Vol.1 – Chapter 67 – Thousand Weights of Strength, Fairy of the Spirit Moon



Xu Taiping hadn't come to his senses yet, and Fairy Lingyue once again controlled his body, drawing his sword abruptly.


The blade slashed towards the peacock king, who had not yet stabilized his stance.




Compared to the previous punch, the momentum of this slash was even more terrifying. The long blade shadow formed by the gathering of sword energy was nearly ten zhang long.


And this over-ten-zhang-long blade shadow slashed straight onto the peacock king's body.




This time, the peacock king still protected its body with its wings, but the tremendous force on the long blade directly caused it to plummet straight down.


In the end, its huge body heavily fell onto the Danxia Terrace with a loud "thud."


"The same blade, the same body, the same true essence, just a different way of using it, and the power can be so immense?"


Xu Taiping felt that his brain couldn't keep up.


"Little Taiping, don't just stand there in a daze. Pay attention to the timing of my sword strikes and the way true essence operates. Although this is not a famous sword technique, it is the insight I gained after nearly ten thousand battles."


Fairy Lingyue's voice once again echoed in Xu Taiping's mind.


"Got it!"


Xu Taiping responded solemnly in his heart, then began to concentrate, carefully pondering Fairy Lingyue's way of fighting.


And as they spoke, Fairy Lingyue had already controlled Xu Taiping's body and slashed at the peacock king below with another strike.




The peacock king, who had just stabilized its stance, quickly raised its wings to block.


Although it managed to block, many feathers on its wings fell like scattered petals.


"Get lost!"


Seeing this, the peacock king became furious and immediately roared, then its body suddenly spun, turning the feathers on its body into a rain of arrows, shooting towards Xu Taiping with a piercing sound.




Faced with this attack, the wind shield formed by the Cangluan Ring around Xu Taiping's body almost shattered in response.


But Fairy Lingyue showed no sign of backing down. The long blade in her hand burst out with dazzling sword energy, slashing out nearly a hundred strikes in an instant, almost cutting off all the feathers that were shot at him.


In the end, these hundred strikes converged into one, as if they had never deviated from their direction, and once again heavily chopped down on the peacock king's wings.




It had to be said that the peacock king's wings were indeed harder than mysterious iron. Even such a fierce strike could not cut them open.


However, under this strike, the peacock king was not unscathed. The splattering feathers and the blood oozing from its wings were the best proof.




Fairy Lingyue was about to strike again, but the fine steel long blade in her hand couldn't bear the strain and shattered directly.


Seeing this, the peacock king was overjoyed and struggled to get up.


But as soon as it stood up, Fairy Lingyue threw away the broken blade and struck heavily with a fist, accompanied by a howling surge of energy.




With a tremendous sound, the peacock king's huge body trembled violently, and a burst of blood mist exploded around it.


"Who are you, after all?!"


The peacock king never expected that the fist of a mere cultivator at the Gazing Abyss Realm would have such terrifying power.




In response, Fairy Lingyue delivered another punch.


This punch caused another burst of blood mist around the peacock king, and the peacock demons around it who were ready to come to its aid were directly knocked back by the shockwave from the punch.


"Sister Lingyue's punch, clearly only using so little true essence, can actually have such great force?"


Watching this scene, Xu Taiping was full of shock and began to carefully ponder the way his true essence flowed in his body and the movements of Fairy Lingyue's punches.


"This is the Thousandfold Force. It seems like only one punch, but it actually gathers the force of hundreds or thousands of punches at an extremely fast speed, and then suddenly exerts force in an instant."


As if guessing Xu Taiping's confusion, Fairy Lingyue explained while once again pressing her fingertips against the peacock king's wings, then suddenly clenched her fist and exerted force, heavily smashing the peacock king's wings.




With a tremendous sound, the peacock king's body once again exploded into a burst of blood mist.




The peacock king screamed in pain once again.


To make a king-level demon beast scream like this was enough to show the great power of Fairy Lingyue's punch.


And this time, Xu Taiping finally saw a slight tremor in the fist controlled by Fairy Lingyue when it struck the peacock king's wings.


Obviously, Fairy Lingyue deliberately slowed down the speed to demonstrate to him.


"No matter who you are, you are ultimately just a cultivator at the Gazing Abyss Realm!"


At this moment, the peacock king suddenly roared, and then its blood and energy turned into flames, rising up and looking like a phoenix bathing in fire.




It suddenly raised its wings and fiercely slapped towards Xu Taiping in front of it.


Facing the peacock king's attack, Fairy Lingyue suddenly raised her two fingers to form a seal, then shouted, "Freeze!"




As soon as the words fell, a rune suddenly flashed above the peacock king's head.


Then a semi-transparent golden palm descended from the sky and heavily slapped the peacock king, with a loud "bang," pressing its flaming body firmly under the palm.


This was the first time Fairy Lingyue had used a spell.


But just this one time caused Xu Taiping's originally abundant true essence in his sea of qi to suddenly decrease by more than half.


"No wonder Sister Lingyue has always only used swords and fists. It turns out that my true essence cannot support the spells she knows at all."


Xu Taiping felt a bit bitter in his heart.


Obviously, if his cultivation level were a bit higher, this peacock king would probably have already been killed.


But even so, with a body at the Gazing Abyss Realm, to beat a peacock demon king to the point of being completely defenseless showed the great strength of Fairy Lingyue's martial arts.


"Taiping, the opportunity is rare. You try this time."


Fairy Lingyue suddenly gave up control of Xu Taiping's body.At this moment, she didn't take the Peacock King seriously at all.




Xu Taiping readily agreed.


Then, he recalled the sensation of Fairy Lingyue controlling his body to throw a punch, and mimicked her by raising his palm close to the Peacock King's wing, before suddenly clenching his fist and exerting force.




Amidst the loud collision, the Peacock King's wing trembled violently, but it didn't sustain any substantial damage.


"Not bad, to be able to concentrate three punches into one from the get-go, you've learned the technique of exerting force," said Fairy Lingyue, satisfied.


"To gather a thousand punches into one like you, sister, is truly too difficult," Xu Taiping shook his head.


"So, you really used some kind of sorcery to enhance your strength, and now that it's weakened, let's see how long you can hold on!" The Peacock King, noticing the diminished force of that punch, suddenly let out a scornful sneer.


"Is that so?"


Fairy Lingyue scoffed coldly, then once again took control of Xu Taiping's body and threw another punch.




The force of a thousand layers of power struck the Peacock King once more, blasting it open with a mist of blood.




The Peacock King let out another agonized scream.

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