Chapter 91 – Demon monk

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Before the Imperial Academy, Fa Hai blocked the way, and Bai Wangyu, covered in blood, could hardly move an inch.


Drop by drop, fresh blood stained the sword's edge, and the path of the Confucian seemed to have reached its end.


The parting advice vividly before his eyes, a tired smile emerged on Bai Wangyu's face despite his exhaustion.


In this life, he had no regrets.


For some reason, the beautiful silhouette of Li Yuan flashed through his mind at this moment, fleeting in an instant, then disappearing.


"Forbidden technique."


Bai Wangyu held his sword before him, his Genuine Qi surging against his bloodstream. In an instant, a cascade of blood burst forth, staining his Confucian robe and sword red.


His final words were inaudible; Bai Wangyu's lips moved slightly as a surge of righteous energy rose to the sky, mingling with the blinding mist of blood, revealing a power that shook heaven and earth.


"This is bad!"


At this moment, inside the Imperial Academy, all the Instructors' faces changed.




Inside the Enforcement Hall, the Confucian Master felt it and his expression changed in an instant.


In a corner of the Capital City.


Before a dilapidated courtyard, Li Ziye hurried over. Suddenly, his body trembled, and an indescribable palpitation struck his heart.


What had happened?


An uncontrollable palpitation came without warning. Li Ziye immediately looked in the direction of the Imperial Academy, his eyes filled with deep concern.


Nothing will happen.


Little Red Riding Hood is so strong, nothing will happen!


He was still waiting for Little Red Riding Hood to appear and help him in his most dangerous moment, as always.


Time was of the essence, and without a moment's hesitation, Li Ziye suppressed the palpitations in his heart and rushed into the dilapidated courtyard.


Old Bai, please, let nothing be wrong!


As long as you're fine, from now on, I'll let you have all the glory!


"Quick, search carefully everywhere, we must not let those two escape!"


Behind him, on the streets, the figures of the Imperial Guards appeared, braving the heavy rain to search for San Zang and Princess Qing Qing.


Seeing this, Li Ziye quickly closed the courtyard's large gate.




In the sky, lightning tore through the night, illuminating an increasingly dark world. Inside the courtyard, Li Ziye looked up at the sky as the cold rain streamed down his face, bone-chillingly cold.


Heaven, if you have eyes, bear witness to the true feelings of the human world just this once.


Behind him, in the broken house, San Zang held the girl tightly, trying to warm her with his body.


But it was all in vain.


"Princess, don't die."


Feeling the girl's increasingly faint breath, panic rose in San Zang's heart. He held the girl in his arms tightly, trying to retain this last bit of warmth.


"Little monk."


In San Zang's arms, Qing Qing struggled to open her eyes, her blood-red pupils so piercing, yet so tender.




A tremor went through San Zang's heart, and his pale face showed a look of sorrow.


"Little monk."


Qing Qing weakly raised her hand, touching the former's face, and managed a faint smile, "Do I look pretty?"




San Zang looked at the girl in the bright red wedding dress in his arms and nodded sadly, "In San Zang's heart, the Princess is always the most beautiful."


"I knew… you would come, so I wore it for you to see."


The light in Qing Qing's eyes dimmed, and she spoke in broken sentences, "Little monk, after I die, you must personally see to my passage."


Her last words were too faint to hear, Qing Qing's hand fell limply, and a tear silently slid down the corner of her eye.


In the end, she finally heard the words she wanted to hear.


In this life, she had no regrets.




San Zang's body shook violently, and though a Buddhist Disciple should not shed tears, at this moment, two lines of crimson tears flowed from his eyes.


Heartbroken and lost, the Buddhist energy around San Zang became chaotically intense, and the blood-red Buddhist seal on his forehead began to turn from red to black.


The black aura swirled, cold and oppressive, causing the withered grass and old wood around him to be blasted away, scattering everywhere.


"Princess, let's go."


San Zang stood up, carrying the girl in his arms, his eyes as deep as an abyss, devoid of any light.




Outside the broken house, thunder roared, and lightning pierced through the broken windows into the room, but it could not illuminate the sunken heart of the Buddhist Disciple.


"Little monk."


At that moment, the door of the broken house was pushed open with a bang, and Li Ziye rushed over. Seeing the change in the little monk before him, his expression shook.


San Zang glanced at the youth before him subconsciously but said nothing, holding the girl in his arms and stepping outside.




Li Ziye immediately reached out to stop him, saying solemnly, "The Imperial Guards are all outside, and your injuries are too severe, you can't just go out like this!"


After speaking, Li Ziye took out several jade bottles from his arms, poured out all the pills inside, and said, "These are pills I exchanged from the Confucian School, all for you. Don't worry about whether they're useful or not, just take them first."


San Zang nodded slightly upon hearing this, took the pills, and swallowed them all.


"Thank you, Li Shi… Brother Li."


Feeling the continuous surge of medicinal power within him, San Zang bowed in gratitude, "It's an honor for this monk to have met Brother Li in the Capital City."


"Little monk, come back to Li Yuan with me first. After these two days, I'll find a way to get you and the Princess out of the city," Li Ziye said earnestly.


