Chapter 41 – Yan Xiaoyu

Li Yuan, the sky gradually darkened, and the bright moon rose.

In the front yard, Li Ziye was still anxiously waiting, looking worried and lost, as if he had just been through a breakup.

It wasn’t until the bright moon hung high in the starry sky that a figure in a white Confucian robe walked in from outside the Li Yuan, with a handsome face and extraordinary temperament.

Seeing the newcomer, Li Ziye immediately greeted him excitedly.

“Old Bai, I thought you weren’t coming back.”

Li Ziye grabbed Old Bai’s hand, feeling so moved that he was almost in tears.

It must be that Old Bai couldn’t bear to leave him, so he insisted on coming back.

Old Bai suppressed his nausea, tried to pull his hand away, failed, and then pulled it away forcefully.

“The Confucian Scholar wanted to see me, so I went back for a visit.”

As he spoke, Old Bai discreetly wiped the hand that Li Ziye had grabbed, afraid of catching something.

“The Confucian Scholar wanted to see you?”

Li Ziye didn’t notice Old Bai’s actions and asked curiously, “Is there something urgent? If you need my help, just tell me.”

“It’s nothing, just a few words of advice, asking me to learn more from Brother Li and observe more,” Old Bai said calmly.

“Learn from me?”

Li Ziye was taken aback at the words, wondering if he had misheard.

Other people’s children wanted to learn from him?

Old Li, did you hear that? Your son has made it!

“The Confucian Scholar is truly perceptive, able to see the strengths that ordinary people can’t,” Li Ziye said, patting Old Bai’s shoulder, “Study well, and I will patiently teach you.”


Old Bai was speechless. He had indeed learned a lot, such as having a thick skin.

“Go to sleep, I’ve been waiting for you all night, and I’m exhausted!”

Seeing Old Bai return unharmed, Li Ziye also felt relieved, waved his hand, and then turned to walk back into the inner courtyard.

“Brother Li.”

Old Bai called out from behind.


Li Ziye stopped and turned back, puzzled. “What is it?”

“To Brother Li, what is the Plum Blossom Sword Immortal?” Old Bai asked seriously.

“My master,” Li Ziye replied.

“Have you ever doubted whether what the Plum Blossom Sword Immortal taught you, or the path she arranged for you, is wrong?” Old Bai continued to ask.


Li Ziye shook his head vigorously, “I am someone who respects my master and the Dao, how could I doubt my Immortal master? Everything she says is right!”

“Brother Li, I want to hear the truth,” Old Bai asked seriously.

Looking at the serious expression on Old Bai’s face, Li Ziye was first surprised, then grinned, “Doubt? Not only did I doubt, there were several times when I couldn’t help but ask about her relatives, but in the end, the outcome was a bit tragic. I was beaten by Old Qin so badly that I couldn’t even recognize my own father. Old Bai, you’re acting strange today, why are you asking these questions?”

“It’s nothing.”

Old Bai shook his head, “It’s late, Brother Li, go rest.”


Li Ziye was speechless and turned to leave.

Old Bai watched Li Ziye’s back, a hint of curiosity in his eyes.

Now, he understood why the Confucian Scholar wanted him to follow Brother Li.

He could see that Brother Li cared a lot about the Plum Blossom Sword Immortal, and respected her deeply.

But Brother Li wouldn’t blindly follow every arrangement made by the Plum Blossom Sword Immortal, and dared to question her. In this regard, he was indeed not as good as Brother Li.

He would do his best to learn.

In return, he would also strictly follow the Confucian Scholar’s orders and help Brother Li improve his strength.

With that in mind, Old Bai walked towards the west wing, ready to study the third move of the Immortal Flying Technique.

The bright moon shone high, and under the night sky, in the inner courtyard and the west wing, two people, both holding swords, both with determined gazes, practiced over and over again.

Li Ziye didn’t sleep. He believed that diligence could make up for his lack of skill. If he couldn’t do it once, he would practice ten times. If ten times didn’t work, he would practice a hundred times, a thousand times!

Old Bai didn’t sleep either, spending the whole night helping Li Ziye study the third move of the Immortal Flying Technique, his righteous spirit shining brighter than the bright moon.

Two people, two swords, cutting through one sharp cold light after another, simultaneously, in sync, thrilling.

At the same time, on the west side of the Great Shang Capital, the Divine Temple team traveled day and night, getting closer and closer to the capital.

Seven days later, in front of the west city gate, the sound of horse hooves resounded as the Divine Temple team, which had been on the road for many days, finally arrived.

Outside the city gate, the Third Prince Mu Yao personally led several courtiers from the Ministry of Rites to greet the Divine Temple team, giving the Divine Temple plenty of face.

The Great Shang Dynasty was built on martial strength, but it never lacked in the etiquette of a great nation.

As the Divine Temple team entered the city, many commoners came to the streets out of curiosity to see the commotion.

In the past decade, although there had been occasional friction between the Great Shang Dynasty and the Divine Temple, overall, there was still peace.

So, the common people of Great Shang didn’t harbor any hostility towards the envoys from the Divine Temple who were visiting this time.

Especially since among the visitors was the legendary Divine Child Yan Xiaoyu, which made the people of Great Shang even more curious, wanting to see what the Divine Child looked like.

Of course, among these bored people was the even more bored Li Ziye, dragging along Old Bai, who didn’t want to come.

