Vol.1 – Chapter 58 – Battle of Yashan, there is an ambush in Taoyuan Ridge

“Don’t rush, Taiping, please come into the house first and we can discuss this after you’ve eaten and drunk your fill.”

Mr. Yashan smiled and waved his hand.

“No need.”

Xu Taiping shook his head and firmly extended his hand, saying, “Bring it here.”

Upon hearing this, Mr. Yashan’s face immediately darkened.

“Xu Taiping, don’t refuse the wine and end up drinking the punishment. Inviting you to join the Cloud Tower is a sign of respect for you.”

Mr. Yashan placed his hand on his abdomen, looking at Xu Taiping with a threatening tone.

The two charming maids also closed the courtyard door at this time, standing behind Xu Taiping in a pincer formation.

“I’m not interested in the Cloud Tower.”

Xu Taiping shook his head, and the hand that was raised was now placed on the long knife at his waist, and the true qi in his dantian began to surge through his meridians.

A strong aura spread throughout the courtyard in an instant.

Xu Taiping’s progress was indeed not fast, but it was solid. Every strand of true qi in his body had been condensed dozens of times, and his meridians were nourished by true qi every day.

Now, he was like a small but very hard stone.


At this moment, Mr. Yashan suddenly laughed heartily and said, “Since Taiping doesn’t want to eat this meal, I won’t force it.”

After saying this, he turned to the house and continued, “Lao Qian, bring the little monkey out and return it to Taiping.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Taiping frowned and looked at Mr. Yashan with some vigilance.

His intuition told him that things couldn’t be that simple.

However, to Xu Taiping’s surprise, from the moment the servant named Lao Qian took the little monkey out and handed it to Xu Taiping, Mr. Yashan did not show any abnormal behavior.

“Taiping, since you don’t want to stay, I won’t see you off.”

After returning the little monkey to Xu Taiping, Mr. Yashan smiled and arched his hand at Xu Taiping, then turned and walked into the courtyard without looking back.


The little monkey nervously clung to Xu Taiping’s arm.

“It’s okay, let’s go home.”

Xu Taiping patted the little monkey, his expression returning to normal, and he walked towards the courtyard gate.

“Take care, young master.”

Before reaching the door, the two maids smiled and bid farewell to Xu Taiping.

“Taiping, be careful behind you!”

At this moment, the voice of Fairy Lingyue sounded in Xu Taiping’s mind.

Without hesitation, Xu Taiping suddenly infused true qi into the Golden Bell Talisman in his hand, and a golden bell-shaped light shield instantly enveloped his whole body.


Almost at the same time, a sound like a bell ringing echoed.

Xu Taiping, who had already turned around, saw that Mr. Yashan had appeared behind him at some point, and was thrusting a sharp sword straight towards him.

Upon closer inspection, the sword wrapped in sword energy had already pierced through the golden bell shield and was almost touching Xu Taiping.

When did Mr. Yashan appear?

Xu Taiping was astonished because he had just seen Mr. Yashan enter the house.


But at this moment, he clearly didn’t have time to think. He suddenly tapped the ground with his toe, leaving a depression in the ground, and used the force to fly backward.

“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Before his feet touched the ground, the two maids, who had been smiling, suddenly drew a short sword from their sleeves, one from the left and one from the right, and stabbed towards Xu Taiping in unison.

Obviously, this was a pre-planned attack.


Xu Taiping once again crushed a Golden Bell Talisman.


Because of his timely reaction, the Golden Bell Talisman once again blocked the attacks of the two maids.

However, what made Xu Taiping feel somewhat creepy was that Mr. Yashan, who had been chasing him just now, had disappeared in front of him at this moment.


When Xu Taiping saw Mr. Yashan again, he had already appeared behind him, and a palm struck towards his back.


The force of this palm was extremely fierce, and the qi blade formed by the palm energy, like a large sword several feet long, heavily struck the golden bell shield around Xu Taiping’s body.


After only a few breaths, the golden bell shield around Xu Taiping shattered once again.

This type of low-grade Golden Bell Talisman was a disposable item and was difficult to withstand the attacks of the enemy for long.


At the same time, Mr. Yashan disappeared in front of him again, and the two maids once again drew their short swords and stabbed towards his back, timing their attacks very skillfully.


Xu Taiping once again crushed a Golden Bell Talisman.

He had used up his last Golden Bell Talisman, but he did not feel regret or panic. Instead, a look of enlightenment appeared in his eyes.Through the two recent attacks, Xu Taiping could confirm that Mr. Yashan’s disappearance was not due to his swift movement, but because he used some kind of invisibility Magical Tool.

Even if you have an invisibility Magical Tool, you’ll have to reveal yourself when you try to kill me, right?

As Xu Taiping pondered this, he formed a circle with his index finger and thumb inside his sleeve.


Sure enough, just as the Golden Bell Shield blocked the attacks from the two maids, Mr. Yashan’s figure appeared once again behind Xu Taiping, his palm striking the already cracked Golden Bell Shield.


With a loud noise, the Golden Bell Shield shattered.


Seeing this, Mr. Yashan sneered coldly, his other hand hidden behind him, holding a long sword that flickered with sword light, thrusting it towards Xu Taiping’s back.


But just as his long sword thrust forward, a blast of air resounded through the forest, and a wall of wind barrier spread out from around Xu Taiping.

This wind wall, naturally, came from Xu Taiping’s Cangluan Ring.


The wind wall was incredibly sturdy, causing Mr. Yashan’s treasured sword to snap upon impact.


A terrified Mr. Yashan, just as he was about to turn invisible and flee, did not expect Xu Taiping to have already drawn his blade, chopping towards Mr. Yashan’s neck with a steel longsword that whistled with blade energy.

But just as the blade was about to sever Mr. Yashan’s head, a jade pendant flew out from his neck and quickly transformed into a shield.


Although the jade pendant shattered on the spot, Mr. Yashan ultimately found his chance to escape.

“What are you waiting for, attack together!”

Mr. Yashan, having narrowly escaped death, scrambled away without regard for his appearance, all the while shouting loudly.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…”

As his voice fell, the sound of swords being drawn came from outside the courtyard, and four or five figures with strong aura fluctuations tumbled into the courtyard, all rushing towards Xu Taiping.

Clearly, there were more ambushes within Taoyuan Ridge.

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