"Thank you for your kindness, Brother Li."


San Zang spoke softly, "I can't wait any longer, I must leave as soon as possible to head to the far north."


"To the far north?"


Li Ziye was taken aback and asked, "Why?"


"To save the Princess."


San Zang looked at the girl in his arms, a tender expression on his pale face, "Legend has it that the extreme night of the cold winter is the source of the demon's power. There, perhaps, we can find a way to save the Princess."


"The extreme night?"


Li Ziye frowned slightly, but knowing that persuasion was futile, he nodded, "Alright, I've already lured Fa Hai towards the direction of the Imperial Academy. In a moment, I'll lead the Imperial Guards away. You take the opportunity to leave."


"Thank you."


San Zang did not refuse again and bowed respectfully, "Brother Li, if fate allows, we shall meet again in the future!"


"Little monk, don't die please!"


Li Ziye looked at the little monk before him, gave a word of caution, then turned and left the broken courtyard to lead the Imperial Guards away.


"Who's there, stop!"


Outside, the angry shouts of the Imperial Guards rose, and they quickly gave chase.


Inside the broken courtyard, San Zang tore his cassock and tied Qing Qing to his back, then stepped out of the broken courtyard.




In the sky, thunder was deafening, and amidst the torrential downpour, the Buddhist Disciple walked steadfastly through the city streets, heading towards the north city gate.


The rain fell in late autumn, perhaps the last rain before winter, cold to the bone.


Li Ziye had led most of the Imperial Guards away, so along the way, no guards were seen.




Just as San Zang was about to reach the north city gate, a large number of Imperial Guards surged out from around the gate.


The four city gates were all ambushed by a significant force from the court, all to prevent the Buddhist Disciple and Princess Qing Qing from escaping in the chaos.


"The Grand Commander guessed right; you were indeed planning to escape tonight!"


An Imperial Guard commander stepped forward, looking at the little monk before him, and said coldly, "Take him down!"




The order was given, and the guards immediately surrounded him.




San Zang did not respond, simply chanting a Buddhist mantra, and continued walking forward.




Nearly a hundred Imperial Guards shouted coldly, swarming forward with their swords.


"Bodhi Three Transitions."


San Zang spoke, and with each step, his Buddhist energy grew more intense.


"Mirror has no stand!"


Golden light shimmered, and suddenly, a trace of black aura formed a mirror around San Zang.


With a loud crash, all the charging Imperial Guards were sent flying, blood spilling from their mouths.


Seeing this, the Imperial Guard commander's expression darkened, and he personally charged forward with his sword.


As a third realm practitioner, the Imperial Guard commander showed no mercy, his sword heavy as a mountain, even splitting the rain curtain.


As danger approached, San Zang did not dodge or avoid, raising his right hand and catching the sword light.


Blood dripped down San Zang's palm, but at this moment, the Buddhist Disciple seemed to know no pain.


Perhaps, after tasting the most heart-wrenching pain in the world, the pain of the flesh was no longer felt.




At close range, San Zang blocked the Imperial Guard commander's sword with his flesh and blood, then immediately punched out, landing on the latter's chest.




A muffled groan sounded, and the Imperial Guard commander spat blood, retreating several steps.


Surrounded by Imperial Guards, San Zang stepped forward, his deep eyes colder than the abyss.


At his brow, the once blood-red Buddhist seal was now almost entirely dyed black, the aura of black qi swirling around, and the descent into demonhood was just a matter of time.




In the pouring rain, endless Imperial Guards came and were sent flying. San Zang injured but did not kill, perhaps still retaining the last bit of goodness in his heart.






The sound of fabric tearing, a blade passed behind San Zang, and blood sprayed from Qing Qing's left arm, staining the Buddhist Disciple's turned head red.


In an instant, terrifying killing intent surged in San Zang's deep eyes.


"You all deserve to die!"


San Zang grabbed the Imperial Guard who had wounded Princess Qing Qing, and his Buddhist energy erupted violently.


With a thunderous vibration, the Imperial Guard's throat was crushed, blood spraying into the air, turning the cold night completely red.


The Buddhist Disciple, filled with murderous intent, let his golden Buddhist energy be tainted by black demonic qi, cold and piercing.




San Zang stepped forward, his Buddhist beads scattering, each bead transforming into a deadly weapon, trailing a blinding crimson.




Screams of agony rose, and around him, Imperial Guards were pierced through the chest or limbs by the flying beads, writhing in pain on the ground.


"Demon monk!"


Seeing this, the Imperial Guard commander's face showed rage, and he charged forward again with his blade.


"Bodhi Three Transitions!"


San Zang whispered, and this time, it was no longer a defensive move.




The next moment, a piercing scream sounded, and the Imperial Guard commander's chest was penetrated by San Zang's hand, blood gushing like a fountain, horrifying to behold.




San Zang withdrew his hand, chanting a Buddhist mantra, and then stepped away.




In the sky, thunder split the night, and before the north city gate, the ground was covered in crimson, blood mixed with rainwater flowing endlessly, a shocking sight.

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