On both sides of the street, behind the crowd, after waiting for a long time, Old Bai, seeing that the Divine Temple team had not yet appeared, didn’t want to continue waiting. He spoke up, “Brother Li, I’ve already seen that Yan Xiaoyu and even fought with him. I’m going back first!”

“Don’t go!”

Li Ziye grabbed the former, “Since we’re here, let’s watch the excitement before leaving.”

“Why is Brother Li so interested in Yan Xiaoyu?”

Old Bai asked in confusion. Based on his understanding of Brother Li, even if Yan Xiaoyu looked like a flower, as long as he was a man, Brother Li wouldn’t be interested.

After spending these days together, he had some understanding of Brother Li’s personality and hobbies.

“I’m not interested in Yan Xiaoyu, I’m interested in my medicinal herb. I want to keep an eye on it, or else if it gets lost, I’ll have nowhere to cry,” Li Ziye said.Li Ziye explained while on tiptoes, peering towards the end of the street, “Why hasn’t the Divine Temple’s procession arrived yet? Could they be having a meal outside the city?”

“Why is Brother Li so concerned about this Medicine King? I really don’t understand,” Bai Wangyu couldn’t help but ask again.

“Of course, it’s of great use!”

Li Ziye glanced at the little red cap beside him, thought for a moment, and said, “Well, I can tell you, but you mustn’t tell anyone else.”

After spending some time together, he felt that the little red cap was quite good, and it wouldn’t hurt to share the secret with him.

“I won’t tell anyone else,” Bai Wangyu nodded with a curious face, agreeing.


Li Ziye looked around, lowered his voice, and whispered, “The eight meridians in my body are blocked. I need to use external force to shatter them and then use the Medicine King to repair them, in order to reshape my extraordinary meridians.”

Upon hearing this, Bai Wangyu’s body shook, and he looked at the young man in front of him with disbelief, unable to hide his shock.

The eight meridians are blocked?

How could someone who was taken as a disciple by the Plum Blossom Sword Immortal and so regarded by the Confucian Scholar have blocked meridians!

Thinking of this, Bai Wangyu grabbed the other’s arm, his genuine qi probing into the meridians, and then, his expression became more and more shocked.

Brother Li wasn’t lying.

Of the eight meridians, six were blocked, and even the two that were open were not fully repaired, clearly having been reshaped not long ago.

“Brother Li, you…”

Bai Wangyu looked at the young man in front of him, his gaze complex, at a loss for words.

“Keep it a secret at all costs!”

Li Ziye whispered a reminder, “It’s not a big deal for me, but my Fairy master is someone who cares about appearances. If the world knew she took in a good-for-nothing, and it spread, Old Qin would lose face and would definitely kill me.”

“I understand.”

Bai Wangyu nodded lightly, his expression complex, and said, “Brother Li, you really have given me surprise after surprise.”

“Keep a low profile.”

Li Ziye grinned and said, “After all, there are too few outstanding children like Brother Bai. In this world, there are more ordinary people like me. If you want to practice martial arts, you have to find every possible way to create conditions for yourself, by any means necessary.”

“No wonder the Confucian Scholar repeatedly instructed me to follow Brother Li closely to learn and observe. There are too many incredible things about you.”

Bai Wangyu sighed softly, from the rise of the Li Family to Brother Li successfully becoming a disciple of the Plum Blossom Sword Immortal, everything had exceeded people’s expectations.

If one had to describe it with a word, it could only be a miracle!

“I don’t know what the Confucian Scholar is thinking, but I do know that I won’t be able to sleep until I get the Medicine King brought by the Divine Temple.”

Li Ziye looked towards the end of the street, casually responding, and then his eyes lit up with excitement, “Old Bai, it’s here, my Medicine King is here!”

Upon hearing this, Bai Wangyu also looked over.

At the end of the street, the rumble of carriages and the clanking of armor could be heard. The Third Prince and officials from the Honglu Temple led the way, with the Divine Temple’s procession following. At the very front, the Divine Temple’s iron cavalry were wrapped in silver armor, revealing only their eyes, their awe-inspiring aura shocking.

And in the middle of the procession, a young man dressed in a moon-white robe, with handsome features and starry eyes, sat in the carriage, his lips curved in a warm smile like the morning sun, his noble demeanor even surpassing that of the princes of Great Shang.

Divine Child Yan Xiaoyu, the Unparalleled Arrogance of the young generation in the human world, had arrived in the Capital City of Shang.

“Overflowing with dominance!”

From the back of the crowd, Li Ziye watched Yan Xiaoyu on the carriage and fairly uttered four words.

In terms of appearance, this Divine Child was indeed not bad.

Almost catching up to him and the little red cap.

Within the Divine Temple’s procession, Yan Xiaoyu felt the worshipful and envious gazes of the citizens of Great Shang, his lips curving slightly.

Great Shang, a nation abandoned by the God of Light, its citizens were all faithless fools, incomparable to his Divine Oracle Temple.

Under the adoring gazes of the crowd, suddenly, Yan Xiaoyu’s expression became solemn as he felt a particular gaze from the crowd and immediately looked over.

Their eyes met for a brief moment, and Yan Xiaoyu’s brows furrowed slightly.

Strange, who is this person? His aura is truly uncomfortable, with an indescribable sense of discord.

From the back of the crowd, Li Ziye saw Yan Xiaoyu’s gaze and grinned.

My Medicine King has finally arrived, thanks to the generous young master!

On the carriage, Yan Xiaoyu looked at the other’s smile, feeling an increasing disgust.

Where did this fool come from!

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