Vol.1 – Chapter 57 – Peach Blossom Ridge,Bad Banquet



Even if Lingyue Fairy didn't say it, Xu Taiping wanted to try the power of this ring himself.


Immediately, he started to infuse his true essence into the ring according to the method he had just sensed with his divine soul, while pointing his finger towards the cloud that was trying to cover the moon.




The next moment, with just a thought from Xu Taiping, his fingertip immediately shimmered, and a spiral wind blade condensed from pure Qi, like a long spear, shot straight into the sky towards the cloud that was a hundred feet high.




A moment later, a slight trembling sound came from the sky.


Following that, Xu Taiping and Lingyue Fairy saw that the dark cloud that was originally covering the moon was pierced through by Xu Taiping's finger.


Through the hole in the cloud, the two of them could see the moon in the sky.


"This strike, I'm afraid even the Fire Cloud Python can't withstand it, right?"


Lingyue Fairy's eyes lit up at the sight.


"A single finger is the power to break armor, so this second finger should be the power to take on multiple opponents. Taiping, try the second finger quickly."


She urged Xu Taiping with some curiosity.




Xu Taiping was equally curious.




However, just as Xu Taiping extended two fingers, preparing to snap his fingers according to the method he had just sensed with his divine soul, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his abdomen.


"It seems like my True Qi has been depleted."


He used his divine soul to sense it and discovered that the True Qi in his dantian had been depleted when he released the power of the first finger just now.


"Lingyue sister, it seems that my spiritual power can only release the killing power of the Azure Luan Ring once."


Xu Taiping sighed with some regret.


"No need to be discouraged. Even if it can only be used once, you don't need to fear most of the demonic beasts in the mountains anymore. If you can refine a few more Gathering Qi Pills, you should be able to use it a few more times. And judging from the current situation, your current cultivation level is not enough to fully unleash the power of a single finger. Maybe when you break through the Gazing Abyss Realm, the power of this finger will be even stronger."


Lingyue Fairy smiled and shook her head.


She was very satisfied with the killing power of the Azure Luan Ring.


"I think so too."


Xu Taiping's eyes were full of anticipation.


"You should keep this iron gourd. After the Second Transformation of the Earth Fruit, the three gourds each have their own uses. The Green Gourd forms its own world, the Fire Gourd can cultivate elixirs even without Dragon Gallstone, and this iron gourd can cultivate weapons. Even if ordinary weapons are stored in it for one or two years, their quality will improve by a few percent, not to mention spiritual weapons like flying swords."


Lingyue Fairy explained the uses of the three gourds to Xu Taiping.


Xu Taiping didn't expect that these three gourds themselves were also treasures, so he immediately put the Fire Gourd and the Iron Gourd into the Green Gourd.


"Does that mean I can start a weapon business in the future?"


Xu Taiping suddenly had a strange idea and asked Lingyue Fairy.


"At present, this iron gourd can only cultivate one weapon at most. You have to use your True Essence to nurture it to gradually enhance its ability before you can cultivate more weapons. So it's too early to use this gourd to start a weapon business."


Lingyue Fairy did not completely reject Xu Taiping's suggestion. After all, in the practice of cultivation, the more heavenly materials and earthly treasures, the better.


"Okay, I understand. For now, I can only use it to cultivate the Azure Luan Ring."


Xu Taiping did not feel discouraged by this, but instead became more determined to improve his cultivation.


"By the way, Lingyue sister, I want to go to Peach Blossom Ridge tomorrow."


After putting away the gourds, Xu Taiping looked up and said to Lingyue Fairy with a serious expression.


"Go ahead."


This time, Lingyue Fairy agreed very readily.


In her opinion, no matter what the other party wanted to do, it was a good experience for Xu Taiping.


As for whether there would be any danger, in Lingyue Fairy's view, with the Azure Luan Ring, there would be no life-threatening danger unless he encountered a cultivator above the Gazing Abyss Realm.


As for cultivators above the Gazing Abyss Realm, where would they have the time to deal with an outer disciple like Xu Taiping?


"And if they really can't handle it, they still have me."


Lingyue Fairy muttered to herself in her heart.


After the Second Transformation of the Earth Fruit, she could already exert some of her original power by possessing others.


Of course, Xu Taiping didn't know this, and she didn't want Xu Taiping to know.



The next day.


Peach Blossom Ridge.


Although the scenery here is good, there are too many ferocious beasts and poisonous creatures in the mountains. Xu Taiping always avoids them when hunting, so this is his first time here.


When Xu Taiping entered a peach forest, he immediately saw a small courtyard in the center of the peach forest.


The courtyard was not large, similar to his Green Bamboo Residence, but the walls and tiles were much newer, indicating that it was a new courtyard.


"Since Taiping has come, why not come in for a chat?"


Xu Taiping originally wanted to observe the surroundings before entering, but he was discovered by the people in the courtyard as soon as he arrived.


"In that case, I will trouble you."


He didn't hesitate either. With a light tap on the ground, his figure leaped lightly and landed at the entrance of the courtyard in the blink of an eye.


Looking up, he saw three large characters at the entrance of the courtyard—"Guest Residence."


Xu Taiping glanced indifferently at the plaque and muttered to himself in his heart, "Today, no one can keep you here."




At that moment, the door of the courtyard was opened.


Two delicate-looking girls opened the door.


"Master Xu, please come in."


"Our master has been waiting for you in the house for a long time."


The two girls smiled and led Xu Taiping into the courtyard.


Xu Taiping nodded and walked straight into the courtyard, but one hand hidden in his sleeve had already grasped a Golden Bell Talisman.


He had a few of these talismans left from the Tiger Demon.


"Taiping, you honor us with your presence. Please forgive me for not welcoming you from afar."


The man in the courtyard apologized.As he was about to enter the small courtyard's main hall, a middle-aged man dressed as a scholar came out from inside with a beaming smile, gesturing for Xu Taiping to enter.


Xu Taiping halted his steps, showing no intention of moving forward.


"May I inquire about the esteemed name of the elder before me?"


While fixing his gaze on the man, he asked with a calm tone.


"My surname is Jian, given name Yuan, styled Yashan. Everyone at the Yunlou Assembly likes to call me Mr. Yashan."


The middle-aged man stroked his beard and replied with a cheerful smile.


"I see Mr. Yashan is a learned and reasonable person. Why then, for no reason, have you taken away my monkey?"


Xu Taiping asked directly.




Mr. Yashan let out a hearty laugh upon hearing this, then waved his hands repeatedly to explain:


"Young friend Taiping has misunderstood. I merely found your monkey extremely adorable, and since it took a liking to the spiritual fruits in my garden, I thought to take it for a few days of enjoyment."


Such preposterous words were spoken by him as if they were the most honorable of truths.


"Now that I am here, I would ask Mr. Yashan to hand over the monkey to me."


Xu Taiping did not get angry at the man's blatant lies, but calmly looked at Mr. Yashan, extending a hand.

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