Chapter 73 – Chen Qiao’er

Imperial Academy, outside the North Court.

Bai Wangyu stood there with an embarrassed look on his face, not knowing whether to enter or not.

“Hey, little Wangyu!”

At this moment, an instructor in the courtyard saw Bai Wangyu outside and immediately smiled, saying, “Come on in.”

Bai Wangyu had no choice but to walk in with a stiff face.

Behind him, Li Ziye curiously followed, ready to see what these “well-behaved” instructors looked like.

“Who is this?”

The instructors in the courtyard saw the young man following behind and asked in confusion.

“He is Li Ziye, the eldest son of the Li Family,” Bai Wangyu introduced.

“Is he the young man from the Li Family who carved his name in the heavenly book?”

A bearded instructor showed surprise and said, “He doesn’t look particularly special.”

“Old Yao, don’t judge a book by its cover, you know nothing,” a middle-aged man who looked like a scholar stepped forward from behind and looked at the young man with what he thought was a friendly smile. He reached out and patted the young man’s shoulder, saying, “Young man from the Li Family, I am Li Qingshan. Perhaps hundreds of years ago, we were also family.”

“Instructor Li.”

Li Ziye immediately greeted politely.

“Young man from the Li Family, don’t be fooled by this old glass. He’s the most eccentric one in the entire North Court,” a bearded instructor reminded from the side.

Li Ziye was taken aback and looked at the little red hat beside him, wondering what it meant.

“Be careful.”

Bai Wangyu reminded in a low voice.


Li Ziye took a sharp breath at the words and quickly took a step back.

Damn, that’s disgusting.

“Yao Guihai, do you believe I’ll tear your mouth apart!”

Li Qingshan saw the little fat sheep about to escape and looked at the bearded man beside him, his friendly expression disappearing, replaced by a cold tone.

“Old glass, come on, I’m not afraid of you.”

Yao Guihai, with a full beard, showed no weakness at all, confronting him head-on.

“Don’t quarrel!”

Just then, a female instructor with thick glasses walked out of the North Court, holding a scroll in her hand, reading and speaking at the same time.

Li Qingshan and Yao Guihai saw the approaching woman and immediately shut up, not daring to say more.

Beside Li Ziye, Bai Wangyu saw the woman coming and couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat.

Instructor Chen Qiao’er, why is she here today?

“What’s wrong?”

Li Ziye, seeing the situation, said in confusion. Isn’t she just a weak female instructor? Why are these people so scared?

Under three fearful gazes and one puzzled gaze, Chen Qiao’er read her book and walked over.

From Li Ziye’s aesthetic point of view, the female instructor in front of him was not a standard beauty, more like a delicate and pretty woman from the south, very delicate. However, the thick glasses destroyed all the beauty.

“Young man from the Li Family?”

Chen Qiao’er put down the scroll, looked closely at the young man in front of her, and asked.


Li Ziye politely greeted.

Bai Wangyu, seeing Chen Qiao’er approaching, subconsciously took a step back.

Seeing this, Chen Qiao’er narrowed her eyes behind her glasses and said, “Little Wangyu, are you afraid of me?”


Bai Wangyu’s back was sweating profusely, shaking his head vigorously, “Instructor Chen is gentle and virtuous, how could I be afraid?”


Chen Qiao’er gently patted the young man’s shoulder and then turned her gaze back to the young man in front of her, saying, “I heard that Crystal was invented by you?”


Li Ziye immediately shook his head and denied, “It was invented by an old man in my family.”

Chen Qiao’er’s eyes flashed with a dangerous light at the words, “Where is that old man? I’ll go find him.”

“He has passed away.” Li Ziye sensed that something was wrong and said.

“Where is his grave?” Chen Qiao’er continued to ask.


Li Ziye was speechless for a moment. Is she really going to dig up someone else’s grave?

“It was invented by you!”

Chen Qiao’er stared into the young man’s eyes and said seriously.

“No, it wasn’t,” Li Ziye refused to admit.

“Yes, it was!” Chen Qiao’er insisted.

“No, it wasn’t!”

“Yes, it was!”



In the North Court, the two of them stared at each other, refusing to back down.

Around them, Bai Wangyu and the two instructors all stayed far away, not daring to get involved.


Suddenly, a loud noise rang out. Bai Wangyu and the two instructors were shocked to see the two arguing people directly start fighting, or more accurately, one-sidedly beating each other.

With a slap, Chen Qiao’er directly knocked Li Ziye out.

On the wall of the North Court, Li Ziye fell down like a piece of paper and landed on the ground.

“Brother Li.”

Bai Wangyu came to his senses and hurried over to help him up.

“Mad woman!”

Li Ziye, holding his aching chest, said angrily, “A gentleman uses his mouth, not his hands. Why did you hit me!”

“I am a woman, not a gentleman,” Chen Qiao’er said calmly, “If you’re not satisfied, you can hit back.”

“Brother Li, don’t be impulsive,” Bai Wangyu reminded quietly, “Instructor Chen is a master who has opened four Divine Hidden Techniques. You can’t beat her even if there were a hundred of you.”


Li Ziye took a sharp breath at the words, feeling a chill. This woman is so powerful?

“Brother Li, let me introduce you to three instructors.”

