Chapter 90 – Rainy Night Blood Battle

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In the imperial city, a torrential downpour raged alongside a symphony of thunder.

Amidst the relentless rain, a monk clad in a green robe strode forward, clutching a purple-golden bowl, remarkably untouched by the raindrops.

As he journeyed across the sea of suffering, Fahai remained untouched by the mundane world, despite being enveloped by it.

His steps were deliberate and hefty; each footfall sent cascades of water splashing, yet his shoes remained inexplicably dry.

Within his purple-golden bowl, a faint golden glow flickered, reminiscent of a boundless golden ocean. This millennium-old sacred Buddhist artifact, known for its power to vanquish demons, shone with renewed divine might.

"Namo Amitabha Buddha!" Fahai's gaze pierced the sky, where thunder and lightning danced chaotically, his tranquil eyes briefly sparkled with intensity.

With monsters preying on humanity and an engulfing darkness descending, it seemed the great catastrophe might have already commenced.

"Quick, don't let the young monk and the demoness get away!" came a shout from behind. Troops of imperial guards splashed through the streets, following the Emperor's direct command to apprehend the Buddhist disciple and Princess Qing Qing, even stirring the elite forces of the Great Shang Dynasty.

"Young disciple, don’t let your master and elder brother down," Fahai whispered to himself before resolutely continuing forward.

"Boom!" Thunder tore through the heavens, casting a stark light over the dim human world.

Day had given way to night.

Li Yuan, Li Ziye, and Bai Wangyu emerged and meandered through the city streets before parting ways.

"Evil energy!" Fahai's expression tensed as he sensed a malevolent presence ahead.

The purple-golden bowl in his hand vibrated in response to the strong demonic aura.

Sensing this, Fahai hastened his steps towards the source of the evil energy.

Dressed in a white Confucian robe, Bai Wangyu raced through the rain, quickly vanishing into the night.

Shortly after, Fahai emerged, accelerating his pace.

"Boom!" Lightning illuminated the two figures on the street, one in pursuit of the other.

Bai Wangyu, sensing the monk closing in, quickened his speed.

"What is this?" After several streets, Fahai lifted his gaze to the scene ahead, his eyes narrowing slightly.

The strong aura of righteousness ahead was unmistakable – the Imperial Academy.

At the academy's entrance, Bai Wangyu halted abruptly as a burst of Buddhist light and the floating purple-golden bowl obstructed his path.

Bai Wangyu paused, turning back with a flicker of resolute determination in his eyes.

Fahai, a disciple of Buddhism, proved to be no ordinary foe.

In the courtyard east of the academy, an elderly Confucian scholar stood silently, gazing outwards with an undisturbed calm in his ancient eyes.

Unexpectedly, this tribulation entangled all three of them – what fate awaited the demons?

In this universal ordeal, none could escape, not the disciple of Buddha nor the future leader of Confucianism.

Wangyu, can you rise to this challenge?

Outside the academy, Bai Wangyu, with a stern expression, faced the approaching green-robed monk.

"Has the Confucian School fallen to such depths?" questioned Fahai, advancing towards the young man. "Release the demon behind you, and I shall permit your departure."

"Sorry,I cannot," replied Bai Wangyu, unsheathing the Taiyi Sword, his eyes turning icy.

"Then, I must act," Fahai declared, his hand emanating a brilliant Buddhist light, as he attempted to capture the senior Confucian disciple.

Bai Wangyu swiftly retreated, attempting to circumvent the purple-golden bowl that barred his path to the Imperial Academy.

However, Fahai anticipated his move, intercepting him.

"Boom!" Their sword and bowl collided, sending a tremendous shockwave. Bai Wangyu staggered, a trace of blood appearing at the corner of his mouth. Despite his prowess, he was quickly overpowered.

The Imperial Academy was in sight, yet the short distance seemed insurmountably far.

Struggling against his injuries, Bai Wangyu brandished his sword, stepping forward in a desperate attempt to delay his opponent.

A thunderous clash ensued as righteous aura met Buddhist power. Fahai grasped the blade of the Taiyi Sword, gazing at Bai Wangyu with a calm resolve, "Perhaps in a few years, your talent may surpass mine, but not today."

With these words, a powerful Buddhist aura erupted from Fahai, repelling the Confucian disciple.

The gap in their spiritual cultivation was vast and unbridgeable. Ten steps away, Bai Wangyu's bloodied hand gripped his sword tightly.

"I do not wish to harm you. Release the demon you protect," Fahai implored, standing before the Imperial Academy.

