Vol.1 – Chapter 83 – Zhan Tianqi, is it really the Charging Bull Formation?

"An insignificant little brat, just an insignificant little brat!"


Completely suppressed by Xu Taiping's fist, Tian Qi felt an unprecedented sense of humiliation and went completely mad.


"Swish, swish, swish!…"


Ignoring the impact of Xu Taiping's fist, Tian Qi's thick, sturdy legs whipped towards Xu Taiping like a pair of whips.


"Boom, boom, boom!"


Soon, everyone in the arena saw fists and legs flying all over the place.


However, it didn't take long for everyone to notice that at first, Tian Qi's shadow legs could keep up with Xu Taiping's fists, but after more than thirty punches, he gradually only had the ability to defend.


On the contrary, Xu Taiping's fist power continued to rise, with each punch more powerful than the last, and the speed of his punches gradually leaving behind only residual shadows.




When Xu Taiping's Charging Bull Formation struck for the ninetieth time, Tian Qi's feet finally couldn't keep up, allowing Xu Taiping's fist to slip past and heavily hit his abdomen.




Tian Qi's sturdy body was lifted off the ground by this punch, flying back two or three feet before barely regaining his balance.


"Is this… the Green Bull Fist, the Charging Bull Formation?"


Seeing this scene, the people below the arena were filled with amazement and doubt.


However, Tian Qi clearly had no intention of giving up. As soon as he regained his balance, his muscles swelled again, tearing his clothes apart, and with a roar, he spun around and kicked Xu Taiping with great force.




This kick was indeed powerful. Xu Taiping's fist paused for a moment due to the recoil before striking again.


But that was all.


Because Xu Taiping's next punch once again surged in power.




This punch caused Tian Qi's body to tilt back once again.


As the Charging Bull Formation reached its final few punches, Xu Taiping's fist power also reached its peak.


"Bang, bang, bang!…"


Each subsequent punch made everyone's heart skip a beat and tore open Tian Qi's legs.


At this moment, everyone had no doubt that the young man could defeat Qin Yuan, not to mention his cultivation at the small realm of the Opening Realm.


Just comprehending the true meaning of the Green Bull Fist was enough to make him proud among the outer disciples.




At this moment, Xu Taiping's Charging Bull Formation was finally down to the last strike.


The power of hundreds of punches was concentrated in this final blow.


So when he struck Tian Qi with this punch, everyone suddenly felt as if a mountain was collapsing in front of them and crashing towards Tian Qi.




But at this moment, Tian Qi, who seemed to have no power to defend, suddenly rose a surge of blood-colored True Qi around his body. His originally five-foot-tall body suddenly soared to a zhang, with muscles bulging like a ferocious beast.


"You forced me, it's all your fault!"


With a roar, Tian Qi, who looked like a humanoid monster, suddenly stood on one foot, and with the other foot, swept towards Xu Taiping like a giant axe, accompanied by a thunderous sound.




Fists and legs clashed once again.


And this time, Xu Taiping's long-awaited final strike of the Charging Bull Formation was only evenly matched with Tian Qi's leg.


This scene shocked everyone.


"This is… evil cultivation!"


"Tian Qi is practicing evil cultivation!"


Someone couldn't help but exclaim.


"Die, die for me, you're going to die for me!"


But Tian Qi seemed to have gone mad at this point, completely disregarding whether this evil cultivation would be discovered, and continued to attack Xu Taiping with a series of leg shadows.


"Rumble, rumble, rumble…"


The entire arena trembled as Tian Qi's legs continued to strike one after another.


The people around the arena were in an uproar, and the two examiners even prepared to intervene with their weapons.


At the same time, Zhao Linglong and the others in front of the bronze mirror were also nervous.


"Senior Brother, Tian Qi is clearly violating the sect's rules. Why aren't the examiners on the stage intervening?"


Zhao Linglong, who had just been cheering for Xu Taiping, never expected Tian Qi to use evil cultivation at this moment.


"Taiping is still choosing to fight him and not withdraw from the arena, so it's difficult for them to intervene."


Qingxiao shook his head.


"Don't worry, Taiping doesn't seem to be panicking. He should still have a trick up his sleeve."


He added.


Upon hearing this, Zhao Linglong and the others looked at Xu Taiping in the bronze mirror.


Then they found that indeed, as Qingxiao had said, Xu Taiping showed no sign of fear, remaining as calm as ever, as if he had anticipated his opponent's move.




After dodging several of Tian Qi's leg shadows, Xu Taiping suddenly used the Shadow Wind Step.


In an instant, he moved like the wind and appeared in front of Tian Qi.




He once again struck Tian Qi's abdomen with a heavy punch.


But at this moment, Tian Qi's body was as tough as a monster's, and he only took a step or two back, withstanding Xu Taiping's punch."Kid, no one who faces Tian Qi can leave the arena alive!"


Tian Qi let out a maniacal laugh, then once again swept his leg, thick as a pillar, towards Xu Taiping.




Xu Taiping didn't retreat; instead, he methodically exchanged blows with his fists.


Then, disregarding the damage the recoil force was doing to his arms, he began to alternate his fists, unleashing the Charging Bull Formation once again.


"Bang, bang, bang!"


For a moment, the sound of collisions, like drumbeats, filled the arena again.


"Can he really execute the Charging Bull Formation a second time? Can his body handle it?"


The crowd below was once again astonished.


Although the Charging Bull Formation didn't consume much True Qi, it was extremely taxing on physical strength and could grind down muscles and bones. Therefore, it was rare for a normal cultivator to complete one set, let alone a second.


However, it didn't take long for them to discover, with faces full of surprise.


Not only were Xu Taiping's fists steady, but he was also gradually able to keep up with Tian Qi's Ghost Shadow Legs in both speed and strength.


The exchange of punches and kicks between the two became tit for tat once more.


It should be noted that Tian Qi was now using an evil technique!


"How can his speed and strength still increase when he had already given his all before?"


Zi Yan, looking at Xu Taiping in the bronze mirror, was full of confusion.


"Little Taiping isn't increasing his speed or strength, but his understanding of the Green Bull Fist, as well as his grasp of the timing and the opponent's habits. Look closely, his Charging Bull Formation now has no superfluous movements, and the timing of his punches is precisely when Tian Qi is gathering strength and exerting force,"


Qing Xiao stared unblinkingly at Xu Taiping in the bronze mirror, murmuring to himself.


With this reminder, the others also noticed the changes in Xu Taiping, their expressions turning from worry to amazement.

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