Chapter 011 – Cong Yun Niang and the Blind Man

“No way.”

The blind man said calmly, “The position of the Qishan Order is in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land. It is impossible for the Yin Ten Tower to enter the Dao Mountain Ancient Land and obtain the Qishan Order without anyone noticing.”

“Our people have been keeping an eye on the Dao Mountain Ancient Land, and there has been no movement.”

“How could it have been refined by someone?” Several people clearly found it hard to believe.

“Perhaps it was refined by a human.” The blind man said slowly, “This is also a possibility. The requirements for refining the Qishan Order are not high. It only needs to be integrated into the blood. It’s possible that it was coincidentally refined by a human.”

“This…” Everyone looked at each other. They had come all the way to Minghong Prefecture at great risk just for the Qishan Order, but now it had been refined by someone?

Just as they were speaking, a little sparrow flew in flapping its wings. The blind man reached out his hand, and the sparrow obediently landed on his palm.

The sparrow chirped a few times, and the blind man nodded. He raised his hand, and the sparrow flew away.

“Elder, what’s the situation?” someone quickly asked.

“Disciple of the Dao Mountain Ancient Land, Lu Qiaoqiao.” The blind man stood up slowly at this moment. “The Qishan Order has already been refined by this person.”

“What should we do now?” The people below all showed a difficult expression.

“Now that the Qishan Order has been refined by this person, we just need to bring Lu Qiaoqiao back to our Star of Destiny Hall.” The blind man said to the crowd, “Although things have turned out differently from what we expected, they are not unsolvable. As long as the Qishan Order is in our hands, it’s fine.”

“Yes.” The eyes of the crowd lit up. Since the Qishan Order had been refined by Lu Qiaoqiao, it would be the same to bring her back.

“Besides us, the other ghost cultivators have probably already noticed that the Qishan Order has been refined. They might have the same idea as us.” Another ghost cultivator who had been silent all along said, “If we want to take Lu Qiaoqiao away from the Dao Mountain Ancient Land, it might be a bit difficult.”

“Especially the Yin Ten Tower.” One of the ghost cultivators’ eyes flashed with a hint of fierceness. “They have always been despicable in their actions. They might take action soon. The scout reported that the person from the Yin Ten Tower is Cong Yunniang. She might already be preparing to snatch someone away.”

“Cong Yunniang is troublesome, but if she wants to snatch someone from the Dao Mountain Ancient Land, she is overestimating herself.” The blind man sneered, “Although Luo Xiaochuan is not in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land, Xue Qianbai is still there. If Cong Yunniang wants to snatch someone from the Dao Mountain Ancient Land, she better be prepared to die.”

When they heard Xue Qianbai’s name, everyone present felt a heavy pressure.

Qianxue Sword Sovereign.

Once, the Qianxue Sword had penetrated deep into the Cloud Wilderness, killing the ghosts and gods, and no race dared to come out.

So when this name was mentioned, everyone present felt a chill.

They would never dare to enter the Dao Mountain Ancient Land to snatch someone.

Not to mention Xue Qianbai, even if any of the thirty-six Peak Masters were taken out, they would all be top experts.

“Let’s wait for an opportunity.” The crowd could only give up. The blind man sat back down, and his whole person returned to calmness.

Minghong Prefecture, the City of No Regrets.

The largest restaurant in the city was the Immortal Pavilion, and the Peach Immortal Drunk in the Immortal Pavilion was the most famous wine.

At this moment, in this restaurant, everyone looked at a woman sitting by the window with sighs. This woman looked to be in her thirties and was particularly charming.

But this was not the reason why everyone was staring at her. It was because of the wine jars at her feet that truly shocked everyone.

Since this woman entered the restaurant, she had already drunk sixty or seventy jars, but she was still drinking.

How could such a drinking capacity not astonish people?

“Good wine.” The woman said as she drank, her eyes shining. Her watery eyes also showed a hint of drunkenness.

“Why doesn’t the Cloud Wilderness have such good wine?” The woman murmured.

Just at this moment, a figure appeared outside the window.

“Cong Yunniang, this is the news that just came.” The person respectfully handed a letter to the woman.

Cong Yunniang casually reached out and took it, opened it and looked at it, then grinned. The qi in her palm instantly shattered the letter.

“So, Jiang Hu also came.” Cong Yunniang burped and said, “This Lu Qiaoqiao actually refined the Qishan Order. This is really interesting.”

“Cong Yunniang, do you want us to capture Lu Qiaoqiao?” the person asked in a low voice.

“Burp.” Cong Yunniang glanced at him, as if looking at a fool, and finally patted his shoulder and said, “Young man, your courage is commendable. I have high hopes for you. You go.”

The person was taken aback, surprised, “Should I go alone?”

“Ah, you go ahead and take the lead. When the time comes, you will likely encounter a man dressed in white with a long sword in his hand. If you manage to kill that man, when you return to the Yin Ten Tower, I will tell my master to appoint you as the Ninth Hall Master of my Yin Ten Tower.” Cong Yunniang smirked.

“This…” The person was obviously tempted, but he wasn’t stupid. He smiled awkwardly and said, “Cong Yunniang, you’re joking. I won’t go.”

Although he didn’t know who the man in white with the long sword that Cong Yunniang mentioned was, it was obviously not someone he could provoke.

“Then get lost, don’t delay me from drinking!” Cong Yunniang’s low voice said.

“Okay, I’m leaving, I’m leaving.” He quickly left. If he angered Cong Yunniang, the consequences would be troublesome.

Although they knew that the Qishan Order was in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land, the ghost cultivators did not make any moves.

They could only wait for an opportunity.

Like a patient hunter waiting for its prey to take the bait.They were not worried about Dao Mountain Ancient Land knowing anything, because only their Ghost Clan could sense the Qishan Order, the human race could not.

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed in a flash.

Everything was still calm.

Even Xu Muhai, who first discovered the traces of the Ghost Clan, was somewhat surprised. The traces of Ghost Cultivation indeed appeared in Minghong Prefecture, but why was there still no movement after so many days?

It didn’t make sense.

Since Yan Dongchen appeared in Minghong Prefecture, Xu Muhai had guessed that the people from Yin Shilou must have arrived in Minghong Prefecture, and he had been waiting for them to reveal their flaws.

But after so many days, the people from Yin Shilou hardly appeared.

Did these Ghost Cultivators come to Minghong Prefecture to cause trouble?

Or did they come to Minghong Prefecture for tourism?

This matter really puzzled Xu Muhai.

On this day, Li Hengsheng came out of seclusion.

“My aptitude is really average.” Li Hengsheng muttered to himself. He had used the money sent by Li Changqing to buy good cultivation resources, but after seven days of seclusion, he had only cultivated from the third level of the Transcendence Realm to the fourth level.

Before the seclusion, he was already at the peak of the third level of the Transcendence Realm.

He knew his aptitude was average, the same as his father’s, capable but lacking in potential.

It was already good to be able to cultivate Dao and martial arts.

As for achieving high accomplishments, Li Hengsheng didn’t even have any expectations.

But now that he had money and cultivation resources, Li Hengsheng believed that his future would definitely be bright.

If he always had such resources for cultivation, he might be able to reach the pinnacle of the acquired realm in the future.

The reason why he came out of seclusion today and did not continue to cultivate was because today was the day when the miscellaneous disciples on the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters needed to go down the mountain to purchase resources.

This was something he couldn’t avoid.

“Brother Li, you’re out of seclusion.” At this moment, a familiar sweet voice came.

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