Bai Wangyu saw that the atmosphere was a bit awkward and tried to smooth things over, saying, “You’ve just met Instructor Li Qingshan. He’s good at swordsmanship, so you can ask him for advice in the future, Brother Li.”

After that, Bai Wangyu looked at the bearded man on the other side and introduced, “This is Instructor Yao Guihai, from a butcher background, with superb knife skills, especially good at… slaughtering pigs!”

Finally, Bai Wangyu looked at the only woman among the three instructors and said cautiously, “This is Instructor Chen Qiao’er, born with divine power and powerful palm techniques. Brother Li just experienced it.”

Li Ziye heard the introduction from Bai Wangyu and bowed respectfully, showing as much respect as possible.

They’re all freaks!

Not a single normal person.”Are the introductions over?”

Chen Qiao’er glanced at Bai Wangyu and said indifferently.

“They’re over.”

Bai Wangyu replied respectfully.

“Then go stand aside, I haven’t finished asking my questions!”

Chen Qiao’er said coldly, then immediately stepped forward towards Li Ziye.

“Old Bai, save me.”

Li Ziye, frightened, quickly ran behind Little Red Riding Hood and pleaded for help.

Bai Wangyu was also sweating coldly. Although Instructor Chen was usually not normal, she had never gone mad like today.

What happened?

“Move aside!”

Chen Qiao’er looked at Bai Wangyu blocking the way and spoke.

“Instructor Chen.”

Bai Wangyu was about to say something, but upon seeing Chen Qiao’er’s warning gaze, he immediately chickened out and discreetly moved aside.

“Old Bai, you!”

Li Ziye, seeing this, was so angry he almost spat out blood. At the critical moment, Little Red Riding Hood was indeed unreliable.

“Kid, did you invent the Crystal?”

Up close, Chen Qiao’er looked at the young man in front of her and asked persistently.


Li Ziye finally couldn’t hold out and chose to compromise, admitting it.

“That’s great.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Qiao’er’s delicate face showed a hint of joy. She took off her glasses from her nose and said, “Can you make these thinner? They’re so ugly!”

Li Ziye was stunned, looking at the glasses in the woman’s hand. All this trouble for this?

Just for this?

Why didn’t you say so earlier!

Li Ziye took the glasses and put them on his own eyes, immediately feeling the world spin.

Damn it.

What’s the prescription on these?

Li Ziye quickly took off the glasses, shook his head, and then looked at the woman in front of him, curiously waving his hand in front of her eyes.

With such high myopia, without glasses, it was almost no different from being blind.

“Stop shaking, I can’t see, but I can sense it,” Chen Qiao’er said indifferently.

Hearing this, Li Ziye immediately withdrew his hand and gave an awkward smile, forgetting that this woman was an expert who had opened four Divine Hidden Techniques.

“You haven’t answered me yet, can you or can’t you?” Chen Qiao’er asked.

“It’s possible, but it will take some time,” Li Ziye looked at the glasses in his hand and said, “The craftsmanship of Crystal is not yet mature. It’s not easy to make glasses with a high refractive index.”

“Refractive index?”

Chen Qiao’er looked puzzled and asked, “What do you mean?”


Li Ziye was somewhat stumped, how to explain this.

“Never mind, as long as you can make it,” Chen Qiao’er reached out, took back the glasses, and put them on again, “Once you make them, I’ll help you beat up someone, anyone you choose.”


Li Ziye grinned and replied.

This deal wasn’t bad, simple and brutal!

He was starting to like Instructor Chen.

“Instructors, Brother Li and I still have to visit instructors from the other two courtyards, so we won’t stay any longer. We’ll take our leave now.”

Seeing this, Bai Wangyu quickly grabbed Li Ziye and started walking outside.

“Old Bai, why the rush? I haven’t finished chatting with Instructor Chen!” Li Ziye complained after being dragged to the North Courtyard.

“I’m afraid if you two keep talking, you might team up and flip the North Courtyard upside down.”

Bai Wangyu said irritably, “Let’s go, to the West Courtyard.”

While Li Ziye was starting to network in advance for teaching at the Imperial Academy, on the west side of the Capital City, a caravan rumbled along. Departing from the southwest border of Great Shang, after more than ten days on the road, they were less than half the distance to the Capital of Shang.

Inside the carriage in the middle of the convoy, an extremely beautiful young girl sat, looking back at the procession behind her every so often, searching for that familiar figure.

However, each time she looked, the girl was disappointed once more, her expression growing darker.

At the back of the convoy, in a place no one could see, a young Buddhist Disciple in a light yellow robe followed silently, day after day, from the southwest border of Great Shang all the way here.

The Buddhist Disciple had a delicate appearance, as pure as a child, with a blood-red Buddhist seal on his forehead, striking and vivid.

After more than ten days of continuous travel, even a strong Buddhist Disciple like him was looking pale, clearly reaching his physical limits.

However, San Zang did not stop, always following behind the caravan.

The master said that suffering is also a form of cultivation.

“Little monk, where are you?”

In the carriage, Qing Qing murmured with a gloomy expression, her gaze fixed on the Capital of Shang, which was not too far away, a determined look flashing in her eyes.

She would never marry that Prince.

Even if it meant death.

But she couldn’t bear to leave the little monk.

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