Chapter 25 – Confucian Scholar in charge

Imperial Academy, Confucian School’s Enforcement Hall.

The atmosphere was stagnant, even a bit oppressive.

The four commanding officers had cold expressions and remained silent, clearly trying to intimidate Li Ziye.

In all these years, no one has dared to publicly attack a student from the Imperial Academy. Li Ziye is the first.

After bowing in the Enforcement Hall, Li Ziye stood up with a smile on his face, quietly standing there without any hurry.

Keep pretending, I don’t believe you won’t speak.

Sure enough, not long after, one of the commanding officers snorted and spoke, “Li Ziye, do you know your crime?”

“I don’t know.”

Li Ziye smiled and said, “What crime have I committed?”

“Using private punishment and assaulting the students of the Imperial Academy, this is a serious crime!”

Another commanding officer spoke coldly.


Li Ziye smiled and said, “The people of the entire capital city can testify that I was just acting in self-defense. How can it be considered assault? I have superior martial arts skills compared to them, and I could have stopped at any time. But disregarding benevolence and righteousness, I used heavy force. If I were truly ruthless, those people wouldn’t just be lying down for a few days.”

“Crafty words!”

The third commanding officer of the Confucian School spoke with a cold and indifferent expression, “Your martial arts are far superior to theirs. You could have stopped at any time, but you chose to use excessive force. If we don’t punish you, you will become a disaster in the future.”


Li Ziye sneered and said, “According to what the commanding officer said, if one day, foreign enemies invade our Great Shang, occupy our territory, and kill our people, and all we need to do is scare them away, what kind of logic is that? Yesterday, I clearly heard those people say they wanted to cripple me. If I were a ruthless person, those people would have more than just a few days of trouble.”

“Deceptive words!”

The fourth commanding officer snorted, “National affairs cannot be compared to personal grievances. Li Ziye, we originally called you here to give you a small punishment, but you show no remorse and are stubborn. If we don’t punish you severely, who knows what kind of trouble you will cause in the future. Guards!”


Four Confucian scholars entered the Enforcement Hall and respectfully saluted.

“Bring the punishment stick.”

The fourth commanding officer said calmly.


The four Confucian scholars received the order and brought the punishment stick with a respectful expression.

Inside the Enforcement Hall, Li Ziye showed no signs of panic. He looked at the four commanding officers of the Confucian School and said calmly, “Gentlemen, I am not a student of the Imperial Academy. Even if you want to use judgment, it is not the place of the Imperial Academy. Has the Imperial Academy surpassed the laws of the Great Shang Dynasty and can now use corporal punishment at will?”


The four commanding officers’ expressions changed and they shouted.

This accusation was not something the Imperial Academy could bear. This kid wanted to discredit the Imperial Academy.

“Even the laws of the Great Shang Dynasty do not stipulate that self-defense should be punished. But because of the misconduct of your own students, the Imperial Academy forcefully pushes the blame onto others and even uses corporal punishment. The Imperial Academy has such great power. If I were not a member of the Li Family but an ordinary civilian, today, even if I were beaten to death here, no one would dare to say anything. Has the Imperial Academy truly reached the point of covering up the sky with one hand in this capital city?” Li Ziye sneered.

“You, brat, stop spouting nonsense!”

The more the four commanding officers listened, the more shocked they became. Cold sweat dripped down their faces as they angrily shouted.

Because of the existence of the Confucian Scholar, the Imperial Academy did indeed have a superior position. However, this did not mean that the Imperial Academy dared to ignore the existence of the laws of the Great Shang Dynasty.

“Go ahead and hit me.”

Li Ziye smiled faintly, standing there without moving, “I won’t resist. However, the Imperial Academy should think about how to silence the voices of the people. Of course, the Imperial Academy can also ignore it completely.”

Behind them, the four Confucian scholars holding the punishment stick looked at each other, feeling troubled. They didn’t know whether to hit or not.

The four commanding officers of the Confucian School also sat there with a grim expression, not daring to give orders easily.

They were well aware of the influence of the Li Family. If this matter spread, the Confucian School would definitely be pushed to the forefront.

They didn’t originally intend to make things difficult for this heir of the Li Family. They just wanted to give him a lesson and suppress his arrogance. They didn’t expect things to develop to this point.

“Clap! Clap! Clap!”

At this moment, applause sounded outside the Enforcement Hall. Immediately after, a man in his forties walked in, wearing Confucian robes, serious and not smiling, step by step approaching the main seat of the Enforcement Hall.

“Greetings, Chief Reverend!”

The four commanding officers of the Confucian School stood up and respectfully saluted the newcomer.

Li Ziye also looked towards the middle-aged man in front of him, narrowing his eyes slightly.

Chief Reverend of the Law and Confucianism!

The head of the Confucian School’s Enforcement Hall, also one of the four revered figures of the Confucian School.

“You may leave.”

The Chief Reverend of Law and Confucianism said calmly.


The four Confucian scholars received the order and left.

“And you four, go receive your punishment.”

The Chief Reverend of Law and Confucianism looked at the four kneeling Confucian School commanding officers below, calmly saying.

“Yes, Chief Reverend!”

The four commanding officers of the Confucian School exchanged glances, their expressions changing, then they respectfully saluted again and left.

With everyone gone, only the Chief Reverend of Law and Confucianism and Li Ziye remained in the Enforcement Hall.

The atmosphere was extremely quiet, and you could hear a pin drop.

“Li Ziye.”

After a long time, the Chief Reverend of Law and Confucianism spoke, calmly saying, “The Confucian School was rude. I hope you won’t take offense.”

“Chief Reverend, you’re too polite.”

Li Ziye bowed and said, “Yesterday, I did indeed go too far.”

