Vol.1 – Chapter 82 – Zhan Tianqi, no wonder he can defeat Qin Yuan



Xu Ziyan was amused by Zhao Linglong's indignant expression.


But she also knew that Zhao Linglong had always stood up for the disciples of the Seventh Peak.


"Linglong, don't be too agitated. These people must have recognized Little Taiping as the one who defeated Qin Yuan a few days ago, so they all came to watch the excitement."


She grabbed Zhao Linglong's hand and patted it gently.


Because she was entrusted by the Peak Master to select disciples, Zi Yan had some understanding of the outer disciples.


"The man in the green clothes, named Tian Qi, came to Yunlu Mountain seven years ago. Before that, he was the leader of a gang and killed over a hundred people from the opposing gang in a fit of anger. He fled to Yunlu Mountain to avoid being hunted down by his enemies."


Dugu Qingxiao spoke up at this time.


Like Zi Yan, he also had some understanding of the outer disciples who were the focus of attention.


"Why did the Qingxuan Sect accept such unforgivable criminals?"


Zhao Linglong looked at Dugu Qingxiao with confusion.


"It is said that he has been in contact with our Qingxuan Sect outside the mountain and is willing to offer all the family property he has accumulated over the years to the Qingxuan Sect, and hand over the family's superior martial arts, the Ghost Shadow Foot, in exchange for the qualification to enter the mountain and escape his enemies."


Zi Yan answered Zhao Linglong this time.


"This man is not only ruthless, but also has such courage. It seems that he is not as easy to deal with as the one you just mentioned, Lu Yuan."


Zhao Linglong's tone became serious at this point.


She did not ignore Tian Qi's strength due to prejudice.


"Tian Qi's greatest reliance is the family's Ghost Shadow Foot. In terms of killing power, this Ghost Shadow Foot is no weaker than any superior martial arts. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been so many outer disciples who died under his Ghost Shadow Foot in the previous selection of the Seventh Peak, even under the circumstances of being on guard."


Qingxiao nodded with a serious expression at this point.


"The competition is about to begin."


Zi Yan, who had been watching the scene in the bronze mirror, reminded the others.


Then Zhao Linglong and Qingxiao both turned their attention back to the bronze mirror.


In the bronze mirror, Tian Qi and Xu Taiping stepped onto the platform one after the other.


After stepping onto the platform, the two of them didn't waste any words.


Xu Taiping assumed the stance of the Green Bull Fist.


Tian Qi, with his Ghost Shadow Foot, provocatively raised his left foot, and a fiery red True Qi began to swirl around his thick thighs.


Seeing this scene, the people in the bamboo forest held their breath and dared not blink.



On the platform of the Dragon Gate Hall




The examiner on the platform swung his arm and forcefully struck the bronze gong beside him.




Almost as soon as the gong sounded, Xu Taiping and Tian Qi's figures disappeared from the platform.


When they reappeared, they were already in the middle of the platform, exchanging punches and kicks dozens of times.


As fast as Tian Qi's legs were, Xu Taiping's fists were just as fast.


For a moment, the Qi waves stirred up by the collision of their fists and leg shadows spread out from the platform like waves.


"Xu Taiping can actually withstand Tian Qi's Ghost Shadow Foot?!"


"No wonder he defeated Qin Yuan."


The people watching from below the platform were all filled with astonishment.


If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they would have found it hard to believe that a young man, relying solely on the Green Bull Fist, could fight Tian Qi, who had been famous for a long time, to a draw.




With a loud collision, Xu Taiping's Bull Horn Smashing the Mountain clashed with Tian Qi's Ghost Shadow Foot, like a battle axe striking a leg shadow.


This punch still couldn't determine the winner, and they remained deadlocked in place.


However, when their fists and legs collided, they stirred up ripples of Qi waves, giving the people below the platform a great sense of pressure.




Although it seemed that neither of them made any moves, the collision of their True Qi around their bodies did not stop for a moment.


Xu Taiping's residual glow True Qi and Tian Qi's unknown True Qi were like wrestling, constantly pushing each other outward.


"Get down!"


Suddenly, Tian Qi roared.


In an instant, the muscles in his standing leg on the ground suddenly swelled.


The sudden increase in force caused the ground to crack with a "bang."


Then he used his body to flip, channeling all the force into the leg kicking towards Xu Taiping.




With a burst of air, Xu Taiping's protective True Qi, the residual glow, suddenly shattered.


A huge force, like a mountain pressing down, came from Tian Qi's leg and pressed down on Xu Taiping's arm, making his body sink and the ground under his feet crack.


"You little brat, my foot is not only fast, but also heavy. Watch me crush you to death!"


Tian Qi grinned at the sight, and then the muscles in his legs swelled again, increasing the force.


But this time, Xu Taiping's body remained motionless.Not only was he not pressed down further, but the fluctuations of his breath, which had been suppressed by Tian Qi, surged once again.




A sound of an air explosion echoed.


Xu Taiping's True Qi around his body suddenly burst out, his arm strength greatly increased under Tian Qi's pressure, and with a fierce upward lift, he directly forced open Tian Qi's thick thigh.


"Small Success in the Opening Realm?"


The sudden outburst of Xu Taiping's aura caused everyone present to tremble in their hearts.


Most of the Outer Disciples who could ascend to the Dragon Gate Hall had already broken through the Opening Realm, but there were far fewer who had the aura of Small Success in the Opening Realm like Xu Taiping at this moment.


However, they definitely did not know that even the current fluctuation of aura was still the result of Xu Taiping deliberately suppressing it to hone his martial skills.




Just as Xu Taiping lifted Tian Qi's thigh, his left fist, already prepared, heavily smashed towards Tian Qi's groin.




Tian Qi hurriedly retracted his leg, sidestepping to dodge.




But Xu Taiping seemed to have anticipated his thoughts, his right fist, already prepared, blasted towards the position Tian Qi dodged to.




A muffled sound.


Tian Qi's protective True Qi was shattered by Xu Taiping's fist, taking a solid punch to the waist, the whole person staggered back several steps under the impact of the heavy force.




Before Tian Qi could steady himself.


Xu Taiping, like a shadow, appeared in front of him once again, fists raised.


"Get lost!"


Tian Qi, furious with embarrassment, roared again.


Then, he poured True Qi into his right leg and kicked heavily towards Xu Taiping's incoming fist.




Fist and foot collided.


Xu Taiping merely swayed slightly.


On the contrary, Tian Qi, hit by the rebounding force, was forced to retreat several steps.


And it was these few steps back that gave Xu Taiping the opportunity to find a flaw and execute the Charging Bull Formation.




Before Tian Qi could regain his footing, Xu Taiping's fist heavily smashed into his chest.


Then came the second punch, the third punch, the fourth punch!


He was like a charging bull, continuously using his fists in place of horns, relentlessly charging at Tian Qi.

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