Vol.1 – Chapter 68 – Transmission order, Lady Baiyu’s mother presents treasures

“Peng, peng, peng!”

Following that, Fairy Lingyue no longer wasted any words and continued to punch the Peacock King, leaving it gasping for breath.

It wasn’t that Fairy Lingyue had a tendency to abuse, but Xu Taiping’s body was too weak, and his true essence was too little to support her to use higher-level spells. So, she could only use her strength to slowly wear down the Peacock King.

“Who dares to offend our Qingxuan!”

Just then, a thunderous roar came from the sky in the west, and Xu Taiping saw a huge Flood Dragon with thunder and lightning coming through the sky.

“Is this the true form of the Black Dragon Elder?” Xu Taiping thought in amazement.

“I’ve been waiting for you, little shrimp.”

Fairy Lingyue seemed to have anticipated the Black Dragon Elder’s move, and with a cold snort, she punched the Peacock King again in front of the Black Dragon Elder.

“How dare you!”

The Black Dragon Elder roared, and then his body burst through the clouds and arrived over the Danxia Ping in the blink of an eye. Then, he opened his mouth and spewed a black flame-like dragon breath towards Xu Taiping below.


The dragon breath, like a pillar of fire, shot straight towards the ground.

But at this moment, Fairy Lingyue only controlled Xu Taiping’s body to raise one arm and then pointed three fingers towards the Black Dragon Elder— “Split the Sea!”

As soon as the words fell, a majestic air blade flew out of the Cangluan Ring, like a long knife that spanned the entire Fenglai Valley, fiercely facing the dragon breath.


With a loud noise, the dragon breath spewed out by the Black Dragon Elder was directly cut off by the three fingers of the Cangluan Ring, and the Black Dragon Elder’s body, after catching the blow with his claws, uncontrollably transformed backwards in the air, with one of his claws being directly cut off.

“Is this the true power of the Cangluan Ring?” Xu Taiping was stunned.

“To fully unleash the power of the magical treasure, in addition to having enough true essence, the power of the soul is also important. My divine power is much stronger than yours, so the power is naturally greater.” Fairy Lingyue explained to Xu Taiping as she controlled his body to fly towards the Guanxing Cliff.

“Is it just a little bit greater?” Xu Taiping nodded and then sighed in his heart.

The Cangluan Ring in his hand was completely different from the one in Fairy Lingyue’s hand.

“Ask about the mother and child. Just now, those three fingers could only hold off the Black Dragon Elder for a moment. Your true essence is now exhausted, and you can’t withstand another blow from the Black Dragon Elder. And my possession time is almost up.” Fairy Lingyue said to Xu Taiping.

“Okay, I’ll ask.” Xu Taiping took back control of his body and then landed in front of the Nightingale.

But when his footsteps landed, the Nightingale’s head still hung on the ground, with no breath left, and Baiyu stood motionless by her head.

“Baiyu, we should go.” Xu Taiping called out to Baiyu.

He could guess what had happened.

“Xu Taiping.” Baiyu suddenly turned her head and said with tears in her eyes, “I’ve lost my mother.”

Xu Taiping’s heart trembled.

But immediately, his eyes became resolute again, and he grabbed Baiyu and said to Fairy Lingyue, “Sister, let’s go.”

Fairy Lingyue then took control of Xu Taiping’s body again, and with a flash, they disappeared from the Danxia Ping.

“Seal the mountain, seal the mountain, don’t let him escape!” Following that, the roar of the Black Dragon Elder echoed throughout the entire Fenglai Valley.

But by then, Xu Taiping had already taken Baiyu into the secret passage.

That night.

The wind and rain raged.

Countless spirit beasts and cultivators set out to search for the culprit of the night.

Naturally, they found the Green Bamboo Residence, but Xu Taiping had already changed his clothes and hidden the Green Gourd, leaving them empty-handed.


After sending off another group of cultivators who came to search, Xu Taiping closed the courtyard door and returned to his bedroom.

“Xu Taiping, my mother asked me to give you something.” In the Green Gourd, Baiyu weakly transmitted her voice to Xu Taiping.

“What is it?” Xu Taiping opened the Green Gourd and let Baiyu out.

“My mother said that your skills and spells don’t seem to be from the cultivators of this continent. Perhaps this half-broken teleportation token from another continent will be useful to you.” Baiyu walked out of the gourd with a piece of broken golden token in her mouth.

“A teleportation token?”Xu Taiping accepted the golden token with some confusion, noticing that it was inscribed with strange characters and runes that certainly didn’t seem to belong to this continent.

“Eh? Is this actually a transmission token to the Youyun Continent?”

Just as Xu Taiping was pondering over what this could possibly mean, the voice of Lingyue Fairy suddenly echoed in his mind.

“What’s a transmission token?”

Xu Taiping inquired mentally to Lingyue Fairy.

“A transmission token is a talisman that activates ancient teleportation arrays, allowing you to be transported to another cultivation continent in the blink of an eye. It’s extremely precious to your cultivation world,” Lingyue Fairy explained with a hint of excitement in her voice.

“The Youyun Continent… What place is that?”

Xu Taiping asked with a touch of curiosity.

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