Chapter 071 – Each household’s reaction

“Something’s wrong!”

Just as Bai Jingfei was feeling restless, an urgent voice came from outside.

A scout from the Bai family rushed in, his face filled with terror.

“What happened?” Bai Jingfei quickly asked.

“Ma Sandao is dead, his head was hung on the city gate at some unknown time!” The scout said breathlessly, his expression extremely panicked.

“Impossible!” Bai Jingfei exclaimed, then hurriedly left the Bai family.

Above the city gate of Changting Town, a head was hanging, swaying in the wind.

Many people gathered around.

Even the disciples from Dao Mountain Ancient Land who were stationed in Changting Town found it unbelievable.

They wondered when the head was hung up.

When Bai Jingfei arrived, he saw Zhao Yiqiu in the crowd from a distance.

Zhao Yiqiu also saw Bai Jingfei, but he didn’t say anything and turned to board a carriage.

When Bai Jingfei confirmed that the head was indeed Ma Sandao’s, his face turned pale.

Ma Sandao was dead!

Wasn’t he a strong man in the Prenatal Realm?

In their view, a strong man in the Prenatal Realm was very powerful, so powerful that it was beyond their imagination.

The Prenatal Realm was a watershed. Even a group of strong men at the peak of the Postnatal Realm couldn’t kill a strong man in the Prenatal Realm.

The physical strength of a Prenatal Realm strong man was not something that a Postnatal Realm martial artist could easily shake.

How did Ma Sandao die so easily?

The scout saw Ma Sandao enter the Yan family last night with his own eyes.

The next time he saw Ma Sandao, only his head was left.

What happened in the Yan family?

Who killed Ma Sandao?

For a moment, an unknown fear swept over Bai Jingfei’s body.

Could there be a more powerful expert hidden in the Yan family?

If that was the case, wouldn’t it be a big trouble!

Bai Jingfei almost collapsed on the ground, he quickly boarded a carriage.

He had to step on the carriage twice before he could barely get on.

That day, the whole Changting Town was very quiet. Even the ordinary civilians could feel the oppressive atmosphere of Changting Town, but they didn’t know what had happened.

Li Changqing didn’t think it was a big deal.

Through this incident, Li Changqing roughly knew his position. The Five Absolute Seals he copied from Xu Muhai was one of them, immobilization.

Ordinary Prenatal Realm martial artists should not be able to resist it.

As for his dog, Fei, he could kill ordinary Prenatals. As for stronger ones, Li Changqing was not sure.

Sitting in the courtyard, Li Changqing was playing with a flying knife in his hand, which he found very strange.

“Great Steward.”

At this time, Yan Botao walked in from outside and respectfully saluted Li Changqing.

“Sit down.” Li Changqing said casually.

“Thank you, Great Steward.” Yan Botao also sat down.

“Clan Leader Yan, I want to ask you, was the Prenatal who died last night very powerful?” Li Changqing asked, raising his head.

Yan Botao was stunned. What kind of question was this?

What did he mean by powerful, and what did he mean by not powerful?

To me, of course, he was very powerful, but to you, he was not even as good as your dog.

“Reporting to the Great Steward, that man was a strong man in the Prenatal Realm and had very strong strength.” Yan Botao quickly said.

“If this person is in the Prenatal Realm, how does he compare to Xu Muhai?” Li Changqing asked.

“He naturally can’t compare.” Yan Botao shook his head: “Among the thirty-six peaks of Dao Mountain Ancient Land, Peak Master Mu Haifeng’s strength is at the forefront. Although they are both in the Prenatal Realm, Ma Sandao is not even worthy of carrying Mu Haifeng’s shoes.”

“Ma Sandao is just an ordinary Prenatal Realm. But Peak Master Mu Haifeng’s cultivation should already be at the peak of the Prenatal Realm, or perhaps he has already reached the Great Prenatal Realm.” Yan Botao speculated.

“After all, I haven’t reached the Prenatal Realm yet, so I can’t say for sure. I can only guess.”

“Prenatal Realm, Prenatal Completion.” Li Changqing murmured: “I remember reading in a book that there are also the Great Prenatal Realm and the Peak Prenatal Realm.”


“Are there many Peak Prenatal experts?”

“This… they are as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.” Yan Botao thought for a moment. Such existences were probably the top experts of various major sects.

“Okay, it’s nothing. I just wanted to ask.” Li Changqing wanted to confirm how dangerous this world was. If the Peak Prenatals were everywhere, he would have to keep a low profile.

“Great Steward, what you’re holding in your hand is…” Yan Botao looked at the flying knife in Li Changqing’s hand in surprise.

“This? I found it on Ma Sandao.” Li Changqing threw the flying knife to Yan Botao and said, “Do you recognize this thing?”

Yan Botao took it and examined it for a long time, then said, “This is a Painting Treasure.”

“Painting Treasure?” Li Changqing was stunned. He had seen Mu Qingge take out a Painting Treasure before, and he had also seen some other Painting Treasures. He was surprised and said, “Aren’t Painting Treasures supposed to be in scrolls?”

“Not necessarily.”

Yan Botao explained: “Normally, a Painting Treasure should be in a scroll, but a Painting Treasure can also exist outside of a scroll.”

“However, once it leaves the scroll, the Spiritual Power it contains is fixed. When it is used up one day, the Painting Treasure will naturally be wasted.”

“But if it doesn’t leave the scroll, it can draw on the Spiritual Power of the world through the scroll, replenishing the Painting Treasure with Spiritual Power at any time, and it can be used for a long time.”

Li Changqing suddenly realized, so that’s how it was.

The scroll was like a power bank for the Painting Treasure.

“How do you use this thing?” Li Changqing asked curiously.

“Inject your Prenatal True Essence into it, and you can use it.” Yan Botao returned the flying knife to Li Changqing.

“Did you handle last night’s matter well?” Li Changqing put away the flying knife.

“It’s almost done.” Yan Botao said: “Next, we just wait for the reactions of the various families. If nothing unexpected happens, they should behave themselves.”

“Okay, a small Changting Town has so many businesses. It’s not good if no one manages them centrally.” Li Changqing said lightly: “Otherwise, how can we expand outward? Always staying in this small town is not good for the development of the Yan family.””Thank you for your guidance, Great Steward.” Yan Botao said with great excitement.

Over at Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

Xu Muhai returned to Mu Haifeng.

But he found that Zhou Jun was actually living on Mu Haifeng.

“Master, you’re finally back. Something happened to your junior disciple!” Zhou Jun hurriedly said when he saw Xu Muhai return.

“What happened to Li Hengsheng?”

Upon returning and hearing that something had happened to Li Hengsheng, Xu Muhai was almost scared out of his wits.

If something happened to Li Hengsheng, how was he going to explain to Li Changqing?

“Your junior disciple went to the Floating Image Pavilion for the first time and comprehended a new Martial Art, and it’s at the level of the Painting Sage!” Zhou Jun hurriedly said.


Upon hearing this, Xu Muhai was stunned.

This was considered a mishap?


He comprehended a new Martial Art from a painting at the level of the Painting Sage?


Li Hengsheng?

“What painting?” Xu Muhai couldn’t help but ask.

“The Late Wind of Ten Thousand Greens.”

“This painting?” Xu Muhai frowned slightly. There wasn’t any powerful Martial Art in the Late Wind of Ten Thousand Greens, but being able to comprehend from the masterpiece of the Painting Sage was also very impressive.

“I’ll go to Qingyu Mountain to take a look.” Xu Muhai also wanted to see how Li Hengsheng’s recent cultivation was going.

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