"I cannot," Bai Wangyu insisted, wiping the blood from his lips, his Taiyi Sword poised defiantly. As his blood stained the blade, a boundless righteous aura surged forth.

Fahai's expression turned to surprise.

"Is this aura concealed within the sword?" he wondered aloud.

"Breakthrough!" Bai Wangyu shouted, channeling the sword's righteous energy into himself, striving for a higher realm.

A deafening roar echoed as he unlocked a new level of his spiritual capacity, attracting a surge of energy from the heavens and earth.

"With such martial prowess, you need not succumb to darkness," Fahai advised, admiring Bai Wangyu's exceptional talent. "Let go of your obsessions. Dedicated cultivation will soon elevate you beyond me."

"I cannot," Bai Wangyu replied, his voice steadfast.

"Namo Amitabha Buddha," Fahai chanted, reluctantly accepting the young man's resolve. All five of his spiritual centers activated, responding to the celestial thunder.

"The Five Realms," Bai Wangyu acknowledged, recognizing the immense power before him.

Inside the Imperial Academy, the second disciple Wen Xiuru looked to the Confucian master, "Must we watch our eldest brother face peril alone?"

"He chose his path," the master replied solemnly. "He must bear its consequences."

Outside, the downpour intensified. Bai Wangyu, bloodied but unyielding, faced the formidable Five Realms cultivator, knowing retreat would endanger Brother Li.

"Haoran Chapter!" he exclaimed, a brilliant light radiating from him as an overwhelming

righteous aura surged, instantly evaporating the surrounding rain.

"The Gentleman's Wind," Bai Wangyu declared, unleashing a dazzling sword strike that cleaved through the darkness, aimed directly at Fahai.

"Boom!" Fahai countered, raising the purple-golden bowl to deflect the sword energy while simultaneously delivering a powerful palm strike to Bai Wangyu.

"Ugh!" Bai Wangyu grunted, stumbling back as blood spilled from his mouth, his injuries worsening.

"Master!" Inside the Imperial Academy, Wen Xiuru, feeling the escalating danger to his elder brother, urged action. "If we don't intervene, our elder brother might truly be in peril!"

The Confucian master clenched his fists, torn with indecision. Finally, he turned away, resigning to silence.

Why must you suffer so, Wangyu?

"Haoran Chapter!" Outside, Bai Wangyu, despite his grievous wounds, mustered his strength. His sword blazed a bloody trail, reigniting his righteous aura.

"The Turmoil of the Mortal World!" he cried, his sword radiating a blood-red light, drawing upon his own life force to amplify its power.

Fa Hai, witnessing the approaching blood-colored sword light, narrowed his eyes and deflected it with his purple-golden bowl. Yet, as the energy dissipated, a swift sword light unexpectedly lunged towards him.

"Ah!" Startled, Fa Hai hastily retreated, but not quickly enough.

With a slash, the Taiyi Sword tore through his robes, drawing blood—the first injury Fahai sustained in the battle.

"This is not the martial art of Confucianism," Fahai remarked, pushing back against the onslaught, a stern look on his face.

"Ugh!" Bai Wangyu staggered, blood spilling from his mouth as his internal injuries worsened.

"Indeed, this is not Confucian martial art," Bai Wangyu steadied himself, lifting his sword. "This is the Flying Immortal Technique."

"The premier art, the Flying Immortal Technique?" Fahai's eyes darkened. "Even without specializing in it, you've mastered it to such a degree. The top disciple of Confucianism is truly exceptional."

"You flatter me," Bai Wangyu replied modestly, gazing towards the rain-filled sky.

Inside the Imperial Academy, onlookers watched the battle with a mix of anxiety and helplessness.

"This is infuriating!" Yao Guihai slammed his palm on a table in the northern courtyard, outraged. "Are we to just watch idly?"

"The four masters have decreed no interference from our school," Li Hanqing declared coldly. "Unless Wangyu can enter the Imperial Academy on his own merit."

"How can he get in?" Yao Guihai protested. "Facing a Five Realms cultivator, even Wangyu's strength may not be enough for escape."

"Silence!" Chen Qiao'er commanded. "Nothing is impossible. Did he not just wound that monk? If Wangyu enters the Academy, we will take over the battle."

Li Hanqing and Yao Guihai nodded, reluctantly agreeing, waiting for a potential miracle.

Outside, the rain grew heavier.

"Old Bai, remember," Brother Li's parting words echoed in Bai Wangyu's mind, "don't get into trouble."

Covered in blood, Bai Wangyu drew his sword, its blade stained red. With a surge of energy, he prepared for his next move.

"Forbidden Technique!"

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