Chapter 40 – Confucian Scholar’s Thoughts

In front of Li Garden, the enchanting smile of Zhangsun Nanqiao before leaving kept echoing in Li Ziye’s mind, lingering for a long time.


Li Ziye shook his head hard to shake off the distracting thoughts.

After a day of turmoil, he finally gained something.

Li Ziye turned and walked into the mansion, a faint smile on his lips.

He had made his move, now it was up to the Zhangsun Family to see if they could handle it.

In the capital city, as the sun was setting and the afterglow was sprinkling, the entire city appeared somewhat ancient and quaint.

On the streets, in the carriages passing by, Zhangsun Fengyu looked at his quiet and silent aunt in front of him and asked with concern, “Aunt, is there something on your mind?”

“Just now, the Li Family offered a condition for cooperation.”

Zhangsun Nanqiao rubbed her slightly aching head and said, “They want a 20% share of the Zhangsun Family’s medicinal herb business, plus a thousand-year Medicine King plant.”


Zhangsun Fengyu almost couldn’t help but curse at the words, “The Li Family is too greedy. The Zhangsun Family has established its business in medicinal herbs, with shops all over the Great Shang Dynasty. Do they know how huge a 20% share is? Why doesn’t the Li Family go and grab it themselves? And they still want a thousand-year Medicine King. Do they think the Medicine King is a radish? Where are we supposed to find it for them!”

At this point, Zhangsun Fengyu looked at the person in front of him and said in astonishment, “Aunt, you won’t agree, will you?”

“I agreed.”

Zhangsun Nanqiao nodded and said, “The Zhangsun Family needs a partner like the Li Family.”

Others may not be clear, but she understood very well that the Zhangsun Family’s business had reached a bottleneck. Similarly, the Merchant Alliance and the Yin Family Money House were also troubled by this. The competition among the three families, whether open or hidden, was becoming increasingly intense. To break this deadlock, they had to rely on the Li Family’s support.

“But we don’t have the Medicine King that the Li Family wants,” Zhangsun Fengyu said in a firm voice.

“We do.”

A hint of a different color flashed in Zhangsun Nanqiao’s eyes as she said, “You’ve forgotten. The team from the Divine Temple is about to arrive in the capital city, and among the gifts they bring, there is a thousand-year Medicine King.”

“The Divine Temple?”

Zhangsun Fengyu asked in surprise, “But how can we have a say in the Divine Temple’s things?”

“We can’t, but your aunt, the queen of the Great Shang, can.”

Zhangsun Nanqiao said calmly, “The gifts that the Divine Temple presents to the court will ultimately be distributed by His Majesty. According to custom, His Majesty will select a few items to reward the palace and the meritorious officials in the court. Your second aunt, as the mistress of the palace, can choose one or two gifts in advance.”

Zhangsun Fengyu was taken aback and then extended his thumb, admiringly said, “It’s your cleverness, Aunt!”

“It’s not my cleverness, it’s the heir of the Li Family.”

Zhangsun Nanqiao said lightly, “Fengyu, you must learn well. This child’s thoughts are so deep that even I find it headache-inducing.”

“Are you saying that Li Ziye’s original purpose was the Medicine King from the Divine Temple?” Zhangsun Fengyu asked in shock.


Zhangsun Nanqiao nodded with a solemn expression and said, “I was also puzzled all along why the Li Family’s heir had such a big change in attitude before and after. It wasn’t until just now that I figured it out. The reason the Li Family changed their minds and agreed to cooperate with our Zhangsun Family is because they have their eyes on the Medicine King brought by Yan Xiaoyu. And our Zhangsun Family is just a pawn that the Li Family’s heir needs to achieve his goal.”

“To use our Zhangsun Family, Li Ziye has a lot of nerve.”

Zhangsun Fengyu’s expression darkened and he said, “He even calculated my second aunt into it.”

If the Zhangsun Family wanted to obtain the Medicine King, they would have to ask the queen of the Great Shang to intervene. The thoughts of the Li Family’s heir were so deep.

“Young people are formidable.”

Zhangsun Nanqiao sighed softly and said, “Fengyu, you are the hope of our Zhangsun Family in the future. You must not lose to him.”

Zhangsun Fengyu smiled awkwardly. Judging from the scheming shown by the heir of the Li Family today, he really didn’t have much confidence.

Just as the two of them were feeling a bit tricky about Li Ziye’s scheming, in the Li Family’s courtyard, someone was fawning over the handsome Little Red Riding Hood for guidance.

Bai Wangyu was so harassed that he had no choice but to help study the body technique of the Flying Immortal Technique together.

“Three steps to the left, yes, yes, lean!”

In the west wing, Bai Wangyu instructed Li Ziye in martial arts. After nearly an hour, he couldn’t help but burst out, spitting out a fragrant smell.

To force the senior brother of the Confucian School, who was so perfect in cultivation and temperament, to curse, Li Ziye could be said to be the number one person in the world today.


Because of a problem with his footwork, without any suspense, Li Ziye flew out again and hit the apricot tree in the courtyard.

The apricot tree shook, and the leaves rustled down.

“Old Bai, help me down!”

Stuck in the branches of the apricot tree, Li Ziye struggled and shouted loudly.


Bai Wangyu really wanted to pretend not to hear and let this kid get stuck and die.If I teach him again, I’m afraid I’ll be driven to death by him.


On the apricot tree, perhaps Li Ziye struggled fiercely, and the sound of the broken branches rang out.

Very abrupt.

Very harsh.

Li Ziye’s body stiffened and dared not move again.

Not far away, Bai Wangyu also froze, forgetting to go to the rescue.


Then, a loud noise.

The branches broke, and Li Ziye fell directly, slapping the ground like a sandbag.