He who strikes first is not a smiling face. Since the Chief Reverend of Law and Confucianism took the initiative to lower his stance, he couldn’t be unreasonable.

After all, Old Qin might still be in the Imperial Academy.

“Li Ziye, are you willing to join the Imperial Academy?”

The Chief Reverend of Law and Confucianism didn’t beat around the bush and directly stated his intention.

“Join the Imperial Academy?”

Li Ziye frowned slightly and said, “Now is not the time for the Imperial Academy to recruit students, right?””I can make an exception for you.”

The Confucian Scholar in charge replied.


Li Ziye asked in confusion. He was not narcissistic enough to think of himself as a prodigy that even the Imperial Academy would beg him to join.

There must be something fishy going on.

He needed to be careful not to be sold out and even help count the money for the seller!

“This is the instruction of the Confucian Scholar. I don’t know why either.”

The Confucian Scholar in charge said calmly, “You just need to answer, willing or not.”

“The instruction of the Confucian Scholar? Can I meet him?”

Li Ziye asked in surprise.


The Confucian Scholar in charge replied indifferently, “The Confucian Scholar didn’t say he wanted to meet you. However, if you join the Imperial Academy, you might have a chance to meet him.”

“Can I consider it?”

Li Ziye thought for a moment and asked.


The Confucian Scholar in charge nodded, “Whenever you have made up your mind, you can give me your answer. There’s no rush.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Li Ziye bowed in gratitude, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave.”


The Confucian Scholar in charge nodded without trying to keep him.

Li Ziye turned and left, his mind full of doubts.

The Confucian Scholar?

He had never met the Confucian Scholar, so why would he mention him?

After Li Ziye left, the Confucian Scholar in charge also got up and left.

In an inconspicuous corner of the Imperial Academy, within a small courtyard, the Confucian Scholar in charge came and bowed, “Confucian Scholar, he has left.”

“Did he not agree?”

An old man in the courtyard asked with a smile.

“He said he needs to consider it.”

The Confucian Scholar in charge replied.


The old man nodded, “He probably won’t agree so quickly. Let him be. When the time comes, he will agree.”


The Confucian Scholar in charge responded respectfully.

“By the way.”

The old man in the courtyard thought for a moment, “Your disciple is too rigid. Let him get closer to the heir of the Li Family.”

Upon hearing this, the Confucian Scholar in charge’s expression changed slightly. He wanted to say something, but he held back and bowed again, “Yes!”

“Go and get it done.”

The old man in the courtyard smiled and said.

The Confucian Scholar in charge nodded and then turned to leave.

Half a day later, within the Imperial Academy, a young man in a white Confucian robe left and headed straight for the Li Family’s residence.

Li Ziye, who was taking a rare break to drink tea after practicing his swordsmanship, spat out his tea upon hearing the words of the young man in white.

“Cough! Cough! Cough!”

Li Ziye wiped the tea from his mouth, looking incredulous, “You want to stay here, and the Confucian Scholar in charge sent you?”


Bai Wangyu bowed and said seriously, “I hope Brother Li can accommodate me. Otherwise, I won’t be able to explain to the Master when I go back.”

“I can let you stay, but…”

Li Ziye’s eyes darted around, then he turned to Hong Zhu behind him and whispered, “Is this guy powerful?”

“He’s more than just powerful.”

Hong Zhu also whispered back, “This Bai Wangyu is the head disciple of the Confucian Scholar, the eldest brother of all the students in the Imperial Academy. It’s said that his cultivation has reached the peak of the second realm, and he’s not far from opening his third Divine Hidden Technique.”

“Damn it, he’s that powerful!”

Li Ziye was shocked. It was indeed true that one would feel inferior when comparing oneself to others. He was still struggling in the early stage of the first realm, while others were about to break through to the third realm.

“Could there be any deception?” Li Ziye asked with unease.

“Probably not.”

Hong Zhu whispered, “Bai Wangyu’s rigidity is well-known. If the Confucian Scholar had other intentions, he wouldn’t have sent him. Let’s take him in first and deal with other matters later. The Li Family is in need of people. By keeping Bai Wangyu, we essentially have an extra free fighter. Moreover, his status is noble. If anyone wants to cause trouble in the Li Family in the future, they’ll have to think twice.”

“Good point!”

Li Ziye gave a thumbs up, then coughed and sat up straight. He looked at the young man in white in front of him and said, “I can take you in, but the Li Family has its own rules. If you want to stay in the Li Family, you must abide by our rules.”

“I will follow Brother Li’s arrangements in all matters.” Bai Wangyu responded seriously.


Li Ziye was very satisfied. He was in need of a powerful and obedient fighter like this.

Finally, finally, the heavens remembered him, their beloved son, and arranged a little benefit for him.

“Come, I’ll take you to your room.”

Li Ziye stood up and personally arranged a place for Bai Wangyu to stay.

“Thank you, Brother Li.”

Bai Wangyu responded respectfully and then followed him.

In the west wing, Li Ziye led Bai Wangyu over. On the way, he didn’t forget to negotiate terms, “Brother Bai, I’ve been lacking a sparring partner for my sword practice recently. Do you think we could spar sometime?”

“If Brother Li wants to spar, I will certainly do my best to accompany you.” Bai Wangyu responded.

“Well… you don’t have to go all out.”

Li Ziye said awkwardly, “For sparring, just suppress your cultivation to the early stage of the first realm. This way, we won’t hurt each other, right?”

“What Brother Li said makes sense.”

Bai Wangyu nodded in agreement.

“Hehe, hehe.”

Looking at the innocent-looking senior brother of the Confucian School in front of him, Li Ziye gave an awkward smile. For the first time, he felt a bit guilty.

Why did he feel like a big bad wolf tricking Little Red Riding Hood?

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