him.”

“Yes, I didn’t even block one move and I lost.” Li Hengsheng told the truth. He still felt a lingering fear when he thought about it now.

“The Scholar’s movement is too fast. I can’t dodge it at all. Should I practice a faster movement to deal with it?” Li Hengsheng voiced his thoughts.

But Zhou Jun shook his head, “What’s fast about the Scholar is not his steps, but his sword.”

“The Scholar’s sword has surpassed the ordinary sense of the sword. His sword is integrated into his heart, truly achieving the state of the sword following the heart, surpassing instinct, naturally it’s very fast.”

Zhou Jun looked at Li Hengsheng seriously and said, “This is a mysterious realm. If you can’t comprehend it, it’s hard to defeat the Scholar. Even many of the top postnatal disciples in the sect haven’t been able to defeat the Scholar. They can’t dodge the Scholar’s sword.”

Li Hengsheng was very surprised when he heard this. Even the top postnatal disciples couldn’t defeat the Scholar’s sword?

The sword follows the heart?

What kind of realm is that?

“By the way, you’ve cleared the first level of the nine-level Battle Pavilion. The sect should send someone to give you your reward later.” Zhou Jun remembered.

“What’s the reward?” Li Hengsheng asked curiously.

“I don’t know, your reward is probably different from others.” Zhou Jun shook his head, “As the number one on the Transcendence Realm list, your reward must be very tempting.”

Li Hengsheng didn’t care much about the so-called reward now. He was more curious about the realm of the sword following the heart that Zhou Jun mentioned.

What was it like?


Some people die, but they are not completely dead…

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