Face down.

“Brother Li, I have something to do, you practice on your own.”

Seeing this, Bai Wangyu, struggling to hold back his laughter, said in a loud voice, then quickly walked away.

In the west wing, it was quiet. After three breaths, Li Ziye suddenly jumped up, blood flowing from his nose, his eyes filled with anger.

“Bai Wangyu, fuck you!”


Outside the west wing, Bai Wangyu finally couldn’t help it and burst into laughter.

It’s really satisfying!

Heaven has eyes.

“Master Bai, there is a Confucian scholar from the Imperial Academy outside who claims to be looking for you.”

At this moment, a servant boy hurriedly walked to the front of the west wing, with a respectful expression.

“From the Imperial Academy?”

Upon hearing this, Bai Wangyu’s expression changed, and he quickly walked towards the mansion’s entrance.

In front of Li Garden, a young man in a Confucian robe was waiting. When he saw the eldest senior brother come out, he showed a happy expression and said, “Eldest Senior Brother.”

“Why are you here? What’s the matter?” Bai Wangyu asked.

The young man respectfully saluted and said, “It’s the order of the Confucian Scholar, asking Eldest Senior Brother to return to the Imperial Academy.”

“The order of the Confucian Scholar.”

Bai Wangyu’s expression changed, and without delay, he said, “Then let’s go.”

After speaking, the two of them set off and headed towards the direction of the Imperial Academy.

Inside Li Garden, Li Ziye heard that Little Red Riding Hood had left and looked puzzled. What happened?

Why did the Confucian School suddenly summon Little Red Riding Hood back?

Don’t let him go. Without this golden-handed thug, how can he roam the entire map?

In the small courtyard on the east side of the Imperial Academy.

As the sunset faded, the last ray of twilight fell into the courtyard. An old man tidied up the vegetable garden and straightened his already very old body.

“See the Confucian Scholar!”

Outside the small courtyard, Bai Wangyu walked over alone and respectfully saluted.

“How is your interaction with the third son of the Li Family?” Kong Qiu asked as he put down his hoe.

“Brother Li is intelligent and extraordinary. I have gained a lot from being with Brother Li these days,” Bai Wangyu answered seriously.


Kong Qiu nodded and said, “Although the third son of the Li Family has shallow cultivation, he is adept at human affairs. This is also what you lack. You should learn more from him while being by his side.”

“Yes!” Bai Wangyu respectfully agreed.

“Yan Xiaoyu from the Hall of Heavenly Prophecy is coming to the capital city. Do you know about this?” Kong Qiu asked.

“I know,” Bai Wangyu replied.

“You have fought with Yan Xiaoyu before, so you have some understanding of him. How long do you think it will take for Li Ziye to catch up with him in martial arts progress?” Kong Qiu asked calmly.

Bai Wangyu hesitated for a moment and then truthfully said, “He won’t catch up.”

Kong Qiu nodded and said, “Then you should help him.”


Bai Wangyu respectfully agreed without even asking why.

“Don’t you want to know the reason why I asked you to help him?” Kong Qiu asked.

“The decision of the Confucian Scholar has its reasons,” Bai Wangyu replied.

“Respecting teachers and valuing morals are your strengths.”

Kong Qiu sighed softly and said, “But it is also your weakness. In this world, no one’s decision is always correct. You need to learn to question, even if the object of your questioning is your teacher, the Confucian law, or even me!”

Bai Wangyu’s face changed in surprise and quickly bowed respectfully, saying, “Disciple dare not!”

“What’s there to be afraid of?”

Kong Qiu looked at the future successor of the Confucian School outside the courtyard and said calmly, “Wangyu, from the beginning until now, have you never thought about stepping into this courtyard?”

Bai Wangyu’s body trembled, and for a long time, he clenched his hands and tried to take the first step.

However, the oppressive force accumulated by the Confucian Scholar for many years made the steps taken by this senior brother of the Confucian School retract.

Seeing this, Kong Qiu sighed again.

What he wanted was not the respect of the world, but questioning.

Authority is meant to be broken.

Whether it’s people, martial arts, or classics.

Outside the small courtyard, Bai Wangyu stood there, looking guilty, and said, “I have disappointed the Confucian Scholar.”

“It’s not your fault.”

Kong Qiu sighed and said, “It’s my fault. I wanted to educate the people, but I didn’t expect to bind you with rituals and laws. Wangyu, this is also the reason why I asked you to follow the third son of the Li Family. Remember, in this world, there are no saints. You need to learn to judge right and wrong with your own heart.”


Bai Wangyu replied softly.Kong Qiu nodded and said, “In a few days, the envoys from the Heavenly Edict Hall will arrive. If my calculations are correct, there will be a clash between the third son of the Li Family and Yan Xiaoyu. Continue to stay by Li Ziye’s side and, when necessary, shield him from those hidden arrows.”

“Disciple obeys the Confucian Scholar’s decree,” Bai Wangyu respectfully accepted the command.

“Very well, you may leave now.”

After giving his instructions, Kong Qiu did not say more. He waved his hand and said.

“Disciple takes his leave.”

Bai Wangyu bowed respectfully once more and then turned to leave.

“In fact, this young man is already quite outstanding.”

Just after Bai Wangyu had left, Qin E’nuo walked out in the small courtyard and spoke calmly.

“He still falls short compared to your disciple.”

Kong Qiu replied evenly, “In terms of discernment for accepting disciples, the Plum Blossom Sword Immortal is far more astute than this old man.”

“I accept such praise without reservation,” Qin E’nuo said unabashedly, accepting the compliment. She seemed to selectively forget the moment when she learned the truth about Li Ziye’s inability to practice martial arts and almost wished she could slap herself…

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